504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Tickled Pink No. 27
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tickled Pink No. 27

504 Main
A craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short story...a  poem...
a  fashion find...a  favorite product...your favorite  post...
whatever makes  your blog  fabulous!
That is what Tickled Pink is all about!
{and it does not have to be PINK}
I am Tickled Pink because...
Oh wait! We have a winner of the Makia Creations Giveaway!
Malia of Yesterday on Tuesday!!!!
I have a SUPER-COOL GIVEAWAY starting on Monday!
I am lovin' the new Taylor Swift CD! Wooo-whooo!
I am the proud owner of a Pillow Pet!
{that's a joke - just in case you do not get it - but Jules LOVES it!}
My kiddos are thrilled that it is Halloween!
The SUN is SHINING and we are having beautiful FALL weather-
My favorite time of the year!
I am still working on a system for commenting/visiting/featuring
for Tickled Pink...bear with me, pretty please!
The November DIY Club Project Party starts next Friday.
Go check out the sponsors and get creating.
And now...Tickled Pink!
Click {HERE} for a featured button!
When you pop over to Michelle's place at Emerald Cove, there is a sense of serenity and beauty. I just had "that feeling" the first time I visited. And she is so sweet.
{you do know that is a tickled pink requirement, right?}
The first flash of brilliance I encountered at Emerald Cove was this hutch reveal...I tell you, I wanted to drive up there and steal it in the middle of the night...
it is fabulous...{will you come paint mine?}
And, Michelle is a girl after my own heart...
she made her laundry room look FAB and made this locker for it too!
Awesome project!
 She received a wonderful gift from a kind blogger and made it her own, but what I like best is Michelle's thoughts on this..."I love having things in my house that conjure up good memories and feelings and this is definitely one of them!!"
 I especially enjoyed this post on a trip showing us some beautiful country side (I think I want to give up the city life and go live on a farm) and sharing a piece of history with us.
This post is gorgeous...It is the next best thing to being there.
Go say hi to Michelle at Emerald Cove and feel the joy and warmth!
Thanks for being always tickling me pink when I visit!
Matty (a longtime bloggy buddy) has a knack for poetry
and recently wrote a really fun poem about
The Many Faces of Blogging.
I love repurposing, recycling, make something old new or better...
and Kelley's at Kelley's Family Jewels motto of
"Just do it. Get out a saw and try it.
What's the worst that can happen?"
Won me over. See what happened when they got out their saw!
You may still see Halloween decor...because guess what? I have 5 uncarved pumpkins (scooping out 45 for Cub Scouts on Wednesday did me in!), a platter of eyeball candles, and 5 not-so-spooky crows....that's it...no more...BUT I still have 2 days to be inspired, right?
 Great decorating tip from BJ at Sweet Nothings!
Clever party inspiration in the form of a Lego block from Moore Minutes
...and Lego snacks too!
Super Cute (I mean spooky) subway art from Green Eyed Girl Crafts
Even your organizers should look FAB! And they do at 5 Minutes Just for Me.
My kiddo makes everything into a baby bed...I see a Christmas present in my future here with this sweet moses basket from Clever Faeries 
Pumpkin Cocoa! I am in Love with this easy and tasty idea from Kathie's Kreations.
OK, football fans...here is one for you from The Pursuit of Happiness!
These would be a cute holiday gift!
Cool glass technique from Christine and Co. I am trying this! FUN!
A fun little tale about how NOT to Make crayons from LambAround!
Keep he rout of the kitchen...first candy bars...now crayons!
Absolutely fabulous garland that can do double duty from the Scrap Shoppe!
Great opportunity to help out at Life's Not Always Fireflies and Hummingbirds
One of the best combos on earth...
Peanut Butter and Chocolate.
Still Waters make some yummy cookies.
My kind of craft - one with "stuff" around the (crafty) house.
These gilded birdies from Yesterday on Tuesday are fabulous!
A fabulous foyer - great ideas anyone can tackle for
a fabulous look from House to Your Home.
I am getting ready to play with fire myself,
but I LOVE what The Answer is Chocolate has done...gorgeous!
I am batty for What Allie's Making pillows!

And she made awesome button candy from scratch!
I love flowers - real or crocheted!
Sweet little ones from Mommas Kinda Crafty.
One heck of a witch from Practically Spent!
A great tutorial for a sweet skirt at Bandy Canyon!
Totally cool and slightly creepy pumpkins from Fine Fettle
Mandy's Creative Corner has a delicious Enchilada Soup recipe...YUM!
I cannot resist a tutu. Super cute creation from Atelier Caroline.
I also cannot resist BROWNIES.
Awesome recipe from Lourie at Metabolism Blues.
I am digging eyeballs for Halloween Ain't She Crazy made some cool ones!
Ribs (one of my kiddos favorite foods) and
a Pom Tonic (happy hour anyone?) from Mommie Cooks!
Happy Halloween!
Want to be Tickled Pink? Don't be shy!
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    1. Thank you for featuring the LEGO party Holly! :) I posted one more LEGO post this week too, the snack part.

