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Monday, March 22, 2010

DIY Day...NOT! Announcements and Pondering Blogiquette

Life got in the way of DIY Day!
But that it's all good…one is coming later this week.
It was a great weekend with the family and friends….
all part of my rethinking my priorities.
Anyway, thought I’d use today to do a little housekeeping…
And stay tuned...a few giveaways are coming up!
Part I
There is a new writing prompt, Write On with Tattoos and Teething Rings. The prompts are up now and the Mr. Linky goes up on Tuesday. Go visit HERE to check out the link.

Part II
This Friday, March 26 is the last day of "rethinking" and Bare Escentuals is giving away a B-I-G prize! Go take the quiz and get entered! Once rethinking is done {at least on the blog}, I will be showcasing a new product, idea, recipe, you-name-it on Fridays. What the heck you say? I have been so impressed with projects I have seen, people I have met, recipes I have tried, that I would love to share them with everyone. I have the first few lined up already...so if you have a "discovery" email me {it is on my profile} with the particulars...you will get some recognition too via a link! I am still thinking of a name for the feature/day...Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? It starts, April 2!

Part III
For the post on the letter project with Wasabi Mommy Project, click HERE. Also, a BIG thank you to Wasabi Mommy {she knows why!}.
Wasabi Mommy is experiencing technical difficulties...for now, please click HERE to see a compilation of her posts {that I did on this blog}.

Part IV
Now, let's cause some controversy...nah just kidding, but I thought it is time to touch on a post I have had in the edit section since December…blogging etiquette. I am not the first to address the situation. I am not going to preach or rant {I could} or make you believe that I have it totally right, but I totally believe in bloggy etiquette, and do my best to adhere to it and what I think is good bloggy etiquette.

I consider myself to still be a newbie, but some basic principles were pretty apparent early on, especially as I visited more blogs and comments and all I ever got was {crickets chirping}. So I quit visiting…why should I participate when it seems no one cares? To me that is what blogging is {partly} about. OK, then I started again, I visited a few big bloggers and I actually received responses…different kinds…some would send an email back, some would comment on my post, some would do both. I was thrilled.

I still have blog nerves when I visits "big" blogs. Recently I visited It's So Very Cheri. I was nervous {yes, I am a dork!}...I had seen Cheri's blog around since before I began blogging, I had heard about her linky parties and seen her "I've been featured at..." buttons around. I figured she would never respond to me. Man oh man was I wrong. Cheri is a perfect example of how bloggers should treat one another. She just recently moved to Wordpress...so go visit her if you have not already and follow along, you will not be disappointed with her creativity and inspirations.

This all leads me to my oh-so-scientific formula of...
MY Blogiquette Do's:
{I cannot say that I have not missed a blogger here or there along they way but it was not on purpose…I just messed up - it happens...ask my kids.}

1. The number one way I respond to comments is by visiting your blog and commenting. HOWEVER if your blog is not linked to your profile and you do not leave the URL in the comment, I cannot…I have had a handful of these instances recently and I feel bad…and the emails are also “No-Reply @ Blogger,” so there is no way to contact anyone. If you need to know how to link your email, go to your dashboard, click on edit profile, go down to the box that says "Show my email address." Don't want to plug up you regular inbox?...Get a free email {it is easy} and add it further down on that same page where it says "Email Address."
2. If you ask me a question, I will answer it in an email or at your blog {if you are a no-reply @ email person}.
3. I try to leave a decent comment. I won’t lie…I have visited some blogs and I am at a loss, but I think of something beyond “great post.” Unless of course, your comment to me was "Nice post." You may just get that back. Warning I use "love" and "fabulous" a lot but only if I mean it!
4. Personally, I think it is rude to not respond at all to someone who visits and takes the time to comment. This happens to me a lot and it is my pet peeve. So, I strive to respond to comments.

Linky's and Blog Hops
1. If I join a Blog Hop/Blog Party {via a linky} I will always follow the person whose blog I am joining the party at {it only seems fair}. I will leave a comment as well {I have slipped up there a time or two when it has been late at night}.
2. If I join in someone’s giveaway, I will follow too…most require this, but even if they don’t, it only seems fair.
3. I have never hosted a linky, so I will remain silent about the host/hostess job until I do.

1. As far as following goes…if you follow me, I will generally follow you {unless you are weird...sorry but I do have some blocked followers}…if you leave a comment and let me know!
2. Do I unfollow people?…I will be honest, yes I have – just a handful…but for very good reasons…they have become offensive or just have plain have tacky behavior. Occasionally an attack of {millions and millions of} crickets have caused this, but only if there is another reason as well.
3. I do participate in Friday Follow/Making Friends/Etc. parties and follow the rules…if you follow me, I follow you. Am I going to be able to visit all of these blogs...no, are they going to always be able to visit me, no...but I will not unfollow for that reason.
4. EDIT***I follow different blogs for different reasons, and I am sure different people follow me for different reasons. I touch on cooking, crafting, creative writing, etc., so I am not surprised I have a big reading list.
5. EDIT***I follow blogs I want to follow. If after continued comments, no one responds, I may continue to read, but not bother commenting anymore.

Reading Blogs
Um yeah, I would have to win the lottery to be able to sit on my behind and read every blog I follow. I do not even know the number and really do not want to. So here is how I read...
1. If you comment on my blog...you are first on the list of who I visit.
2. When I finish visiting the commenters on my blog then I hit my folder of must read blogs - ones with great writing, great ideas and inspiration {they do not all get comments...lots of crickets chirping}.
3. Then I hit the reader.

Yet another edit...I realized this sounds like I am calling out big blogs, but I have also gotten a lot of crickets from small and medium blogs too. Also, I will comment 1-2 {sometimes more depending on the blog} just in case...I know I miss a comment here and there but when you miss 2,3, and 4 times...that is just ignoring.

Edit 3/23/10
Katie of Katie's Nesting Spot brought up a very good point that I did not touch on here - so I am adding it...In her own words..."If your craft or idea is inspired by someone else you should say so, and leave their name, not "here" and link. I also think if you take someone's photos for a feature you should always drop them a line, telling them so."

