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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Project of the Year!

I really wanted to do a bunch of best of posts...but my computer and I are having a bit of a tiff...add in the unwillingness of my friends at the {rotten} Apple store and our tiff continues...so nonetheless...I have time for only one...
but don't forget Best of Tickled Pink 2010 begins tomorrow.
So, my favorite project of the year comes from way back in February
{although the Ruffle My Screen Wreath is very close to my heart as well}
when I created a Birthday Chandelier for my hubby's birthday {of course!}
{This is a partial repost from February 2010}
Hubby is not one for attention…
I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do for him…
there were many parameters…
no big parties…nothing embarrassing…
and his favorite, all time saying “Don’t spend any money.”
{Yeah, right!}
So instead of blogging into the wee hours for the last couple nights,
I was printing, ripping, and crafting…
and thankfully he received an invite
to the ATandT golf thingy in Pebble Beach
so he was gone the whole day and I could finish up!
It’s not like this craft really takes that long…
if you don’t have kids,...
and you are not making it up as you go along.
The inspiration for my birthday chandelier comes from the
book and burlap wreaths I have been seeing…
but as far as I know this is my own “creation.”
Even as I was making this and especially
when I saw the finished project,
I could totally see this becoming so many things…
baby and bridal shower decor...
made in colorful paper as party d├ęcor...
made out of a children’s book for a nursery...
Endless possibilities {and I will milk it for all it is worth}!
This is what it looked like on Saturday night,
hanging over the cake.
DIY Birthday Chandelier
  • Wire coat hanger (or wreath frame) and wire snips/cutters if you use the coat hanger.
  • Exacto knife {or preferred cutting/ripping tool}.
  • Ruler (metal)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (I used the small hole punch)
  • Glue sticks (glue dots could probably work well too).
  • Old book (you will be tearing it apart) or scrapbook paper cut to size.
  • Ribbon (I used ¼” ribbon and a thin string to complete my chandelier)
  • String or fishing line
  • Cardstock in preferred color (You could use double sided scrapbook paper, but I found it helpful to use solid color cardstock…anything you can utilize both sides of the paper is good, so that you do not have to cut double mats to cover up the back side of the paper).
  • Photos
NOTE: For my purposes I will be referring to a wire hanger and an old book – {not a wreath form and scrapbook paper}
1. Cut the hanger part of the hanger off on both sides
2. Using the wire snips or pliers make hooks at each end of the hanger. Hook them together and them use your hands to form a circle with the hanger. It does no have to be a perfect circle…but it should resemble one.
3. With an exacto knife, cut the pages from an old book. The size of the wreath and the size of the folds you do in the next step will determine how many pages you need.
4. Fan or accordion fold (lengthwise) each page. A large fold will make a fuller look, a smaller fold will be a tighter look (see photos for example). I used a larger fold for my chandelier. {If you are going to pink, tear or dip the edges* do it now}
5. Once the page is folded, fold it in half, and run a glue stick along length of folded paper.
6. Sandwich the hanger between the folded page…the hanger should go right into the crease of the page. For extra hold, I stapled mine too.
7. Continue placing and gluing until your wreath is full. 
8. Before fanning out your folded pages, cut 3 lengths of ribbon approximately 36 inches long (you may want more lengths to add some flourish to the wreath like I did). Visualize a triangle on your wreath and tie (knot) a length of ribbon in these places. I liked placing one of the ribbons at the closing point/hooks of the hanger. Leave long tails so that you can take the 3 lengths and tie them together (hold them up and visualize the lengths being equal and tie a knot). 
NOTE: For Step 8 and for step 9, I am showing your the ribbon placement without the paper attached to the wreath frame. It is much easier to attach the ribbon with the paper already on the wreath...as it hold the ribbon in place.
9. If you are going to be hanging photos or anything else from the chandelier, you may want to attach the fishing line now as well. You can do as many lines as you want. I did two, dividing the wreath frame in half, each way. See NOTE from step 8.
10. Glue The top of the folded paper and then fan out and glue the two halves together.
11. With wreath still flat (or…I actually found it helpful to hang the wreath for this stage of creating), glue the top of the folded pages. Then open the folds to create a rosette and glue the sides together. Repeat as many times as necessary.
NOTE: Top, a larger accordion fold. Bottom, a smaller accordion fold.
12. When the glue on the wreath is dry you can hang your photos.
13. Tie photos to the wreath frame and along the strings you crisscrossed across the frame. Hang them at different levels for interest. Stand back every now and then to reassess positioning. You will also have to balance out the photos so the chandelier hangs straight at this stage.
  • On the computer, print out your photos. I found it helpful to print them all out in the same size using Microsoft Picture Manager, wallet size photos.
  • Cut mats out of cardstock or paper. I found it helpful to use solid color cardstock and then I could put photos on both sides.
  • Cut photos out and affix to mats (I used glue, but you could use scrapbook tape runner)
  • Punch a hole in the center top.
  • Cut lengths of ribbon or thin string (I cut them about 36” long…enough to play with) and then tie to mounted/matted photos.

Add Some Sparkle!
  • Dip the edges in glue and then glitter for some sparkle!
  • Hang a few crystals for some glam! 
  • Pinking shear or tear the edges for some additional detail. 
If you want to see a gorgeous {and different version} of this project
visit Pretty Paper Book and check hers out!
    Oh yeah, did I mention the best part...this cost N-O-T-H-I-N-G! And how FAB is it!
    Visit thecsiproject.com


    1. Love it! It is very original and special-nice job Holly!

    2. This is one of my favorite projects, too! But I truly adore all of the projects you post. I'm still thinking about your stenciled fruits and vegetables!

    3. Holly, I love this project of yours! I made a similar one for my daughter's graduation/birthday party.
      Happy New Year!

    4. I love it! Its so personal, festive, and fun. And its on trend and unique at the same time. (Though, you put text pages together with photos and I'm sure to swoon! :>) Can you believe we're almost to 2011 already?!?! WoW! :>

    5. That is definitely one of my favorites too! I love the pictures hanging from it!

    6. it looks awesome and the price tag is perfect! it would be so fun to make a more colorful one for a new baby with pictures of family members. too bad i won't be having any babies to make one for. ever again. but i will store this idea away for friends who might still have babies.

    7. Love it! Hope hubby did too. Looking forward to Tickled Pink!

    8. What really is special about this project is that it is beautiful, unique, and sentimental all at once! I'm a big ruffle lover and also love photos. I'm saving this one...once again, you're a genius in your creations girl! :)

    9. great idea. The best part is it comes from the heart and you made it. Looks cool.

    10. How crazy funny!! I was just looking at your sidebar awhile ago and remembering how much I loved this birthday mobile and then I scroll down my reader later and here it is. Anyway, it is one of my favorites, too! Lezlee

    11. I must've missed this one because I don't remember it (although I started blogging in February, so maybe I was late on the scene). I'm so glad you reposted it b/c it is awesome. It's very creative and unique!


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