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Monday, March 1, 2010

DIY Day....Chick on a Stick

I Have decided to take a short a break from
the black and white crafts - it is hard to do -
I love my black and white, but I needed some sunshine
in the form of bright and happy colors.
For whatever reason, I was obsessed
with making something with a bird.
Then I remembered this file I had printed out a long time ago
from Heather Bailey - pretty much everything she does ROCKS!
I had fallen in love with some projects she did for
Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion
{...a moment of silence now for it's demise}.
And then I was inspired to make my own version...
which I am calling Chick on a Stick!
I am thinking these little birdies are going on a Spring banner,
and are definitely going to be used to decorate for Spring and Easter.
I stuck these beauties in plants and grass and flowers and
pretty much whatever you can think of.
The kiddos like them...hubby just asked "Why?" WHATEVER!
-Template ...Click HERE for it.
-3 different prints or colors of decorative paper or cardstock {I used printed cardstock - Citrus Stack from DCWV to be exact - it holds the glue a little better}
-Glue - I used glue sticks and a little white glue {OK, I used Mod Podge because I was too lazy to get up and the Mod Podge was right there.}
-Skewers or dowels (Craft stick can be substituted to make it more kid friendly)
-Scissors and/or Excato knife {and cutting mat}
-Paint/black button/gem/Sharpie {this is for making the eye...I used fabric paint, but a number of different items could work}
-Button or brad {for decorating wing}
-Ribbon {optional}

1. Decide which prints/colors will be used for what part of the bird.
2. Trace template on back of the paper.
HINT/TIP: I cut out a few pieces of each in all three patterns and then mixed and matched from there...It was easy and fun to have the pieces all available and then be able to play with patterns and colors from there.
3. Cut out 2 {a front and back} of each piece.*
4. Layout your birds
5. Glue the body insert onto the bird outline for each side {do not glue the side together yet}.
6. Lay one of the birds wrong side up and spread glue around. I then put some Mod Podge {or white glue} in a line where the skewer was to go, and place skewer.
7. Glue two birds together {with the skewer sandwiched between them}. NOTE: Craft stick can be substituted to make it more kid friendly.
8. Glue one of the wings and place on front side of the bird.**
9. Glue the other wing and match up on the opposite side of bird...the wings glue together at the top and then to the body of the bird at the bottom.
Mod Podge your bird once you get it all assembled and before decorating the beak or eyes…It looks fab and it sturdy!
10. Paint/Place a small amount of glue where the beak is and sprinkle glitter on it.
11. Glue a small button {or gem, etc.} at the point where the wings "attach" to the body.***
12. Place eye either with paint or glue on gem or button.
13. Let dry.
{You may want to finish off both sides of the bird depending on where/how you are going to display it.}
14. Cut lengths of ribbon and tie to base of the chick.
Winged Bird Variation
*Step 3: If you make a winged bird you will need 4 wings. 
**Step 8: Glue wings together.  
***Step 11: Punch a hole in each wing and in the body of the bird and insert brad.
-The sticks easily poke into a plant. I am so using these as a centerpiece in my ornamental Kale...tres cute!
-I also L-O-V-E-D them in my Mason Jars. First I filled the jar about about 2/3 full with dried split peas {you could use other dried beans or even sand depending on your color scheme}. Then added some moss to fill in the top and jst stuck my Chick on a Stick in there...I LOVE it!
-I didn't get there, but they would also look so cute hanging from some branches or on a wreath for Spring!
Just a variation...different colors, different feels! 
So many ideas! I bet you all have some too!
Happy Crafting!

Heather Bailey's project was called "Party Chicks" {if you go visit her, and scroll down and on the right, there is a section for free patterns, and it is there}.


  1. Holly-

    There are many houses in our area that are for sale. We live 2 minutes from shopping, 2O minutes to the mountains, 15 to downtown Denver. We have 300+ days of sunshine a year---have I sold you yet? I would love for you to live out here! I thought I was crafty but you have MAD skills my sweet friend!!!

  2. Cute little chicks! I love the bright colors. I agree - I love black and white but colors are so nice when I'm waiting for Spring!

    Have a wonderful week. Your blog is adorable!


  3. Too cute! I think I can make these. I love them. If they are missing from your yard...they are in the bay area. I will even bring them in when the fog rolls in so they won't get damaged. I love them!

  4. BEYOND ADORABLE!!! I wish I had an apartment with which to display something so adorable!

  5. So cute--and with Easter approaching, I could envision these little birdies transforming an ordinary Easter basket into something pretty extraordinary!

    I love your new look :)

  6. So cute! I would have to keep mine inside right now because, unlike you lucky Californians, we still have snow on the ground. Still, I have to make some!

    I love the new pic on your header! I should change mine, it's been the same since September.

  7. I so enjoy your blog. You are so creative!

  8. These are so cute! I'm making some of these ~ I might even share a few. I loved ME issues and so sad to see her go.

    The sun is out here in Connecticut ~ amazing how is changes your mood.

    Have a great day~

  9. These are just perfect for springtime and I have a soft spot for little birdies. :)

  10. I like your new look. It took me by surprise. LOL

  11. These are adorable. I should keep these in mind for making for my mother who has huge birdhouse collection.

  12. OK, I LOVE these! So perfect for Spring! Don't you just LOVE Mary Englebright?

  13. Love the new header!! Cute chicks!

  14. This is fabulous! I love. Please let me repost!

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  17. Those are so so cute! I was looking for bird project ideas for our latest time for tots day as lately my kids have been obsessed with birds. We will definitely make these! Thanks!!!!