Building trust and a community, to me, are essential components of blogging. It is only fair to link and credit the source of the inspiration or photo.I am pretty sure I have done this continually...giving someone else the credit they deserve is no skin off my back and helps us all. And I know I need to start watermarking my photos!

Matty {yeah, he rocks} left a comment that summed up a lot of what I wish I had said. "...When I didn't have as many followers as I do now, and wasn't following as many blogs as I do now, I was able to read and comment on every single post of every blog I followed. Every single one. And I religiously replied to every single comment I got on my own posts.

It has now reached a point where with work, life and family responsibilities, and the ever growing number of blogs, that I had to make a decision....for my time and my sanity. I now no longer have the time to read and comment on every single post. I just get to as many as I can, starting with my favorites and the people who visit me. And with a few exceptions, I have stopped replying to comments just to save time. Instead, I make it a point to read and comment on their blog.

The days of double dipping.....commenting on their blog AND replying to their comments on mine are just too time consuming anymore."

I enjoy blogging {maybe too much}. I try to treat other bloggers, whether they have 5 followers of 1500 followers, with respect. I do get behind in my commenting and posting, but try to make up for it...
I am only one woman with two wild kiddos!

What do you think?
Have anything to add?
Experienced any bad or good blogiquette?
{I am keeping a personal list...he, he, he} 
Am I crazy? Had enough of me yet? 
Have a good name for my Friday Thingy? 



  1. Once again, a GREAT post! I love your writing, and find myself laughing out loud (bird chirping! haha... love it.) I agree with all of the blog etiquette you talked about. I could tell from the first time I commented on your blog, that you are a good blogger, who is fair to all of your "bloggy friends." I'm excited to check out It's So Very Cheri. I love finding new/interesting blogs!

  2. There must be something going around. This is the third post I've read about this.

    I respond to most of the comments. When you get several "great posts" it's hard to think of something to say. I usually say thanks for the visit or something equally as lame.

    I also will comment on their blog.

    Of course all of this is easy because I avg. 8 comments. I comment on blogs that get 50-100 a post.

    I don't expect a response.

    I don't always follow people but I do bookmark them.

    For some reason the noreply is showing up on my posts in my reader. I never made my email public so I don't know what happened.

  3. Ummm...the noreply thing has been fixed. oh well.

  4. I'll have to check out Part 1... sounds interesting :) Sorry, no brilliant ideas for your "un-named" friday haha... I'm not feeling very creative at the moment. If I think of something I'll stop back by and let ya know.

    as far as the blogging etiquette- I completely agree with everything you talked about. It is so frustrating to spend time at someone else's blog and make an intelligent comment and truly enjoy their blog, follow them and you don't get even a hello back. I am very new at blogging and don't have many followers but I truly appreciate when someone comments on my blog and I make sure and take the time to let them know! I think it is the right thing to do.. anyways.. like I said.. I agree with you! I sure wish I could win the lottery too haha!

  5. I'd much rather have 10 good quality followers (like you!), who engage in proper conversation and who I can get to know, than 1000 people saying "great post!" (or pasting their standard advertising blurb - that's the thing that really gets me reaching for the "reject" button). I've stopped doing Friday Follow because I don't want to fill my reader with people who're just there for the numbers - I found some great people through that linky, and I still check out the links, but having my name up there seems to attract the spammers :(

  6. Very good reminders. Unfortunately I cannot read every blog I follow every single day...not enough time. But I do respond to comments!

  7. Wow lots of great info here. I agree also. I have a small following and at times am intimidated by the "big ones." But they do respond. I didn't know that about the email. My email box is checked so hopefully my email shows, would you let me know if it doesn't? I know like you have the time to do that. Anyway thank you for a great post. I am having a vintage necklace give away if you are interested. Have a fun filled day. http://lafeshiddentreasures.blogspot.com/

  8. ITA!

    I only recently changed my settings so I can email commenters directly. I definitely try and read and comment on the blogs of loyal followers.

    I have stopped following bloggers that I have commented several times and never been acknowledged.

    Have a great week!

  9. Good insight on the blogging etiquette.

    I am guilty (not to turn this into a true confession thread) of not regularly responding to comments. I learned quickly how much time proper blogging takes and had to make some choices.

    One of those choices was not to respond to comments directly unless they were a question or something that I needed to address that was related to the post. It is not the best approach, but I instead found it easier to regularly visit the commenters' blogs and participate with susbtanitive replies.

    Also, I think as a guy blogger, I have to be careful not to make others feel uncomfortable with the bloggin conversations.

    In sum, I appreciate all of the comments I received and leave a general comment reply saying that, but I can't keep pace otherwise.

    I'll have to think about other ways to accomplish some of the things that you discuss.

    Enjoy your day!

  10. I have participated insome wonderful link parties and I have found some great blogs from it. (Like yours) my problem is that it takes me forever to go through all the comments I get on those days. Like a week or more. I also can't follow every blog, I get very anxious when I get home from work and have 200 unread posts in my reader. I will visit every blog that follows me,comment back then read a couple pages of posts, if it doesn't speak to me I move on. I can't follow every blog or I'd go crazy, never exercise and neglect my boyfriend more than I already do. But honestly it is more about my weird anxiety.

  11. I think you are spot on!! I've only been participating in the blog parties for a few weeks now, but I'm already using and seeing most of the etiquette you describe here. Great post!

    - Michele

  12. I feel bad when I can't comment back too. I tried to leave a comment on someones blog yesterday but when I clicked comment, nothing happened. No email either! I was browsing through the bloggers old posts and they had some great stuff but no comments whatsoever, presumably from their ongoing broken comment link, and there isn't even a way to let them know!

    Ah, wouldn't it be great to have nothing better to do than blog and read blogs all day? At least for a while.


  13. I'm not generally a fan of the really big blogs because you aren't likely to get a response or generate any sort of blog-type friendship (bravo to Cheri for being an exception!). Try getting a response from someone like the Pioneer Woman. Not likely!!

    I agree with Rachel's comment about link parties. It seems a lot of the people who participate are just interested in numbers. I rarely link up for that reason.

