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Friday, September 17, 2010

Why I Blog? Getting Back to Blogging with SITS

Only one year ago, I thought blogs were weird, odd, pointless, useless, and basically for people with no social skills in the real world - stay with me here...it gets better. In fact I had never really even read a blog when I made these assumptions. I cringed when my editor told me to "get a blog" {to promote my last book}. I did it...I "got a blog" {or 5!} and left them sitting dormant and unloved for almost one year.

Then I read a few blogs. The first blog I ever read was Reluctant Entertainer - have you been over there? Sandy is the bomb and she has a fabulous book out {and there may be a chance to win one here very soon!}. As I read Sandy's blog, and a few choice others, I realized I was ALL WRONG about blogs. Blogs are written by men and women from all over who have amazing, touching, and inspiring stories to share, as well as hints, tips, and crafty tricks to teach.

Soon after, I bought Blogging for Bliss: Crafting Your Own Online Journal: A Guide for Crafters, Artists and Creatives of all Kinds and my buddy Jenn started a blog. I was impressed and amazed and had to be a part of the action {that's how I roll} and finally take the plunge. I posted my first "masterpieces" on 504 Main and Hip Weddings about one year ago and have not looked back..although I think my hubby wishes I would stop and look back and then just stop!

Hip Weddings was established to promote my books and share my knowledge and love of all things wedding...that blog was far easier to begin. 504 Main was established to be a place to share personal stories, to craft and to hone, expand, learn how to trust in my writing ability, but I had a harder time with beginning this blog. I do think I have found my voice and my place, maybe even created my own place. I do not just DIY and craft...I do not just cook...I do not just write. I love it all and do it all here.

I can narrow down why I blog into FOUR main reasons...
1. I blog for myself. This blog is for me and only me. In my life, I drop off kids at school, cart them back and forth to practices and playdates, make dinner, clean the house, and pick up dog poop {the list could go on and on}...and I choose that...BUT this blog is one of the only places in this world I consider to be all mine...I can blog about what I want to blog about. I do not have to include my kids, my hubby, my friends in it/on it if I do not want to.

2. I used to be a crafter, a creator, a designer, but I had long put away my paints, glitter, sewing machine, and crafting supplies. I just couldn't seem to find the time..Blogging inspires me and fuels my creative energy. I am re-energized to DIY and it makes me happy.

3. Blogging pushes - challenges - me to write and hit PUBLISH POST - it takes me out of my comfort zone. At first I thought "Why am I so scared?" No one reads this that I really know {like in real life}...and then people started telling me..."Oh I loved your post," or "I made those Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies." GULP! People that I know...in real life...are reading. This will only make me a better writer.

4. The amazing interaction with other bloggers is beyond anything I could have imagined. I have cried, laughed, screamed with glee, and even been pissed off at things I have seen and read. There is such an amazing and diverse community of bloggers. If you have a problem or an issue, chances are there is someone out there who can lend an ear or offer some advice. 
At the end of the day, when it comes to my blog, I have to follow my heart. "It" - readers, friendships, camaraderie - will come naturally and people will respond if I am genuine and real on my blog and in my comments. When I pay too much attention to numbers, i.e., "blogging for numbers," - followers, subscriptions, daily visits - blogging becomes a chore. I have to remember to not get caught up in numbers and blog because I like it, because I want to, because it is an expression of me. 

To end, I must say I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your blogs and being able to call you my bloggy friends...if I ever win the lottery, I will buy you all a plane ticket and we can have a party. This blog has been such a joy to me and I truly appreciate you reading and coming by and letting me be a part of your blogs as well.
So, now, the BIG question -
I want to hear it all!
I just want to say a big thank you to SITS, and event sponsors,
I have had a great ride getting back in touch with my blog
I am celebrating my blogday by giving away
one of these FABULOUS stamps!
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Sorry if you came by looking for Tickled Pink - it is postponed this week..Today's Back to Blogging topic was too hot!
 Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I blog because I LOVE sharing my passion for cooking and baking with others! I LOVE that even being a stay-at-home Mom running a daycare with bunches of little ones, I can still be ME on my blog and I have so many "friends" {adult conversations}there. I LOVE thinking that I am making a journal of some of our greatest memories as my kids grow up. Each year I plan on making books of my posts so that my kids have all my recipes and the stories that went with them when they leave home....
    This is why I blog! Come visit me@


