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Tickled Pink is on Vacation

I am not very good and knowing when to say when...
but I am getting better.

21 days until the kids are out of school
40 days until I have an 85,000 word book due,
and lack of sleeping
(my kiddos know just when to change their sleeping habits)
has kicked my booty.

So Tickled Pink is siting in Maui somewhere enjoying
a fruity tropical drink with an umbrella in it...
and I am here thinking about it,
and writing about weddings.

I have decided once I get this book done,
I will have a FABULOUS giveaway for all of you
awesome people who have hung in there with me.
Not sure it will be yet.
I am open to suggestions...within reason!

Happy Mothers day to all you lovely moms!



  1. Of course Holly. The one time I actually am able to get on a computer of a weekend.. Typical! hehe
    Hope you're relaxing and enjoying your tickled pink vacation too! :D Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow too!!... it's probably not in America... but oh well.

  2. I hope that you get lots of love and cuddles for Mother's Day! Enjoy being with your lovely family.

    Best wishes,

  3. I'm so excited for you being able to write a book. What a dream come true for you! I bet it'll be fabulous.

    And don't worry about being super-busy. I'm THRILLED for you!


  4. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you accomplish all you set out to do.

  5. Happy Mom dayfirst of all. Let me know if you need anything. Happy writing!

  6. Sending good vibes your way for the book to be finished within your deadline, the family to stay happy and healthy while you are so busy, and your head to not explode trying to make it happen. Much love and don't you worry : We will all be there when you return

    PS: happy to supply guest post material if you need it

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you. You deserve a break.

  8. Relax and enjoy your vacation! You more than deserve it and if you need a guest post or anything let me know. Happy Mother's Day sweets!

  9. Well I think you should give away a copy of your latest book once it's finished! I'm sure it will be awesome! Either that, or you and I can head to Maui and track down tickled pink once you're done (taking a week there for ourselves of course). Enjoy the break and have a wonderful Mother's day!

  10. Oh I wish I was with Tickled Pink in Maui!! haha. :)
    We understand of course! Have a great Mother's Day and eat a strawberry for me. ;)

  11. Enjoy your Mother's Day. You deserve it Holly.

  12. No worries! Good luck getting that book finished!
    And i would totally be up to giving away something for that little shin dig you'll be having ;)


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