    I will admit that I rarely respond to comments in my comment section. I assume no one ever goes back to read the responses. I do address specific questions via email (or sometimes in a new blog post), though. I'm also pretty good about staying current with emails from bloggers. I also try to comment on all of the blogs that I follow, but I do get behind.

  14. Thanks for the reminder ;) I have fallen behind in my replies and commenting. I love your blog and am a follower.

  15. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Thanks for sharing this meme. I think I might do it if I get the time a little later to write it!

  16. Thank you for the shout-out!

    And also thanks for the blog etiquette reminder; I try to follow and comment in kind but I have started falling behind. It starts to become a chore at certain point and this should be fun. I am in the process of goin through my followers and checking out everyone's blogs.

  17. Those are very good general "rules" for blogging, I think. I try to stick to these basic principals, though I'm not always successful since life interferes.

  18. Hi Holly,
    I'm so glad you've done this post on blogiquette as I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say. I am fairly new to blogging (I started last year but was very sporadic with my posts as to be honest I didn't think I had much to say or that anyone would really be that interested in my ramblings - are you still there!!??) but the more I've read the more I've got into it and am trying to post a couple of times a week at least. I always reply to comments but was ill last week so it took me a while to catch up with replying and I felt anxious that people thought I was rude and ignoring their kind words!

    I have a particular problem with blog snobs whose blogs are so established that they get a million comments even if they just post a picture of eggs in a bowl (random example - not intended at anyone) yet don't seem to even glance at your blog in return. I'm sure when they started it took them a while to get established and should probably remember that when this is all new to you encouraging words mean a lot! They also give you the confidence to keep going.

    For me blogging has opened up a whole new world as believe it or not we are not so much into crafting in the UK as the rest of the world seems to be. I know very few people who craft and I don't know anyone else who blogs so blogging really makes me feel connected with like minded people.

    Anyway sorry to hog your blog and thanks for all your kind comments on mine!


  19. You know, I completely agree with all of these!

  20. your post makes me think about what my blog etiquette is. i pretty much comment when i can and when i think it's appropriate and also i do try my hardest to reply to people who comment on my blog. give and take, right?

  21. I used to try and comment on every blog I read, I figured if they took the time to write it I could comment.. but the more blogs I read that really is impossible... so yes, if someone comments on my blog I am definitely going to go comment on their blog or respond to their comment, often both. And then I have my list that I just like to read to. Some of the things like Friday Follow, while I keep doing them drive me crazy as the person will simply just say "I am following from Friday Follow" and nothing else. I must admit I have a hard time wanting to go follow them, they could at least pretend like they took the time to read one post.

  22. I'm seeing a number of posts lately about blogging etiquette. When I didn't have as many followers as I do now, and wasn't following as many blogs as I do now, I was able to read and comment on every single post of every blog I followed. Every single one. And I religiously replied to every single comment I got on my own posts.

    It has now reached a point where with work, life and family responsibilities, and the ever growing number of blogs, that I had to make a decision....for my time and my sanity. I now no longer have the time to read and comment on every single post. I just get to as many as I can, starting with my favorites and the people who visit me. And with a few exceptions, I have stopped replying to comments just to save time. Instead, I make it a point to read and comment on their blog.

    The days of double dipping.....commenting on their blog AND replying to their comments on mine are just too time consuming anymore.

    As I said, I do have exceptions, and some of my favorites and people who go way back with me still get replies from me.

  23. I am in total agreement with your blogging etiquette rules. I know that I personally need to get better at replying to comments. Sometimes I just don't know what to say, but that's still no excuse. Thanks for the loving kick in the pants :) And I agree-if you take the time to follow someone else's blog, leave {good} comments and you get nothing back, it makes you feel unimportant. But I've had some great responses from some of the big bloggers and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy that someone who's got thousands of followers takes the time to stop by your humble little blog and leave a genuine comment.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and taking the time to visit mine!

  24. My mommy always taught me to be kind to others! ;) Seriously though, I couldn't agree more with your blogging etiquette--I can't spell it but I agree with it. I will visit any blog who visits me. I wish everyone would leave an email for me to reply to. {sigh} If I write a post that was inspired by someone else, I am sure to give them a link back. And if someone gets offensive on their blog, well that is fine, because it is their blog, but I probably won't leave a comment. I say you should repost the rules every couple of months to refresh our memories.

  25. I totally agree with your list! I too have had to 'un-follow' because the blog became too weird/boring/or content wasn't my 'thing' anymore.
    And I have had to block some followers (there are some supremo weirdos out there!!!)

  26. I think you covered it, Holly. I don't always respond to my readers comments on my blog, because I just don't have the time, but I do visit every single one who leaves me a comment, and comment on their posts.

  27. Spending a long weekend away from a computer puts me so far behind in reading blogs its not funny. I always make sure to hit my favorites when I get back in the swing of things (which is why I'm here), but there are many wonderful post I'm sure to miss. Unfortunately when I fall that far behind, the quality of the comments left suffers as I struggle to catch up.

  28. Hey Holly! This is one of the reasons I follow you. You aren't afraid to tackle the "rules", teach others around you, and do so with humor. Thanks for the refresher and for sharing quality content. Keep it up cuz you rock!
    Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

  29. I've stopped following many a blogs just due to the fact that they NEVER visit mine...why waste time if they won't visit me? Just once? Lol!

    If someone comments one time I usually forget to go and visit. I'm just busy...and I try to respond back to comments, but again, the whole time thing...

    Maybe once the girls get older I'll have a little more time--but for now I try my best :)

    I love this post--you tackled a lot of great points. xoxo

  30. Kidding!!! I love reading your blog...even on the "crafty" days...because you are a straight-shooter!!!

    Great post!!! (I really mean that...please don't come to my blog and say "Great post" just cuz I did...I love your comments!!!) :)


  31. This is a great post.

    I do my best to follow by those same rules, but sometimes life just gets the best of me and I don't have time. Though I may not comment as often as I used to, I try my hardest to comment back on everyone. I am sure a few have slipped through the cracks, but no one's perfect!

    I think as long as people are polite to each other and thoughtful and supportive, then the blogging community is a good one to be part of!