  2. LOL! Holly, I think we are running on similiar schedules, I've been right behind you in posting for SITS this week. Actually, I kinda like knowing someone fabby & fun is getting her blog On right about the same time. :>:>

    I had a million thoughts swirling through my head about this topic, so it surprised me when I was able to bring it all together tonight. (I'm kinda chatty IRL, if ya haven't already guessed! :>)

    And OH MY!!! My Hubby will tell me to forever visit your blog if I tell him you baked bacon chocolate chip cookies. But.....I don't need to whisper that salty sweet goodness to him, 'cause I already know I'll be back. :>

    I'm off to dreamland just as soon as I can. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Holly! :>

  3. I started my blog as a way to remind myself of the happy things in life and keep track of all my projects, crafts and recipes. It turned into a lot more than that as a I started to meet so many other talented bloggers. Now I also do it to learn from others and get inspired by them!

  4. Fabulous post! I feel SO much like you do! I love the creativity that blogging allows me to feel. As a stay at home mom, who isn't working, I don't get that feeling all too often in my "real" job so blogging is the best hobby I could have found!

  5. Fabulous post! I feel SO much like you do! I love the creativity that blogging allows me to feel. As a stay at home mom, who isn't working, I don't get that feeling all too often in my "real" job so blogging is the best hobby I could have found!

  6. You are so right about these great reasons. I particularly like #4 and those are the feelings I get reading online as well. I love the interaction.

  7. I started blogging to make myself get in a daily routine (or mostly daily) of writing. To challenge myself to get up and just write.

    The relationships and joy, heartache, inspiration, friendships, etc. that came with it I had no idea about, and to be honest I am still a little shocked about what it has become to me and what blogging means to me today.

    Great post Holly!

  8. This is it. Exactly.

    BTW, I made a teeny little mention of my happiness for your new book today.

  9. I started blogging to find a place for the millions of words which run around in my head to go and sit for a spell.

    Really... that's the reason.

    I continue because it has reignited the creative side of me, and I like that. I am SO INSPIRED by the blogs that I read.

    I don't think I would spend the time to read them as much if I didn't have a blog of my own.
    I'm so grateful for the creativity out there.

  10. This post is what it's all about... I love it. This past week has been a soul searching one for me too. I have nearly shut it all down several times and went back to the land of "NO Blogging", but here I am. :)

  11. I blog because I love interacting with such a diverse group of people.

  12. This was a great post. I love coming by to see your Tickled Pink, your creative ideas & I love the fact that you interact with your readers. I once also did a lot of home projects & crafts & still haven't found the time. Hope to make some time soon.

  13. Those are some great reasons to blog. I'd have to say I agree with you. For me it's mostly about connecting with others and improving my own skills.

  14. I love how you expressed your reasons for blogging. I remember thinking that the word "blog" was a ridiculous word and didn't even like to mention it lol You can stop by my place to read why I blog.

  15. you were my first inspiration when I started blogging.. and I loved your tickled pink and DIY but I missed your old posts.. that were more like blogging.. but who am I to judge.. so glad you see this post of yours.. I have gone thru many changes.. and still trying to find my style... I like the photo end of blogging a lot... but still trying to work it all in...love ya holly

  16. I blog because love to share, I am a teacher, mother, grandmother, wife, sister, crafter, photographer, chef, seamstress and I want to lean something new each day. Bloggers are some of the most creative people I know and i love to visit blogs and learn about all the wonderful things that people are doing in their lives. it's as if I have embraced the whole world and I never have to leave my home. Right now it is rest time in my pre-k classroom and I am reading and laughing and sometimes crying as I share with others. What a wonderful opportunity!

  17. I knew I "needed" a blog to showcase my writing and I tried to come up with something that I could see myself caring about for more than a month or two.

    I realized that I care about mom and pop businesses and small towns in general -- and that unless you live in a small town, you have NO IDEA what there is to do there!

    ...little Indiana was born. Sorta. It took a year to get it finely tuned before the "big" launch day (two weeks before Baby #2 was born). ;)

  18. you've only been doing this a year!?! holy jeez! go holly!

  19. Hmmm, I can't remember the first blog I read, but I do remember clicking the "next" button at the top and just going from one to another.

    Like you, everyone blogs for their own reasons. I'm glad you started, and I want a ticket when you hit the big time, because I'll be there.

