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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I L-O-V-E Pumpkins!

I do, I really do {L-O-V-E} pumpkins!

 So, I grabbed the family and we went on a little adventure last week...
we get this weird Fall break at our schools and it is a great time to travel! So we headed off to that magical place where all busy parents go to relax...Disneyland!
I'll share some {cough, cough} highlights of the trip soon...so...do yo want the "Happiest Story on Earth" or the truth. I cannot decide!

While I am recuperating from family fun time, I took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch at Earthbound Farms today...we go a few times every Fall. We love the scenery, the pumpkins, the corn maize...the organic ice cream!
While I am pullng life back together,
I thought I'd share my love of pumpkins with you!

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I just cannot get enough of pumpkins.
I do not know why...
Maybe I like pumpkins because they are not perfect.
They are funny looking and funny shaped,
and they bask in the glow of the sun without a care.
Some have warts and scars, but who cares...they have personality.
I have always liked pumpkins..
maybe because I remember that carving the
Halloween pumpkin was something we always did with Dad.

But, I think I {heart} pumpkins because
I {heart} just about everything that makes my kids happy. (except Pokemon!)
This city girl had no idea there were so many kinds of pumpkins...
until she moved to the "country."
(OK, it is not the country but it is not L.A.!)
 Of course, I love to eat pumpkins too.

Some yummy pumpkin recipes are headed your way!
Hug a pumpkin today!


  1. We were just at Disneyland too. Relaxing it wasn't but still lots of fun.

    I love the pumpkin towers.

  2. me too Holly!!! I just can't get enough pumpkins!!!!

  3. The pumpkin patch is WAAAY better than Disneyland. ;) We just went last weekend . . . so much fun! Love the tower!

  4. Ah, a fellow kindred pumpkin soul! I love them too, and agree that there's just *something* about them.

    I love those pumpkin totem poles. That's really neat!

    And I'm sure the Disland Trip wasn't THAT bad, was it? Just compare it to that camping trip you took years ago and recently (re)blogged about. That'll make you feel better. Grin.

  5. Hi Holly! I love this post and I love me some pumpkins! You can just sit a pumpkin anywhere in your home *inside or out* and it's like a little fall magic happens! Pumpkins do that;0)
    I can't wait to hear about Disneyland!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow!! The variety is just amazing!! Love these pics!!

  7. I love the finale of this post - "Hug a pumpkin today!" - you are too funny Holly! I need to take my kids to a pumpkin patch...I am ashamed to admit I bought pumpkins at the grocery store - they were so cheap! But nothing beats a trip to the farm in the fall.

  8. I love pumpkins, too! We're headed to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch this weekend, I can't wait!

    I'm "tickled pink" that you want to use my Tolerant post as part of your next Tickled Pink feature! By all means, please do!

  9. Looks like a great family venture. There was some interesting looking pumpkins I would say:)

  10. I love that pumpkin tower!

  11. Ditto! One of my secret desires in life is to grow pumpkins and sell them in the fall. I've always wanted to. I think that seems like a reasonable achievement.
    HOW did that pumpkin tower stay together? I'd have been terrified to have my kid stand by that thing.

  12. Those pumpkin and gourd towers were pretty awesome! Did you see any bumpy pumpkins? We just saw some that looked like they had a bad case of acne. Bumps all over!

  13. I love the way they have those pumpkins lined up so the kids can run between them down the path!

  14. I enjoyed this for a couple of reasons. No one understands the Disney "family fun" more than I do! Also, this looks a lot like my blog today...pumpkins make me happy too!

  15. Beautiful pictures!! I'm just loving your blog more and more!! :)

  16. What great pictures!!! It's fun to see the kiddos - that looked like a great day.
    And we want the TRUE story from Disneyland!!! haha.

  17. I love, love pumpkins as well. We just went to the patch last weekend.

    Did you love the Giant Pumpkin in Disneyland? It was so pretty.

  18. I am crazy about pumpkins too! We went to a real pumpkin patch last year and the family that runs it took me out in the field and we walked and talked for over an hour. It was a mazing and I will never forget it!

  19. This looks like so much fun, I'm envious. It looks like you all had fun--the pumpkin totem poles are cool.

  20. Aren't pumpkins the best?? Can't wait to see the recipes... I'm drooling already :)

  21. Oh Wow A girl after my own heart! LOVE me some pumpkins! Beautiful pictures. That walk way lined with huge pumpkins is ahhhmazing!!

  22. I am so coming with you next year ~ this is by far the best patch I've ever seen! We have small sad pumpkins here on the east coast this year. Your photos are great!


  23. I really enjoyed your pictures! I heart pumpkins too

  24. Mmmm I had some home grown pumpkin soup recently.... ;)

  25. Me too! I love talking photos at the pumpkin patch, one of my favb. things about fall. =)

  26. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Bring on the pumpkin recipes!! I LOVE PUMPKIN!!!

  27. What cool pumpkin pics!

  28. I love pumpkins too! I love to look at them and touch them and cook with them and roast the seeds and eat pumpkin soup and pie and yum. I love this maze and the towers. So pretty.


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