  32. I think you pretty well covered "Blogiquette" (shoot shall we see that added to Websters next year?)

    I'd like to add one thing. Many of us have taken part in a blogging event of some sort. In Jan/Feb I took part in Lisa Swiftka's wonderful "One World One Heart" aka OWOH event. I really had fun. This was my second big blog event, but first big giveaway. (All bloggers gave something away and if you commented and were a blogger you were eligible to win)
    But what amazed me was how many people just popped into the 1800 or so blogs and just said, "Pick ME or Count me in." Come on! This was an event to encourage folks to actually visit blogs all over the world.

    I visited a LOT of those blogs, but actually took the time to LOOK/read/really comment when I was truly interested in the blogger. I have made some new blogland friends as a result, and that is the BEST,,not the giveaways!

    Okay,sorry done, but it bothers me when people do that! Now,,,,next week, can we talk Cell phone and Textiquette?

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  33. Great post Holly. I still consider myself a newbie too, but I agree with what you are saying. I really like to read and comment on all the blogs I follow. Like you, I could do that in the beginning, but as that list grows it does get almost impossible. I generally go to the reader and go through the blogs, then go see if there are those that commented on my stuff that I haven't visited yet. The one thing that I haven't done yet is follow every person that follows me. It is on my to do list to see who the new followers are and go read their stuff...I just haven't done it yet.

    I think blogging is very much a give and take. The more you give...the more people give back. But, there are times when real life gets in the way (my life right now) and hopefully, people understand that too.

  34. Holly, loved this list & don't have much to add that the other commenters haven't already!

  35. I agree!!

    I wrote a post about this. I skip blogs about politics, superficial things like fashion (one in a while is cool--you wanna show off your new purse, but everyday--yaaawwnnn).

    I too, visit my commenters first, then my favorites, and then everyone else that who's title post catches my attentiong. I get about 130 posts per day and try to get to them really fast. Right now, I have 19 left to read. LOL! Won't make it.

    We all have lives, so we can't spend it all here. That's I strive to write funny not too boring and long posts.

  36. Wow, this is a super informative post, very cool. Though I am not sure that I have anything to add at this point, being so new to the whole blog thing, I would like to say simply "right on sister".


  37. Hi Holly, I just found your blog(love your header by the way) and really enjoyed reading about blogiquette. I am very new to blogging and it sure seems like there is a lot to learn at first, so thank you for great information. OK I'll follow! Deb

  38. I agree. With the bloggy etiquitte. I'm a new blogger too. I don't think it's rocket science. It's more like customer service or social skills. If some one visits my blog and comments. First, I'm a little dorky too. I run and go tell my husband. But I always visit them back and comment. Do I read everything? No. But I try to read what interest me. I want to be real. Fake comments SUCK. Most bloggers with large communities, comment on other blogs. If, I visit a blog more than twice and they don't come visit me I'd usually forget about them. That's how I go visit first those that have commented on my blog. Oops sorry. I'm talkiing to much.

  39. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Love this post. I think I tell you that a lot. LOL But I really do I swear!! =)

  40. Great post Holly- you summed it up pretty darn good. I try to comment back when I can but sometimes, I get behind and I appreciate not always being the one to comment first. I feel like it all comes around, I may be a couple days late but I'll get back to you for sure. I don't really follow blogs with massive followers and they only post picturse of themselves- boring. :) This was a good post because I was like "oh yeah, I think that too!" for basically everything. Thus, in conclustion: great post. ;)

  41. I have had some bad blog ettiquette experiences - mostly of the cricket variety. Those were back when I was a newbie and had about 3 followers.

    Like Matty, I've had to cut out the e-mail replies as I just don't have the time anymore. I wish I could still sit here all day and go through every post in my reader but I can't. Mostly I return comments with a blog visit and hit my favorites if I have extra time.

  42. Thanks for the tips! I just started my blog last week and a friend who has on has told me a little about the bloggy etiquette. I too get a couple butterflies in my tummy when I think of leaving a comment, am I doing it right? Do they even know who I am? I have not yet became a follower, not too sure how yet and I would love to link something to another blog but still trying to figure that out too. If I link a post to you then I say so on my blog with a link to you....right?? I am still a little confused in blog land, thanks for the tips and any others would be greatly appreciated.

  43. When I started my blog in January, I was so worried I was going to make a mistake. Thanks so much for the tips...and always for your comments!! You are very sweet! Love your writing! Makes me laugh out loud!

  44. Hey there! Oh I totally agree with your comment about Ms. Cheri! She's the best. I feel like we're good friends and we've never met. She just posted on my blog this week "just to check on me". Can you believe that?! She's a total class act!

  45. Holly, the time and effort you put in this post is off the hook AWESOME!!~ First off......secondly, I am so with you, on EVERYTHING you said. Right now I am finding it time consuming to of course follow all the blogs on my roll....I try to at least pop over once a week to check in...and if you comment, I try to respond that second so I do not forget. I have noticed in the last week I have been unfollowed like 4 times??? No rhyme or reason that I can think of, except they just are not interested...which is OK..but is it really necessary to unfollow unless I have done something to offend you, to purposely unfollow for the sake of hurting someones feelings? I suppose I may be such a newbie I will get over it...in fact I am already LOL!!~ I love love love my followers and they have been so participating and open and just a joy!~ I find linking up to the parties does bring me much activity but no followers, except for the Friday blog hop...and even with this I am trying to follow ones that I really want to....and I have found some awesome blogs this way. Thanks Holly for your expertise and experience, it has been a pleasure, sorry if I rambled:)

  46. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Right on. I so agree with your post. I also try to return as many comments as I can too. Always love reading your comments at my place. Thanks, Holly!

  47. Hi Holly,
    These are very good tips.
    I also want to say, good luck on your up-coming new Friday posts..whatever they may be.

    I have a giveaway on my `New Horizon Reviews`blog http://newhorizonreviews.blogspot.com/
    that expires on April 1, in case your interested.

    Thank you for visiting my `Joyful Journey` blog. It's always nice to see you.

