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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thought for the Day...I Mean Year!

This is a re-post from September.
I had only been blogging for about 10 days and
had no idea what I was doing
(I'm still not sure exactly what I am doing!).
As I try to regroup and refocus for 2010,
I thought I would share it again because I really
did love this little tidbit...
and it is something I always need to be reminded of!

 I have a tendency to overcommit. Good news is I usually always "over-deliver." Bad news is I sometimes don't know which end is up.

Well, yesterday I was opening a can of tomato sauce for my Turkey Meatloaf - it only called for 1/4 cup - and I was being lazy, careless, wasteful (pick a name, any name!) and turned to rinse out the can (so I could recycle it, of course!) with 3/4 of the sauce still in it, because I was in a hurry. I didn't have time to get a container out and save it - I am a busy mom!
Well, I caught myself and thought that was dumb. Then I thought I was crazy having this "moment" over some canned tomato sauce.

Anyway, for some reason this tomato sauce incident spoke to me. I packed it up and put it in the frig (to add to some pasta sauce this weekend) and have been thinking about being more thoughtful ever since...more thoughtful to what my kids really need, to what my husband needs, my neighbors, and my friends...and yes, even myself.

I urge everyone to just be more thoughtful in their day, you never know what it means to someone else. Even just experiencing excellent customer service when I got my MOCHA!, or when I was at the home improvement store changed my outlook on a crazy morning.

Think about how you can be more thoughtful and what that could mean to someone else? Anyone have any stories to share?


  1. I think about those things, too! It is nice to be concientious of ourselves, others, and the world around us! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL post Holly. It is true we often just rush through life with out a thought, and sometimes it is the simple things (like a can of tomato sauce) that remind us to slow down and be more aware!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. A nice thought and repost.

    I think taking more time to really listen to others is a gift that I should be giving each day. Easier said than done though.

  4. I'm glad you reposted this, what a great time of year for this reminder. Thank you :)

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    ..even just a smile to another...theres so much anger out there..the other day my friend bought a fruit cake for a senior citizen in the food store because she overheard her say she couldnt afford it on Social Secuirty income..I thought that was nice...now im feeling bad because I had to use her example and I dont have my own..Oh..yes I do..I just let someone take my appointment at doctor even though they had the wrong time..there you have it..I know Ill think of more..thanks for the reminder..Happy New Year..!!

  6. I think about this all the time, but need to ACT on it more.

    We just took the girls out for lunch--we went to a local deli. While we were there, we say one of the employees taking the trash out. In one of the large bags (they were clear plastic), I could see at least 20-30 small to-go boxes full of salad. I'm guessing it was old and needed to be pitched, but I'm wondering if they couldn't have brought it to a homeless shelter or something a day or two ago? It's so wasteful. I feel the same way when I pitch leftovers we haven't managed to eat. I hate doing that.....ugh.

  7. I would so do this or even worse. Like over Christmas when I threw away the envelope of apple cider mix BEFORE my husband used it. But did I stop to think to be more thoughtful in my daily deeds? To my family? Friends? Etc? Nope. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  8. What a neat "lightbulb" moment. You just never know what's gonna inspire you to be a better person in the world.

  9. This is something I really need to work on with my daughters...I tend to speak my mind too much and hurt their feelings....thanks for reminding me to be "more thoughtful"

  10. I love this post, Holly! It's a perfect reminder of how we all should live our lives. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. What a sweet post and it's always nice when little lessons come from every day activities.

  12. Thinking about it and acting on it are 2 different things. I'm good at one but not so much with the other.

  13. I remember this post and I think I even left a comment on the original one. Back when you had 25 followers or so. Now look at you.

  14. Having done some hard jobs when I was younger, I try to be aware of the young kids working those jobs now. So I leave a note for the waiters and waitresses thanking them for smiling, being attentive, having fun, etc. (I only write something which I can be sincere in what I say.)

    I collect up the shopping carts and stack them as I walk mine back....

    I'm surprised, but not totally when someone comes back and tells me what this little act of thoughtfulness does for them.

  15. What a great post! You never know how much one kind word might mean to someone. Thanks for the reminder! Stephanie the-still-waters.blogspot.com

  16. Such a great reminder ~ I've noticed that the "Christmas spirit" is over for most and they're back to the bah humbug.

    Have a great week!

  17. I think it's really a nice thing to slow down and think about being more thoughtful!

    Happy New Year!

  18. Thoughtful and so ever so timely. We need little moments like this to help us all, and how wonderful to have a written reminder. Thanks Holly!

  19. You are wise to be so thoughtful. It is really contagious.

  20. Anonymous11:07 AM

    My husband likes to save everything! In his quest to be thoughtful, and never wasteful, we always have a bunch of moldy leftovers in the fridge!

  21. That is such a good reminder Holly! Amazing how such a small thing can send us down the road to some big thinking...

    Happy new year,

  22. Hey Holly! I just wanted to let you know that both of Bethenny's books have tons of skinnygirl cocktail recipes in them too ;) You can also check out her website for a lot of free recipes also. Enjoy!!!

  23. Anonymous6:33 PM

    You are doing awesome, Holly. Great thought for the year. Happy times!

  24. This is such a wonderful, thoughtful post. Thank you for re-posting and Happy New Year!

  25. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Happy New year

  26. Hey Holly,
    thank you so much for getting back to me on my novel help! I really appreciate it and will work on it right away. You are a doll to take the time to send it to me. Thank you for comments on my recent posts also. Hope you had a great day! Kori xoxo

  27. Haha - my day is filled with moments like that - invisible voices in my head berating me for doing one thing instead of another... it definitely pays to listen to the righteous voices at least some of the time.

  28. Anonymous10:35 AM

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  29. So true my friend. No stories, but I will tell you a mantra that's been playing in my head for a few months, that is: "what kind of a person would I be if I didn't do this" I'm constantly doing small things around here to help my sister where I can. do what I can, where and when I can to make her life a little easier. We're on this huge property that gives us problems regularly. Now I just have to extend that to OTHERS... not just the folks I know and love, right? Never too late to start. thanks for making me think,


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