  20. I blog because I enjoy chatting to so many different people from across the world. I may not get to meet all of you (though I would love to) but I still appreciate all the friends I've made through blogging.

  21. Holly, we do have to meet. We just do! Your number one reason is exactly why I blog. It is my place. No one can go there but me. I have been searching for a long time to have a little corner to myself, and blogging gives me that space. Who knew I would forge so many great friendships along the way!

  22. Hi Holly!

    I blog because I needed and wanted a "space of my own". I wanted to share thrifty ideas and tips and just "hear myself talk"! LOL

    Very good post today! Have a great weekend!

  23. I was encouraged to blog after a bad experience on RMS. So many gals would say, get a blog we would read it blah blah blah. Well the first Blog I went to was my sweet savannah...I looked, loved, and left. I thought there is no way I can do what she does, and who would really be interested? Well it will be a year in January and I am going strong with loving it. Somedays are more of a chore than others. SOmetimes I wish I was one of those blogs that just have people flocking to me, and I do not even have to go visit them...per the time constraints we have as Moms. But then I love to go visit everyone too. So I blog for me, it has been a challenge I thought I could not succeed at. I have succeeded within my own expectations of myself. I craft more too!

  24. Holly,
    Believe it or not, this post sound like me in real life. To the point, saying it like it is and cringing at Bloggers. I thought it was moronic...but that had to do with some morons I knew through the grapevine that blogged. Why would I want to EVER read anything they write?

    When I was refinishing my cabinets I kept doing searches with every key word I could think of and ran across Infarrantly Creative. (or it's Infarrently with an E Creative. If you have kids she's got kid projects galore) She had a tutorial for her cabinets and a bunch of other really cool stuff. It didn't click that it was an actual blog for some time. I finally figured it out and was like, WOW...this is really cool! Free entertainment too!

    The only dilemma I have is that I read to much-don't post enough-get overly inspired( it does happen)- and seem to have way to many projects in various stages of completion. But all in all bloggers rock the free world!

    Shanna :))

  25. Wow. What a fun week of posts. That I read all in one night. ;)
    I love your reasons - and a lot of them are my reasons too. One of my main ones was an insecurity thing. I talked myself out of blogging for so long because I thought what I would do wouldn't be "good enough". Without going all TMI on you in a comment - I had pretty much been trained that way.
    So in an effort to fight that and to prove to myself that I could have something of my own - that I loved - whether people thought it was good or not, I started blogging. And I love it. I struggle with the insecurity still - but for the most part I do my best to make the things I like and not worry what everyone thinks.
    Wow. Long involved comment. ;)

  26. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies...sounds interesting.

    I started out blogging, on homeschoolblogger, about our homeschool life. I wanted to expand so I went to wordpress.

    Now I have 2 blogger blogs and love putting on there whatever I feel. I love making lists, so you might see just that. I have a resource page full of lists. Truth be known, I love winning so I enter many giveaways. I enjoy reading and doing book reviews. I enjoy music, so you'll see that there as well.

    So there you have it, my blogs in a nutshell. Oh, by the way, I also love reading others blogs.

  27. I blog because I can.
    Growing up in a situation where I was unimportant because I was female, wasn't allowed to question anything, was told everything I thought was wrong (even emotions), and was never allowed to make a choice for myself because "I wasn't smart enough to make the CORRECT choice".
    I can't lie on my blog. I am free now, and can say, think, choose and do whatever I feel like doing.
    I don't have many people who actually read my blog regularly, but even one response that is positive validates the fact that I am not a nobody; I am not completely moronic, and I am not alone.
    It's powerful stuff.

  28. I started blogging to express my love of all things creative, vintage, thrifty and fun. I've been amazed to find so many new friends just like me through blogs! Blogging pushes me as well to get things done, practice my photography & styling skills and spend time to create the things I love. Thanks for stopping by my blog--nice to meet you!

  29. Oh, Holly...you make me smile. You really do.

    I'd be blogging 24/7 if I had time. To begin, it was to satisfy my secret desire to be a comedian. I have an abundance of stories, ideas and customer service/"hey I loved it (or not)" type of things I'd love to write about too. Honestly, I totally agreed with your early analogies of blogs (yes, before I read any). And now, I can't stand to be away. SUCH TALENT out there!!!
    Currently, I'm stuck in a holding pattern in which I can't find the proper amount of time to write, but reading can be just as good.

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