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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rethink A Natural High

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!
It's time for Rethinking day...
the last rethinking day...
with Bare Escentuals at Rethink What Matters.
 Today's topic is Rethink A Natural High.
Yeah, don't ya just love the themes.
I know you are always thinking I am
going to talk about something else.
My Natural High
As a mom I have flashes of brilliance, with a lot of sparks and misfires in between.
...I am not patient...I admit it that being a mother has been a test of patience for me.
...I like to move quickly...ya know "you can rest when you are dead" sort of philosophy, but tell that to a 2 year old collecting rocks for her brother.
...I am selfish, but have had to learn and fully accept that I made the decision to have children, and although I am still important, they are my #1 responsibility...they come first.

Even with all that {and I could go on}, there is one thing they give me that I could have never imagined...ever...they bring me a pure, simple, innocent joy...they are my natural high. Even on bad days, a smile, a giggle, a hug from them melts my heart. I can think of nothing that makes me happier than simply stopping and being in that moment, any moment, with my kids.

I will walk by Joe's room and hear him singing to Taylor Swift, and just stop in the hallway and listen. Sometimes I hear him telling himself a story or playing with his Pokemon {which I still don't get!}. He tells me silly jokes and I laugh and his eyes light up.
Jules makes me "coffee" all day. She gathers her baby dolls, has me swaddle each one perfectly, and reads to them. When I sing to her, she joins in and she always asks for more. I can often hear her singing to herself and am just simply delighted to hear that little voice.

The two playing together...their giggles, their love, it fills my home and my heart. Jules runs and hugs Joe after school - she misses him all day long. Joe reads to Jules, Jules snuggles with Joe. Just this week, Joe has been really sick and while "Monkey see, monkey do" Jules also wants to be sick, she is tending to her brother, making sure he is OK.

So at the end of the day, when Joe tells me "I love you more than the whole galaxy" and Jules tells me "I love you more than toast," I am higher than a kite and so very grateful for these little people who teach and test me on a daily basis.

So what's your natural high?
Go visit Rethink What Matters. Answer the five questions...{did I mention there are prizes?}. See below for a listing of previous posts in this series.
Happy Rethinking!
BIG, HUGE thank to everyone who participated in this series with me.
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504 Main

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  1. My natural high would have to be my little girl for sure! Especially when she wants me to hold her! She is very stingy with kisses and hugs, so when she is giving.... it just makes my day. My other natural high is running. I do half marathons, just for that reason.

    I'm SO excited for "I'm Tickled Pink." (Just added your button!) I have gained such a respect for you and your blog, and I know that you will have useful/awesome info. Can't wait!

  2. That is so, so sweet. Adorable.

  3. Hey--how fun.

    Just popped over to check things out. I need a secretary to handle things--think I can hire one on a Budget of ZERO--seriously if I could get everything else done so I could get through my old followers and close that blog down it would help. I have a huge post as my LAST POST IN A BRIGHT YELLOW BACKGROUND AND BOLD BLACK LETTERS saying I have moved with a link and I still get new followers.
    What Friday Follow type parties do you participate in--I haven't done ANY of those--let me know and I will check some of those out.
    So excited about some new adventures.

  4. Hi Holly,
    Can you believe, with 3 boys, my sibling told me I have too many kids? If I didn't have so `many` kids I could afford to buy a house, maybe two like she has.
    Anyhoo, what gives me a natural high? I must admit, I've been hurt so much by this world, my time with the Lord is my natural high. He really is closer than a brother and gives me a peace like no other.

  5. Hmmmm, first that was beautiful!
    My natural high is when my 17 year old daughter wants to tell me everything about her day and asks me what my opinion is on something going on in her circle of friends.

    :) that's big for a teen.

  6. You saw my post from yesterday...that is my natural high, simple family time does the trick! Enjoy the day Holly!

  7. "As a mom I have flashes of brilliance, with a lot of sparks and misfires in between" - this so sums up motherhood for me!

    My natural high? Pure, unrestrained, from the gut, laughter. Whether it's with my husband, my son, a friend - total natural high. Sadly, I just don't do enough of it as I get caught up in the "must do's" of life. Definitely need to take more laugh breaks!


  8. Thats pretty amazing how kids can make us feel :) Family is the best thing ever !

  9. I too have almost no patience at times and can be completely selfish (with my desires for me time etc.)....it's amazing how kids can snap you out of it and put everything into perspective! My boys have changed me sooo much (still working on the patience part...still struggling!)
    Great post...."I love you more than toast", sounds like something my guy would say. Have a great weekend!!

  10. Anonymous12:27 PM

    When my kids are being cute and sweet and not little terrors, then they are of course my natural high. On all other, and much more frequent days, shopping for jeans is my high! OK, so its not so 'natural'. BUT - Since losing almost 50 pounds over a year ago I love feeling skinny and toned, and shopping for new clothes is SO fun now!!

