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Monday, October 11, 2010

DIY! Whimsical OutdoorChairs

I have had these Adirondack chairs for years and I painted them purple...because it was fun and it matches my front door...and I LOVE purple! I am not ready to call it quits on my outdoor fun...Fall is a wonderful time of the year here on the California coast and these chairs are perfect for enjoying our sunny Fall days. 
These beauties have some natural weathered loveliness
happening all ready, but I wanted to add some whimsy with a stencil.
And there you have it a little fun and whimsy to my Adirondack chairs.

This technique can be used on fences, furniture...
and you may just see it on the side of kids playhouse very soon!

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  1. Purple is my favorite color, so, of course, I LOVE these chairs! Great idea!

  2. I <3 that stencil! And it looks SO pretty on the chair. How creative!!!! Love it =)

  3. Craig is a HUGE fan of wooden Adirondack chairs! I like if they are meant to be weathered, you don't have to worry about them as much.

  4. These are darling...mine are turquoise! Adironak chairs should be fun!

  5. Our semi-but not really adirondack chairs have seen better days (for a couple of years now!!), but I just don't like the generic replacement options. So, I'm loving your customized whimsical set here! A dandelion....so soft, sweet, easy breezy & best part would be that my wee girl cannot spread their seeds all across the lawn! lol


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