  48. Great job summing everything up! I have to brief or I'll be late picking up ER from preschool, but I agree with everything you say. I do try very hard to respond or get back to people who comment. I can't stand it when I leave a nice long in depth comment and get "Love it". There's no surer way to ensure I never visit again. I'd only add the some blogiquette about linking. I think if your craft or idea is inspired by someone else you should say so, and leave their name, not "here" and link. I also think if you take someone's photos for a feature you should always drop them a line, telling them so.

    PS: Your bit about Cheri cracks me up, out of all the bloggers around she is definitely one of the most approachable. My experience has been that I always get some kind of reply. She's super sweet.

  49. Great post Holly! Being one of the small blogs you talked about, I love every comment I get and am sure to respond to every single one. I also try to make a point to check out their blog and leave a comment in return. I think you've made some great points and I'm glad I stopped by to check you out today.

  50. Wonderful post, Holly. I am right there with you, and you have twice as many followers as I do. I have reached the point where I can't keep up and I hardly try to break even most days. I do what I can when I can, and that is it. Blogging is one of my favorite things, but it can't be my life. That being said, I do try to abide by the typical etiquette/standards and try to visit everyone who visits me and comment when I can. I, too, have had to cut back---I either email a reply or I visit the blogger's site. I can't do both anymore....

    Love that you posted this and I hope people will read it. I remember that post of Matty's, too---and identified with it back then as well.


  51. I have no where near the followers you do, but get overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of blogs to follow - I've had to be selective on how many I can comment on any given day.

    One pet peeve is the blog visitor who leaves a comment that clearly shows they did not even bother to read the post they are commenting on! (I've had a few stop in from SITS and do this) I think I'd rather they don't leave a comment at all. How do I respond when they didn't even comment on the post?

    But I will say that the majority of our readers are AWESOME!


  52. You are awesome, and the list is perfect. I follow so many blogs and was trying to comment on them all, which was really really hard. Then one day I was looking at my blog post editing thing-y and realized I only have about 7-10 comments on each of my posts. There are super sweet people, like you, who always leave me thoughtful comments and there are people who leave me very random comments and ones who never do. So I decided to make my life easier that I was going to start just commenting on the blogs of people who commented on my mine.
    While that might not be the best etiquette and at times I feel bad about it, I also don't have the irritation of when I comment for the 100th time on someones blog who never acknowledges it :)

  53. OK all this time I have been coming over.....now today I realized Holly is not on my blog roll???? I never was following, yet I was following LOL!!~ YOur official!

  54. There seems to be a lot going around lately about this. To tell you the truth before blogging, I never in a million years would of thought there was such a thing as blogging etiquette. But, I do agree with everything you say. And, it IS so hard to visit everyone. Here I am my kids waiting for me and I am visiting blogs cause it has been a while and I just want so bad to catch up! I think a lot of people are in the same boat so I definitely cut some slack out there. You can usually tell the real readers versus the fakes!

  55. Yea!Very well said, Holly. I try to follow all my comments with a visit. But, sometimes life happens, too. So it may take me awhile to catch up, but I certainly try! Blogging etiquette should be posted somewhere that all bloggers can see. I am glad you addressed this issue.
    Sorry for the short comment- I have bronchitis and I'm off to bed!
    Thanks again!

  56. Sorry, me again. I just think that what you had to say about blogging etiquette was so important that I am featuring you as blog of the week on my blog!
    Thanks again!

  57. A truly WONDERFUL post! I loved it and seemed to have peeked into your little world at the perfect time. I truly find your perspective VERY REAL and very refreshing.

    Thank you for coming over to my little world and leaving a sweet comment. :)


  58. I just don't know how you all do it!! I work full time but I don't have any kids living at home....and I just can't keep up. I try my best but always seem to be behind. I am reading blogs from my dashboard and go through some everyday but like today I had my grandson over after work and so I have only had a chance to visit a few blogs. I am not writing that much because I feel so bad about not keeping up with others.

  59. Excellent post! Totally agree with your points... I have found some people in my world like to read my posts but get all confused when it comes to commenting (although I personally feel it is good to step out and try something new ;)

    I too find it too hard to read all the blogs!!

  60. I agree with your bloggy ideas. I stopped visiting those who don't visit me as well. Unless I really reaallly like them, lol. And yes, I think it's over kill to respond to every comment via email. I feel visiting them is more my thang. ;o)

  61. By accident I stumbled upon your blog this morning...oh my, where to begin??? I sooo agree with all your points about blogging. I have been blogging for less than 2 yrs. now. I have ALWAYS sent an email response to EVERY comment I have received, and when time permits I also respond with a visit to their blog. I am a fun and silly person and my comments and responses reflect this. I have strived to NOT leave a run of the mill or mundane comment. I am silly and have fun with my comments. I spend a lot of time at each blog I visit...AND I DO actually READ their post and not just scroll thru their photos and leave a quick little quip. I have several bloggers who leave comments and ask questions about things I had posted in the post, so it's obvious they didn't read it, be careful bloggers, check the facts in the post before you leave a comment, you wouldn't want to look foolish would you.
    A big issue with me on the blogging...I had been blogging for only about 8 months when one day I was introduced to the ugly tackiness that goes on behind the scenes. Silly niave me was just a bloggin' away...participating in swaps and such not realizing other bloggers were trashing me and others behind the scenes...I was devastated!!! That is when blogging changed for me and kind of lost it's luster...and the weird thing is, these ladies still come to my blog and leave comments...explain this to me?? I guess because they don't know I know. There is back biting, there is jealousy if this one has one more pattern than another, oh we don't like her because she is trying to be big and famous...her project is cuter than ours so lets trash her. It's like being in High School again!!!
    I have seen others who have used my photos....some have taken my ideas and help and never gave credit......so, I have gone around the whole merry-go-round with this blogging thing. I do have some wonderful followers and loyal commenters that make it worth while. I live in the country so blogging was the perfect solution for me not to be so isolated.
    I'm sorry I wrote a book here, but your post today really hit a nerve with me....OK...OK...I'll shut up and go now!!!
    You have a lovely blog and it's obvious you have some faithful loving followers too!!

