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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I {heart} mochas...a little too much

Back in the day...I used to take a walk everyday down Main Street in El Segundo and get the best ice-blended sugar-free mochas EVER at the Blue Butterfly - I justified the calories with a walk! Then my husband came to me and told me we were moving...HUH!? Moving I am an L.A. girl...well not anymore...for now anyway...but all of that is another post...this is about mochas and my addiction, yes, I feel like I can and should call it an addiction (soon there will be a post about my addiction to blogs!).

Well, I have yet to find a mocha - iced, blended, or hot - that can compete with by beloved Papillon. So for the past four years (yes, four years later I am still mourning the loss of my daily Papillon - they are that GOOD!) I have been ordering sugar-free dutch chocolate powder from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and making my own. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Besides, I have probably saved my hubby about $1,000,000 (OK, at least $5,000 - now that is scary how quickly those $4.00 coffees add up!). What did sort of kick me in the butt was the realization that now the components of heaven were sitting on my kitchen counter and I found myself making mochas all day long (it is cold here!)

Well, enough is enough. While I have known this coffee habit was a little naughty, I always justified it by saying there are worse things I could do! BUT, today I cut my coffee consumption in half. Yippeeee! Better yet, I didn't kill my kids or any other unsuspecting souls. Still better, I did not replace it with chocolate or wine!...Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Do you have a bad (or "good") habit? Do you need to stop? Do you care?
By the way...I promise some really good stuff is coming...keep reading!

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