504 Main by Holly Lefevre: Guest Posting with LambAround
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guest Posting with LambAround

Hi all - Holly again, for a brief second...
Just long enough to introduce you to LambAround.
Lamb will be hanging out here today and sharing
some wild and wacky adventures with you.
She always puts a smile on my face
Lamb Around
Greetings from Lamb at LambAround! I'm so excited to be providing a guest post for 504 Main today. Thank you, Holly!

What kind of adventures does Lamb have, you ask? Well, when my dog Pica isn't busy traumatizing small children, my Sexy Nerd and I like to work on insanely over-the-top remodeling projects and plan fun parties for all of my bloggy buddies to attend (that includes YOU!) Sexy Nerd also seems to enjoy adding a whimsical, redneck touch to our  home decor and lovingly referring to me as everyone's favorite, sexy vegetable.

If the above links didn't get your jaw to drop, (Seriously? Not even one of the links??) this guest post will have your jaw-of-steel hitting the ground in no time:

He's Not The Nurturing Type
Sexy Nerd and I have been together for more than 6 years, during which we have learned that each of us has our own wacky traits that irk the other (though I must insist through this post that mine are nothing compared to his!) One of my pet peeves is that Sexy Nerd is the kind of person who will go into the kitchen at lunch time, make himself a sandwich, and eat it in front of you, without the thought of asking if you would also like a sandwich ever crossing his mind. I've nicely (and maybe occasionally ever so slightly less than nicely) tried to train remind Sexy Nerd that this behavior borders on selfish cruel lazy being a huge,smelly jerk not very nice and he has slowly made improvements. At least, I thought he had been improving.

Sexy Nerd announced today that he would be smoking a chicken for dinner. He brined it and put it inside the smoker (which I bought him, but that's a different story). The house was filled with the tasty smell of hickory for several hours. When it would be done smoking was a complete mystery (and source of a future "Sexy Nerd Quote Of The Day"). I made us a pitcher of iced tea and imagined us enjoying our chicken out on the patio, listening to the birds and soaking up the spring sunshine. Around 5:30pm, I was reading a magazine in my office and had just torn out an article on beer brewing to give to you know who, (as I am the nurturing type) when Sexy Nerd walked in. I told him that the chicken smells great and was wondering if it's almost done, to which he replied:

"Oh...it's been done."
In response to the puzzled look I must have had, he elaborated:
"It was good. If you want to go get some, I put the rest in the fridge."

Sexy Nerd cooking up a storm (with vodka?!) in an old rental house photo. It really doesn't matter what he was making, because no one else was going to get any.
THANKS Lamb! You and your stories are awesome!
I am honored to have you hanging out over here today!


  1. Nice to meet you, Lamb! I'll be stopping by your blog for a visit!

  2. It's great fun to meet such entertaining people!
    And I hope you are having a great week with the kids.

  3. Fun post Lamb.

    SN cooking is better than me. I can barely fix grilled cheese sandwiches.


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