  62. Oh what a great post & gets me really thinking about how I need to {organize} my blogging!!! I get SO behind because I think I do it all backwards. I comment back on my blog as they come in (or try to). I then go through google roll and try to hit the interesting blogs whom are subscribed to me, but I do hear a lot of crickets in there. And then I hit the ones that I am genuinely in love with, but usually those are bloggers who never even speak to me. Thanks for the great post!

  63. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Enjoyed the post but I am wondering what Crickets are? Haven't heard of them- probably showing how computer dumb I am!



  64. Thank you for the great info
    We just need to do the best we can and treat others with how we want to be treated as well!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  65. Thanks for a great post. I'm still pretty new at blogging so these are helpful tips.

  66. Thanks for the post. I just found you from Cheri's blog and am really enjoying your blog. I'm new to blogging and there is so much out there to learn, this is some wonderful advice! I always try to leave a comment or e-mail back all those that have taken time out of their day to stop by my blog just to say thanks! I don't expect it back from everyone but when you have left a least a dozen comments on someone's page and not even a boo back it can be discouraging. I have found many of the bigger bloggers to be very nice and just a few that don't give you the time of day. But that is ok, we can learn from them and know to never do the same :)
    Thanks again

  67. Thanks for sharing the great tips. I totally agree! I found your blog from Cheri's and I like it.


  68. Luv Luv Luv, I LUV this post! I kind of feel like humming Lady Gaga's Bad Romance to that line. Very well said!

  69. This is a great post. I totally agree and fear having some "blogiquette" fall through the cracks from time to time. I've also made it my practice to only follow the blogs that I am interested in reading, I feel like "following" should mean something.

    That being said... I'm now following you. I stumbled on you through ff. I'd love it if you come check out my page. :)


  70. Thank you so much for posting this! It was very insightful, I agree about the commenting thing I always try to comment on peoples blog that leave me comments, its jut the nice thing to do right?! I found you through cheri's blog ps ;) I will be back for sure!!

    Don't forget to check out my awesome GIVEAWAY :)


    Meet Virginia Crafts
    Meet Virginia's Etsy Shop

  71. This is a great topic-- it's something that's been weighing on me a LOT lately. My blog is about the same size as yours (although not nearly as beautiful, but heck, blogging's a work in progress, right?), so I'm guessing we get the same amoung of comments per post. I like to post every day, because writing's what I do best. I also like to comment for a comment (although if my work makes that impossible, which it does from time to time, I hope my blog friends and readers understand). I'm just getting to the point where I feel absolutely overwhelmed. I love my readers-- I have the best group!-- and I don't want to let them down. Thoughts?


  72. Enjoyed the post but I am wondering what Crickets are? Haven't heard of them- probably showing how computer dumb I am!
    home jobs without registration

  73. My first time here. I never much thought about etiquette..., I just visit every blogger who leaves a comment, and comment on their blog..., with very few exceptions -if I really don't know what to say. But I did wonder how others are handling it. And this answered it. So thanks for writing about it!

  74. Hi Holly,

    I love the post. I've been blogging for just 1 month, and I needed a post like this to tell me what to do! I know... maybe dumb, but I'm naturally very introverted. I do want to reach out to my few readers, but didn't think to do it! Hopefully, it's not too late!

    - Christin

  75. Ditto. Again. We are first and foremost, people with lives. and though blogging is great fun, my family does come first. And I absolutely think people understand that. Plus, most of the blogs I follow are by moms with kids still at home. I know that they have lives just like me, so I don't get my panties in a twist when I comment and they don't respond immediately : )

  76. it's good to know that i wasn't totally out there in left field about blogging etiquette. this was so helpful, and thanks for the comment about my spring wreath and two toned door!

  77. This is a wonderful post. I know the feeling of leaving comment after comment on certain big blogs and never receiving an emailed response or comment love from them. I admit, lately I have been seriously lacking in my commenting and responding. I am barely keeping my head out of the water when it comes to blogging and my kids and everything else that is going on right now. This is a great reminder for me!

  78. wow, that was really informative! as a blogger finally trying to get my blog on its feet, i appreciate the guidelines! :)

  79. Wow, Holly! You have really touched on something HOT! It gets harder and harder to keep up with my comments as my blog grows, a good problem I suppose. I do try to be polite and pay it forword in many ways, (spotlighting blogs, emails, comments) but sometimes it does take away from the...fun of blogging. I tend to make work out of almost every endeavor I take on. Great stuff here and I do hope that I follow most of the obvious rules of kindness. "Do unto others..."

  80. Holly,
    I do my best to comment in a thoughtful manner to everyone who comments to me. Since my blog has gotten bigger I've held off posting unless I know I have time to comment. I work full time and run a business so when I get 40 comments on a post it's time consuming. Not that I'm complaining, but there are only 24 hours in a day.

  81. Holly, thank you so much for this post. I am new to blogging and am trying to learn from this great community! I just discovered your blog and love, love, love your writing style!

  82. I came over from New Friend Friday and am so glad I did. I am a newbie and have been wishing someone would write a blogging etiquette post. It's great to see your (and all the commenters')thoughts on the matter. It is very helpful. Thanks. Sandra http://sawdustandpaperscraps.blogspot.com/

  83. Thanks your for talking about blogging ettiquette because it took me about 6 months of blogging to figure out how followers, comments, etc. work. I do make an effort to visit and comment on every blog that leaves a comment on mine. I only have a couple of evenings that I spend time doing only responding comments...which can be a lot...I have a couple of weeks where I have over 50 comments! It can be time consuming but I figure if they took the time to read my blog and comment, I can be gracious enough to visit them.

    I follower a lot of different blogs and do leave a comment on the ones I like the post subject or find inspiring. Because of time, I do not comment all the time on all blogs I follow.

    I have also posted comments several times on blogs that I never ever hear back from...some I have decided to just follow from afar and others I have dropped.

    I have only dropped a couple of blogs and that was because they use foul language and it was offensive to me.

  84. I always wonder what the best way to respond to comments is. Do people prefer me to respond back in the comments section below where they commented? Or an email back? or go to their blog & comment? This is something I wonder about and so I usually just go to their blog and check it out.