      Fall is my favorite time of the year too! The weather is amazing. And...I got pillow pets for my boys recently too. I'm saving them for Christmas.

    2. G'Day Holly! Thanks for having me today and thank you SO much for featuring my suitcase organizer! You are the best!

      I am off to go and check out that brownie recipe you featured now-it looks sensational!

      Best wishes and Happy Halloween,

    3. Great features Holly!! I'm going to have to go check out Mandy's soup - I don't know how I missed that one. That bat pillow is darling too.
      Thanks for hosting!! :)

    4. You see beauty so many places! I adore it. Sorry we've missed each other for a few weeks now, I hate when that happens. I love that hutch / hutches in general. They are such a treat for the eyes!!!!

    5. ps did you DIY for your kids' halloween costumes? I bet they are so cute with you as their mom!

    6. hhmmmmmm those peanut butter and choc biscuits look very moorish!

    7. I admire you and all these people with crafting skills. I wouldn't even begin to try.

      Thank you for including me in your tickled pink parade.

    8. I gave myself a little tour of that screen door shelf project. What an inspired one that is!! I'll be visiting some more later in the day. I always get such great ideas.

    9. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

    10. Thank you so much for featuring my blog! You are the sweetest!! All your features are great.....I LOVE peanut butter cookies and chocolate! and the Bears football....need one!!

      I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!

    11. Hey! I'm here from the hop. Come check out my new blog:
      ~The Review Revue~

    12. I love the lego party.. I did one last year.. and it caught my eye.. thanks for your notes recently.. I will email you soon.

    13. Thank you, sweet Holly, for featuring my reversible pumpkin garland!! :) Have a terrific Halloween!

    14. Ah what a cute blog! I am a Matty reader too... he's great for a laugh. And those peanut butter cookies look so yummy! I am a new follower from BYBF. Hope you will swing by and visit! :)


    15. Thanks, sweet girl, for showing my tabletop.
      I love your blog and your meme so much...lots of fun.
      OK, now, I probably need to make brownies and THIS recipe looks like they are awesome.
      Thanks again for hosting,
      xo bj

    16. Thanks for featuring my stuffed football!

    17. Holly, I think I linked to the wrong post but....what to do? Think it will be ok?

    18. You do the best "features" !!!
      Thanks for including the birdies. It makes me happy that you like them. Hope you and the kids have a great H-ween weekend... it will be a party hopper for us.

    19. Wow...I'm feeling super inspired right now! Great Blog!

      I'm stopping by from BMBF. Stop by and visit me when you can!

      Have a great weekend!
      Jen Maddox

    20. New follower from Boost My Blog Friday and wanted to say you've got some great stuff here! :)

    21. Loved all your spotlighted blogs! This is my first time linking up with you and am loving your site!

      Lol about being a new owner of a pillow pet! I too the proud owner of two :) okay so I bought then for my nieces, I'm still a bit bitter I don't have one ;)

      Happy Friday!!

    22. I am in love with the color of that hutch. It looks amazing.

      Such great things you've shared. More blogs to visit. I need more time. lol


    23. What fantastic features! Love everything you showed!

      And thanks for hosting this party! I love to see what everyone links up. :)

    24. really cute stuff on your blog...just found it! fun...i just linked up my shoe flare craft.

    25. Thank you for the feature... I am really tickled pink on how this turned out! Plus what an awesome surprise =)

    26. I am your newest follower from Boost My Blog Friday on Design It Chic.

      The Disconnected Writer

    27. OK, the first one I linked is wrong..so sorry..I must have had a Senior Moment..
      The right one is there now.
      Thanks, Holly girl.
      xo bj

    28. Ok, the legos rock! Two of my three boys are big time into legos right now (Nick wants his birthday to be lego themed so this is perfect)and it's only a matter of time before the third gets into them as well.

      I also really loved the button candy! That instantly took me back to childhood.

      Finally, thanks for linking back to my pom and tonic! Would you believe I'm drinking one as I read this? :P

      Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

    29. That is the cutest Moses basket! My daughter does the same with every box she comes across. They're all turned into beds for her babies.

    30. I'm going to have to get into more mischief so I'll have something to link to next week ;)

      Thanks for the feature!

    31. As always I enjoyed this bit of pink!
      I believe I would join you if you lived on a farm.
      Matty's poem was tops!
      Scooping out 45 pumpkins for the scouts, Oh My!
      We didn't scoop out any pumpkins but our candy is ready.
      I had a great laugh with LambAround.
      I asked her to stay out of the kitchen. LOL
      Those cookies sure look good.
      Thank you for another great day!

    32. thanks for hostin, holly. hope you have a fab~o halloween tomorrow!(: excited for your surprise on monday!

    33. such cute stuff...i'm loving the bat pillow..so cute!

    34. THANK You for the features! I am SO honored! Wow! See you next week!

    35. Thank you so much for hosting, Holly.

      I love Emerald Cove too....Michelle is LOVELY,isn't she?!


    36. I am so PSYCHED Holly! Thanks for the giveaway...

      I can't wait to have a Makia party (-:
      Wish you could come!


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