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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Writer's Workshop: The Anchor

It has been like 100 years since I did writer's workshop, but here I am!
Although, I went over to grab the writers workshop button
and realized I sort of screwed up the prompt.
I mean I usually take liberties, but this is more than just a liberty.
Oh well...jumping in anyway with Prompt #2
"Show us where you live. Not on a map (security please),
but take a picture of the view out your
front door, back door, or neighborhood."
The Anchor
I could easily step out of my home, walk a few blocks and take a photo of the Asilomar coastline, a gorgeous old Victorian, or an enchanting forest. I am fortunate to live in a unique and eclectic area that has many interesting aspects to it, including the anchor that lives across the street. 
(NOT my house..one of the many Victorians in the area)
The first time we encountered the anchor was on our house hunting mission. In fact we almost tripped over it, which was better than smashing the realtor's BMW 7-series door into it, I suppose. But, really...an anchor? Now, we were coming from Los Angeles home of small squares of perfectly manicured lawns and palm trees, and while I may have seen a car or two parked on a lawn in my day, never a 10 foot anchor on a lawn.

We eventually bought that house across the street from the anchor. I was hesitant, I cried, I lamented, I tortured myself..."Why did we do this? How can I live across the street from an anchor?" {that was only one of the issues} To begin with, I was not wanting to leave L.A., my home, my little lawn, the tidy sidewalks, the other little lawns on the block, but, there was no looking back...we were headed to our new house with the view of the anchor, the smell of salt water, and the roar of the ocean to fill our ears.

We were welcomed wholeheartedly into the neighborhood...just what I had always imagined it would be like...the family next door brought us chocolate chips cookies and wine {and they didn't even know me yet!} and a gift certificate to their restaurant and the other neighbors stopped by as we unpacked to welcome us to the block. In spite of the fog and the overpriced, in need of massive renovations home we had just purchased, I thought this would be OK...maybe.
Mary, the owner of the anchor is a sweet older woman who had lost her husband prior to us moving into the neighborhood. Legend has it he found this anchor while diving in the Monterey Bay and thought is was pretty awesome and brought it home - can you imagine that conversation!..."Hi Honey, I am home. I brought you something." The anchor found its new home plunked down against the tree in the front yard, and slowly became a fixture in the neighborhood. Also, according to the legend, Mary did not like it this "gift" at all and vowed it would soon be gone...which it is not, some twenty-something years later.

We have been here for 5 years now. Every morning I would walk out to get the newspaper and stare at the anchor. I look out the front window and my eyes always find the anchor. I am not really sure why...it's rusted exterior actually blends in with the tree trunk it is propped against. It does not really stand out at all, but for some reason, my eye is always drawn to it.

I suppose to me the anchor symbolizes a sweet love story. It is also a trademark of our neighborhood, our street, a  sign of the quirky little town I live in, of my new life {OK, we have been here for 5 years, but it still seems new}, and the freedom of living in a neighborhood where you can paint your house pink or put an anchor on your front lawn.

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  1. Wow, that is cool! I love the yellow on the house, its pretty!

  2. Your home is beautiful. The anchor is so interesting. Isn't it funny how random things appear our lives.

  3. Your hometown area is not short of interesting things to talk about. And despite your initial reservations, you have found yourself anchored in a nice community.

  4. Always a pleasure to learn more about you - wonderful story.

  5. No! How can you say such things? Haha I LOVE the anchor! I'm with her husband all the way! I would have plonked that baby down in the front yard too!

  6. The anchor is one of those character items, right?! The house is so cute!

  7. OK, if the anchor is the worst thing you see all day, you are in great shape!! We visit your part of the world about every other year to see family! I am in awe each and every time!

  8. That's a neat storry, Holly. Thank you for sharing.

    Did you every meet the person who lives inside that house??

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  9. We all want our home to be our anchor - a place to feel connected, instead of adrift in the great big world...lovely house you have there!

  10. What a lovely story. I was raised in PG and this tale brought back wonderful memories. I lived in several houses and my father owned a print shop opposite city hall. It's been years and years but the memories live on. Thanks.

  11. What a great story! I love the yellow house, it's gorgeous! And the photo of you is great, too! How funny about the anchor, it sounds like maybe you have finally made peace with it! :)

  12. I would have been sold on the sea air and the roar of the ocean. Both are on my wish list for our next home (in the distant future). But the gorgeous house with the quirky anchor would have sealed the deal for me! And neighbors who bring cookies and wine....sounds like a great place to live!!

  13. Great read Holly. Thanks for encouraging us to see more than just a rusty old anchor in our own neighborhoods.

  14. This is so beautiful. I kinda like that anchor ;) What a great story as well. We have been in our new home for about 4 years and it has been hard to leave what I loved behind so I kinda understand how hard it is to adjust to a new place and new surroundings.

  15. What a sweet story Holly! Isn't it funny how things that we cringe at somehow widdle their way into our lives. The more we know about them, the more they mean to us! I am glad that you are settling into your new home and life. I can't imagine moving away from my home (I was born and raised here in Michigan) although some days I play with the idea! :)

  16. The neighborhood you live in sounds neat! I happen to like the anchor..., well you seem to like it now as well -from aversion to affection -a good shift, right!

  17. That was a nice, little read, Holly. I can really start to picture where you live. Although I know it's been an adjustment, it seems like it's got some sweet benefits.

  18. I think the anchor has character. Things like that make me smile. I think character is lacking in many of those cookie cutter neighborhoods where everyone has the same four colors the HOA board approved. Blech! This is much more my style!

  19. Oh, I LOVE Writer Holly! I know you've been soooo busy with DIY Holly for some time. That anchor, and the story around it, is pretty sweet.

  20. This is a great post.
    I love your house.

  21. Great writing Holly! There is something to be said for living in a neighborhood where personality and character is allowed to flourish. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. That yellow house is gorgeous! And I bet yours is too, Holly. You are way too fabulous not to have the most gorgeous house on the street.

  23. I love the anchor! What a cool story and a quirky site. And you are so right, that is not something you could do in LA or here...they are really fussy about uniformity here.


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