  11. my kids actually getting along...
    i must admit.... comments on my blog, but how natural is that... its a little sick... LOL

  12. My natural high is getting out and away. I miss the camping we used to do on the olympic peninsula, and the drives.
    Now I settle for the baking, and the painting.

    I'm in love with those eggs. I'm going to have to try that. And that plate they are on is fantastic!

  13. I love each of your posts so very much. You are an incredible woman...my natural high is from my husband and my son. Just hearing laughter within the walls of this house.

  14. Your kids are really sweet, Holly. My son says something similar to yours: I love you to the end of the universe and back.

    I wish you a lovely week.

  15. Oh being a mom is like nothing else. And it is better and harder than I imagined. I am with you on the patience thing!! My natural high is my girls giggling. I have to smile every. time.

  16. Fabulous! Love your natural highs! Mine are simple. I get a high from my husbands smile, my kids' laugh, and my dogs wet kisses! (:

  17. Anonymous5:44 PM

    That is so sweet how your kiddos express their love with you. I really enjoyed this series and look forward to your Tickled Pink one. Thank you.


  18. You said it! Kids are amazing and bring so much joy! (I have a hard time with patience too!)
    I'll be back on Friday to check out the new feature. Looking forward to it!

  19. I have to go right along with that... my kids give me all that natural highs in life I need because they give me so many daily! Just watching them play and discover new things and their reactions gives me a natural high :)

  20. I appreciate that when you write about your kids and your love for them it doesn't feel contrived and generic. Sometimes reading mommy blog posts can seem like women are trying to portray everything about motherhood as wonderful and beautiful; I love the way you keep it real but aren't too snarky either.

  21. I am so thrilled top have read this post just now. I had ummm "words" with my 11 going on 16 year old daughter tonight. She does know how to push my buttons, and yet she and her sister are truly my best source of Natural High. Listening to them sing every word to Tik Tok in the car today *although not age appropriate) made me grin from ear to ear:)
    Lovely post my dear!

  22. I really love this post! Thank you!

  23. Hey Holly, You're such a Class Act! Thanks for stopping over to www.samwich365.com. I swear, every time I come here, I'm inspired by all of your great ideas and activities. My natural high? Hmmmmm since I love the arificial high so much, it's hard to say, LOL. I guess it would be having a great sandwich!

  24. Hi Holly, I'm new to your blog and I think I'm gonna love it! Thanks for taking the time to stop by ours! :)

    My natural high would be- when my boys genuinely get along and play happily together!

  25. Sounds wonderful! The pure innocence of children & spying their mutterings as you walk down the hall is so sweet... I think my natural high would have to be the sun. Just being in the great outdoors - peace & quiet..

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I can't wait to read all about the recipe you mentioned on Friday!

  26. Anonymous1:32 PM

    What a seet post. Kids make our days with their innocent simple pleasures.

  27. I am right there with you on everything you said. How I love their hugs, their laughter, games and jokes and oh so much more! It's what gets us through the hard times.

    Looking forward to "Tickled Pink"

  28. What a great post. I would say my natural high comes from a hug or kiss from my husband. :)

  29. hi what is the tickled pick about I love your button pink.
    I am going to answer the 5 questions do i do it in the comments area>

  30. This post absolutely made my day! You articulated everything so beautifully and eloquently. I try every once in a while to jot down memories of my children and their little habits and gestures that I never want to forget. Those are such precious, priceless things to connect me to the little people they are at this very moment.

    Also, I can't wait for your Tickled Pink features!

  31. Happy Belated Friday Follow - Following you back.

    I loved your writing so much - I had to post your button on my site!

    I also have a girl and a boy and they are my everything. My natural high is their laughter and their breath when they sleep and how I can see myself in their little faces - my daughters nose and my son's love for canned ravioli.

    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  32. O.K I think your telling me to get your new button. I still have the old one up. Gonna grab it now.

  33. Those are very good highs. I love hearing the laughs and giggles when my kids are playing together nicely (and not making a total mess at the same time), it is truly wonderful.

  34. I was reading your recent post and I am amazed that teapot is going for that much! I need to stock up at Target in the future when these cute things come out!

  35. Holly-
    Thank you for your sweet comment! I am so glad that you stopped by my blog. I feel the same about 504!!! Your designs are beautiful and I have secretly always wanted to be a wedding planner :) I hope that you continue to visit!
    Meaghan @ unexpectedgracemt.blogspot.com

  36. Holly, just reading about how your children are, and how they affect you brings back fond memories. I hope that you always appreciate them and their unique individuality. Time flies, faster than you know. Those hugs, kisses, I love you's are treasures. Enjoy!

  37. Sounds like a wonderful natural high, I think that's what Moms are supposed to be high off of :) My natural high is my squirrel friend outside- I'm such a psycho but I love him.


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