  85. I really enjoyed this post Holly and it put to bed a few things for me so thankyou.

  86. Hi Holly!

    It's nice to see another newbie's take on "Blogiquette."

    I absolutely hate when I comment on someone's blog (not super big ones...that's be impossible) and they don't reply.

    Especially if:
    1. They use Blogger. I get ALL my comments in my email and they should, too.
    2. They don't have a lot of comments. What makes you think you can't respond?! As if!
    3. I see you comment on other folks' blogs. Not to be stalkerish, but seriously...what makes me any less than the person you comment on.

    Matty had some great advice! Commenting on a reader's blog is a great way to boost bloggy friendship when you can't respond to each comment.

    Thanks for the follow back!

    P.S. I just made my blog dofollow. Feel free to comment like crazy lol.

  87. Oh, here it is. I figured it out. SORRY!

    Just wanted to tell you that I eat up all posts on blogiquette.

    I can't get enough of it. It's just so cool and new and..and..exciting!!!

    I love your stuff.

    Please ignore how dumb I am. And just concentrate on my good intentions..:)

  88. I just found your blog from SITS Saturday sharefest. Wow, what a great post. I am still kinda new to blogging and enjoy reading what others expect on blog ettiquite. Thanks for sharing this!!

  89. I comment on blogs all the time but don't expect anything in return. I comment because I feel I have something to add or it was something I related to. I respond to comments on my blog usually by email and then also in my comments. Not every comment requires a response.

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  90. I agree for the most part. I'm a constant commenter who never expected responses. After close to 6 months of blogging and commenting I got a response. Damn near fell off my chair. That's a sad commentary on the state of blog etiquette isn't it?

    Sometimes when I get comments, I just don't know what to say. Thank you seems lame, but sometimes that's all I've got. I sound like an extrovert in my blog, but I'm not. It's a fine line between what feels comfortable and what doesn't for me.

    I'm just beginning to build up a base of followers most of whom I followed first. I always check out the sites of commenters and always respond to their comments. Even when they're obviously just making the rounds on a SITS day.

  91. I love this post (oh, now that sounds cliche, see I've screwed up already!) But, for real, doesn't blogging sometimes feel like high school? We're all jockeying for the right table in the cafeteria????

    Thanks for calling out the crickets. And my all time faves are the people who don't even read your post, just throw up a little, Happy Sat Sharefest or Friday Follow (though I still haven't figured out the Friday Follow) I had a post once that was moving, and sad, about a friend of the family's little boy fighting a battle with a fatal disease and I got a ton of just "popping by from SITS etc's" Don't you people read???

    And since this is your SITS day I thought I'd add this little ditty...

    How is it that the SITS website has 500 comments, yet the featured blogger ends up with about 100-150? Hmmmm????? See, high school again, something to do with math?

    Happy SITS.

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  92. You articulated that very well! I used to reply to every single comment within the comments section of my blog - but that got to be way too time consuming, so I opted to just reply by email...but guess what? That got too time consuming, too! So now I do the same thing you do - go visit the blog of those that have left a comment first, then hit my favorites, then see a shiny object and get all distracted. ;)

    If someone poses a question in my comments, those will get a reply by email (and hopefully it doesn't go to the 'no-reply' address). :) I found that if I replied to every single comment, I was running out of time to read other blogs and leave comments there - I'm guessing most people would rather have a comment left than a reply email of 'thanks!' ;)

    It also takes me extra time to comment on people's blogs, too, because I tend to be extra wordy. Like now. ;)

    Happy SITS Day! :)

  93. When I first started blogging, I didn't even realize you were supposed to reply to comments at all! It's been quite a learning experience the last few months. I've broken so many blogging etiquette rules, and yet I continue on. Eventually I hope to get it right!

  94. This is probably one of the best posts I've seen on blogging etiquette!! You pretty much got it all in there - I love all your edits you add to your posts :)

    Found you thru your SITS day today - congrats! :)

  95. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Thanks. I'm following you now, partly to thank for for educating me about these rules. They're very helpful. I'd love you to stop by my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  96. Wow, so much to soak up and learn!

    I personally try to read (or skim) every blog I follow, and then I comment based on whether I have something to say or not.

    I don't typically respond to comments simply because I feel like a pest for doing so, although I have started doing it more frequently, and I love when others respond to mine!

    I try to comment on blogs of people that I know better, or of those who comment on mine.

  97. This is super helpful as a (fairly) new blogger. I really appreciate the advice and it's nice to know that other bloggers go through similar things!


  98. Good post! I think you covered a lot of blogging ediquette!

    I might add one more thing. A frustration of mine is when people visit my blog only once and then leave a comment (or send me an email) with the sole purpose of promoting their own blog. I think it's rude leave a comment or send an email simply saying, "Hey, come check out my blog and please follow me."

    Good luck with responding to all of your commenters from your SITS day! I've always done my best to reply/visit my commenters, but I am still trying to catch up after my SITS day. It has been tough.

  99. These are wonderful guidelines! I usually read blogs in a reader and have found that I often neglect to comment because of that. I think your 'rule' of going to the reader last is one I need to take up doing too!

  100. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Visiting from SITS. I love your list! When I was just starting out, I would be tickled when one of the "big" bloggers would leave me a comment. Now I try to do the same for other new blogs.

    I love leaving comments for people, but I have to admit that all that "captcha code" junk has really put a cramp in my style. Sometimes it's just not worth the hassle. I always seem to type it wrong the first time. Danggit.

  101. Anonymous12:58 PM

    This is great... I'm a relative newbie so it's good to see all this discussion about blogiquette. I've sometimes wondered whether to reply to questions in the comments in my own blog... but then it feels like I'm assuming the person is going to come back and see it, or by going to their blog to answer... which means they'll see it, but on my own blog it might appear I haven't answered them. I guess it's not overkill to answer in both places! :)

    I came over via SITS, by the way. Congratulations on being the featured blogger today! I love what I've seen of your blog so far, I'll be back!

