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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tablescape Thursday...Blame It On The Blackout!

I survived last weeks venture into tablescapes
(thanks to everyone for dropping by!)...and I am back!
For this week no professional photography,
no ocean view estates, no very cool rentals...
just me and a simple tablescape inspired by the recent blackouts
we have had due to the rain, wind, and falling trees!

My "Blame It On The Blackout" tablescape is based on the pure
fantasy that during the blackouts, hubby and I were home alone
{or at least the kids were quietly in bed - HA!}
and we enjoyed a quiet meal by the roaring fire...
without kids screaming that it was too dark,
asking when the TV was going to come back on,
or flashing the flash lights in our faces...
but then again, what fun would that be?

When I design anything, I like to mix it up...
elegant paired with and thrift stores finds...rustic with a little glam.
That is my overall design philosophy for my entire house,
for the events I plan, and for my tablescapes.

We have a small chest that I use as a coffee table
in our living room, and it is the perfect place to enjoy
a candlelight dinner by a roaring fire.
{imagine a roaring fire in the photo, OK.}

I used a monochromatic color scheme,
trying to keep all with warm to glowing yellows.
I used a trio of dishes because I like layers
and simply liked the way the plates all stacked up.
I pulled out my wedding crystal...
it is always fun to drink from a beautiful glass!
The napkin treatment is a strand of beads
{from Tuesday Morning Clearance}
and a sprig of rosemary from my {very wet} garden.

I don't have a large collection of plates or flatware,
so I "made it work" with what I had
{and some really great plates from the Goodwill}.

For the rest of the decor, I scavengered around the house...
a copper bucket {probably left over from Christmas goodies},
filled with more rosemary, a few grocery store flowers, and some lemons.

I finished it all off with my Tiffany candlesticks {another wedding present}
and a few golden votives {we needed light right...it was a blackout!}
There you go...hope you enjoyed it.
For the record, we did have a candlelight dinner...
with the kids...spaghetti for all and s'mores!

See you next week!

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Resources: Tablecloth and napkins, Target clearance {5 years ago!}; Plates {$1.00 a piece at Goodwill}; Votives, Big Lots; Flatware, Target; Candlesticks, Tiffany; Crystal, Mikasa


  1. Your tablescape belongs in a magazine. I don't have anywhere near enough dishes to do up such a beautiful table. I have a lovely selection of plastic plates from Ikea though. :)

  2. So pretty Holly. Love to see all of your talents. Delightful. Blackout...really? So sorry. Stay warm, and hope everything stays up and running tomorrow. Holly

  3. That looks great! And very romantic.

    I love the idea of wrapping beads around your napkins.

  4. Very pretty! Sometimes it takes a blackout to make us create a little romance and you did a lovely job! Your plates are beautiful and the candlelight setting is fabulous. Love the chest as a coffee table too.


  5. What an awesome BLACKOUT tablescape...sooooo romantic! Thanks for coming by for a visit...please come again:)


  6. Anonymous3:22 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. You might want to delete the above anonymous commenter.

    This is amazing! I am in awe of the eye you have for the little details that bring this tablescape together. I agree that this tablescape belongs in a magazine. Like I said before, amazing!

  8. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Girl, you are amazing. I can't believe you do all that and raise a family. Wow!

  9. Glad for the visit from ya. And looking forward to seeing more of your 'rustic with a little glam' that is me all over. While scrolling down your page checking out what you've been up to, I see a little chalk board...rain, rain, go away! Well I woke up to rain this morning so hope you have a few beautiful sunny days like we had recently.
    Come back soon ;-)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm a big fan of mixing rustic and elegant, too.

    I love your plates from Goodwill. Is there anything more exciting than a great thrift store find??

  11. Holly, you are so talented. I'm amazed every time I pop in over here and see the beautiful things you've put together....

  12. Anonymous8:41 AM

    OH my goodness, this is so romantic way to take advantage of a "black out"!

  13. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Lovely. Sometimes, blackouts bring out the best in us. We had one a few months ago, and made do with what we had...candlelight, bottle of red wine, cheese, fruit, bread and dipping sauce, and music-nice!

  14. Very romantic and pretty !

  15. so pretty! You make me want to get married again just so I can fly you in to do the decor (then I remember I'm poor and weddings are stressful so the thought passes...).

    You are really awesome, I love these posts!

  16. That looks so pretty and romantic. I can't wait till my house is finished and dining room is all pretty for entertaining and fine dining.

    Who am I kidding, I probably won't do it after it's done anyway,lol. I can dream thou

  17. Love the Blackout Tablescape. Great idea. I can tell you had fun with it!

  18. Hey Holly,

    Is it wrong to fantasize that your table is at my house and I'm enjoying a quiet meal,with my hubby, by the fire, no kids....Ahhh, it's such a lovely tablescape and it does invoke the need for romance! Love it;-)

  19. I LOVED your tablescape! I admire your talent and creativity so much. Everybody needs a little romance now and then, and you just reminded me to add some in mine. Thanks, Holly!

  20. I am such a TableScape slacker. I have no...BIG FAT NO...design sense whatsoever and that includes, but certainly isn't limited to, our table.
    Your coffee table looks amazing!! I wish I had an eye for that sort of stuff!
    And by the way, I think the photography is really good, too!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  21. Oh, so pretty! Our kids are out of the house and instead of those romantic, candlelit dinners I always thought we'd have...we have dinner watching television...hubby uses a TV tray and I hold mine on my lap. So romantic:)

    I love to mix up what is on the table, it is much more interesting that way.


  22. I love your very romantic table...great for Valentine's, too.

  23. That looks absolutely beautiful. We had a power failure too...it was after dinner, and oh darn...right when I was doing the dishes. haha.

  24. So lovely and romantic! I'm going to have to tuck this idea away ~ thanks for sharing.


  25. Very pretty tablescape:)

    Romantic feeling~~~

    So nice to meet you:)


  26. Great textures. I especially appreciated your comment about not having a lot of dishes and mixing/matching. That is my goal for decorating--to recycle and combine dishes and colors in new ways. After all, just how much "stuff" is enough? You have done a beautiful with a simple and elegant table!

  27. i'm all about the tablescape thanks to sandra lee! love her!

  28. This is great. The textures with the candles are perfect!

  29. Holly ~ beautiful tablescape! I love the way you stacked the plates, the monochromatic theme, and the rosemary. What a lovely "fantasty" vignette you've created. Wishing you a fantasy-come-true. Jenn

  30. really like those candles. looks like the have flowers on them . cute

  31. Beautiful! Can you come decorate my house!

  32. I love it- very intimate and warm.


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