  18. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Love the new blog look! And where were you back in my crafting days?!

  19. Adorable little birdies, how cute!

  20. You have got my head spinning with ideas! I {love} birds, thank you for sharing this adorable craft!

  21. I have got to make these ASAP! Thanks for sharing these precious birds with us.

  22. I absolutely love those, really cute. I had an inspiration from them to cut little birds from thin sheet metal, paint and put outside in my garden! YEA!

  23. Those are super sweet. I need to go get some supplies and maybe try to get my kids involved. Gotta wait till next weekend. We have our last hockey tournament this weekend and then sweet freedom.

  24. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Those are so darn cute!

    I was thinking you shoud do a giveaway with all your awesome crafts. Hint, Hint. Ya know, for all those untalented people like me. =)

  25. These little birds are cute and creative. Well done.

  26. These sound like something you should eat...but they are cute. I really like that last one. I've never done paper crafts, but I want to try. I think we are all in the mood for color!

    Love the new header...mmmm, mocha!

  27. Those are super cute!! I love all the color :)

  28. I love them! Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is too cute...I saw the chandelier somewhere and now I know who it was!

  29. The chickies are adorable and your new header photo is fabolicious!

  30. Awesome crafts I love it!!~ I am so ready for Spring, just redid my bedroom is such fresh colors!

  31. Those are super cute! And just like you said, bright and cheery!

    Love the new header!

  32. Anonymous7:11 PM

    HOLLY! Girl, my new design hero has arrived! Your stuff is capital F fabulous!! I'll be trying these birdies out this weekend.

    P.S. Thanks for following me from FF!

    P.S.S. (P.P.S.?) My sister is getting married on March 20th, and I wish that I found your blog sooner! Such adorableness! Adorability? Yes, the second one.

  33. I am going to get the supplies tomorrow and my son and I will try this out!!!!

    Thank you,


  34. Well done with the new blog look and those birds arrived right in time for Easter decorations.

  35. This is my first time to your lovely blog! I am enjoying all of your great ideas.


  36. OK ladies and gentlemen...I am doing an experiment tonight...I am Mod Podging each piece to see if they are more weather proof. I'll let you know!

  37. The little birdies are so cute! Your blog is my favorite crafts place to visit. Even if mine turn nothing like yours, you make it fun and simple, Holly.

  38. Oooo those are so cute! Those would/do look awesome in planter boxes! So spring-y!

  39. Theses are so cute! I love how they look like a little topiary when all bunched together. I'm so glad you visited by blog and became 1066. :) I'm following your blog, now, as well and I can't wait to see more.

  40. Sweet! I made something similar to this before my blogging days...but these little chickies are too cute!

    Blessings, Grace

  41. I seriously cannot get over how creative you are!!! These are just adorable!

  42. Those are toooo cute. You should take a picture and make one your twitter bird logo.


  43. They look so cute. Great job!

  44. Such a cute idea. And, I love your new banner!!

  45. Super cute idea! Love it in the milk glass dish too!!!

  46. So cute! I love calling them "chick on a stick"!!!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  47. Cute craft! They are so pretty and spring-y.

  48. Oh I super duper love these! You showed such cute ideas for how to use them too. What a great little project and perfect for the upcoming spring season.

  49. I am so glad you linked up to Be Inspired today! I just love this project...and your blog. I am off to follow it right away.


  50. I think this craft is so cute! It wouldn't work well outside in rainy Vancouver (where I live) but I think a few strung at different heights in the window would look cute. I need something to do with my son over spring break and I think this is something he can help with. Thanks!

  51. Popping over from SITS since I posted right after you and I'm glad did. Love your blog and your cute, cute paper birds. I'll be back to read more! :)

  52. Black and White is nice.. but when we need a boost.. bring on the color!
    I want to make a few little birds.. nice post!



  53. Anonymous7:22 AM

    These are adorable and so bright and colorful. Totally put me in the mood for Spring!

  54. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I love the little chicks you made. I've been looking for a new craft project. I'll have to try to make them. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Great blog you've got here! Im from follow friday! Thanks for following me too.
    And these chicks are great!

  56. I love these! So cute! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites. Hope to see you again next week!

    (Also, I'm following you back from Friday Follow!)

  57. Those are cute little chicks!!!

  58. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I love the birds! You are so very talented!


  59. Those are super cute. Thanks for following...

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party.

  60. I love your chick on a stick! If fact your whole blog is adorable. I am a new follower Friday.

  61. Hi Holly,
    These are so cute! I am definitely ready for Spring, and these Spring chicks are just the ticket!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

  62. Those are so cute, I spotted these at Make it yours day!

  63. This is on my favs list for the week.


  64. Those are just adorable. I have to make some for Easter gifts. CUTE! CUTE!

  65. I love the new look of the blog, and I would love a chance to win a chick!!! Our's didnt come out as well!!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  66. Cute little chicks! I love the bright colors. I agree - I love black and white but colors are so nice when I'm waiting for Spring!

    Work From Home

  67. what a cute little chick.. My Round loves it...
    Thanks for linking up.. It was great to have you twice today..

  68. Cute chicks- great for spring

  69. So adorable! Stopping by from SITS.

  70. Those are soo cute! :)

  71. Those are great. I so do not having any creative bones in my body though.


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