    Kate at www.pennellolane.wordpress.com

  102. Anonymous12:58 PM

    This is great... I'm a relative newbie so it's good to see all this discussion about blogiquette. I've sometimes wondered whether to reply to questions in the comments in my own blog... but then it feels like I'm assuming the person is going to come back and see it, or by going to their blog to answer... which means they'll see it, but on my own blog it might appear I haven't answered them. I guess it's not overkill to answer in both places! :)

    I came over via SITS, by the way. Congratulations on being the featured blogger today! I love what I've seen of your blog so far, I'll be back!

    Kate at www.pennellolane.wordpress.com

  103. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Happy (belated) SITS day! I promise, Im not lazy, just on a different time zone (Australia)! I love your blog, I love that its a mixture of DIY and life. Thank you for your posts on blog 'rules' and congratulations on your day! Hope you get some sleep once its all over.

    Best of luck in all your future endevours.

    Nightingale Dancer

  104. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Happy (belated) SITS day! I promise, Im not lazy, just on a different time zone (Australia)! I love your blog, I love that its a mixture of DIY and life. Thank you for your posts on blog 'rules' and congratulations on your day! Hope you get some sleep once its all over.

    Best of luck in all your future endevours.

    Nightingale Dancer

  105. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Happy (belated) SITS day! I promise, Im not lazy, just on a different time zone (Australia)! I love your blog, I love that its a mixture of DIY and life. Thank you for your posts on blog 'rules' and congratulations on your day! Hope you get some sleep once its all over.

    Best of luck in all your future endevours.

    Nightingale Dancer

  106. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Happy (belated) SITS day! I promise, Im not lazy, just on a different time zone (Australia)! I love your blog, I love that its a mixture of DIY and life. Thank you for your posts on blog 'rules' and congratulations on your day! Hope you get some sleep once its all over.

    Best of luck in all your future endevours.

    Nightingale Dancer

  107. Congratulations on your SITS day! I love that you wrote out a blog etiquette guideline. I have recently gotten more readers and comments on my blog. I wasn't sure where to answer them so I asked a fellow blogger who has a large following. She was kind enough to give me some pointers on where I should comment and emailing answers. If only everyone followed the unspoken rules. Enjoy your day and new followers. Your blog is very welcoming.

  108. Holly, this was so great for me to read being new to being bloggy and all! When I saw the UBP I wanted to follow and comment on dozens and dozens....and I kinda did. However, I also realized that I wouldn't have the time to keep up with dozens of blogs and actually be personal with them so I decided to choose some and keep the list to a minimum. I wasn't sure how to handle responding to comments, I kept thinking "do people come BACK to my blog to look for a reply back" probably not! So I enjoyed the part here about commenting back...especially through email, I've had a couple responses to my email from other bloggers and that was nice =) Thanks for this info!

  109. I am way late to this discussion but that's probably because I only just started a blog this week and am such a newbie. I really don't know what I don't know but it seems to me that blogland should be just like real life where I treat others like I want to be treated. I agree with your post on this subject so much. So late though I am, I did want to say thanks from a newbie who isn't sure how some more experienced bloggers feel about these things.

  110. Hey Holly
    I just finally got a chance to read your blogiquette post... and I have to say I'm glad I didn't read it a month ago because until recently I have been probably a bit slack in terms of replying to comments.

    Somehow about a moth ago I decided to try and improve my blogiquette, and tried out the Disqus commenting system, which I thought might help me reply easier to commenters and generate more give and take. Oh dear.
    the opposite happened. People found it too offputting, all that signing in, and comments dropped right away. So I deleted it and have since tried to be a better blog visitor/commenter/replier.
    Joining SITS has definitely increased the range of different people commenting and I TRY to visit and comment on their blogs. But like that Marty guy, I'm finding it tough to keep up!
    Oh well, we can but try our best and hope that Blogger will one day improve our commenting system. I can't see myself moving to Wordpress any time soon - all those blogs seem to look alike!
    Thank for making me think, Holly, Luv Simone

  111. Wow, I've got a lot to learn!!! Now I feel like I've got to go comment a bunch of apologies! ;) I'm a new blogger without a whole lot of traffic, so this was "educational" read for me. Thanks!

  112. When I first started blogging and wrote a post, i would wait anxiously for my friends to comment, and after all I commented on every single post they ever wrote. Usually I would get like one. It was very disheartening to not get comments so I understand that.

    Now that my blog is bigger, and I am working on posting so many times a day, my times is spent researching and scheduling posts. I only get around to reading or surfing blogs about 2 times a week, I have to be perfectly honest. So usually If I stop by a blog and don't have time to comment I become a follower to let them know I am checking out their site.

    AS for comments, I so agree with the blog attached to your email, so many times I read a comment and laughed and want to thank them or they have a question and there is no way I can get back to them. And I don't have time to search out and read all the blogs that comment in a day.

    I try very hard to only be at my computer during nap time and during that time I have to write my posts and if I check my email 4 times a day I will have 50 comments each time i sit down, which takes a good amount to time to field through. There is simply no way on earth that I can reply to all of them. I am not trying to be rude, I just have to have priorities, is that wrong?

    As for comments, I appreciate each one. And I love my readers, and I hope my lack of time to comment on everyones blog is made up for by the amount of time I put into my blog so that they can get great information.

  113. Basically, if someone leaves a comment that shows they actually read my post, I go to their blog and comment back. We all do have lives that go on beind the scenes of our blog posts and I'm sure most of us have been out of high school for a while. For this reason too, I've decided I can't paricipate in "blog awards". If anyone wants to give me an award, I've posted a link to the Animal Rescue Site and ask they click on this instead of giving me an award. It's free and it benefits shelter animals. I just don't have the heart to try to pick a few bloggers to pass on the awards to because I have a fear of someone being left standing last picked. That's no fun and, hey, blogging is supposed to be fun too, isn't it? (Blog awards should not be confused with recognizing someone in a post if you like their craft/writing/thoughts/recipe, etc. That's a different ballgame.) Anyway, sorry for the essay. I just wanted to say I'm so glad you broached the subject. Do unto others....YEAH! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  114. Dang! I just read over my post again....talk about typos. YIKES! Sure wish we could edit. lol Oh well.....

  115. I'm already in doing the best I can mode. Some of the biggest blogs are the ones who always comment on mine and I don't know how they do it.


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