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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY! Pink and Sparkly Butterfly Canvas

My creativity and inspiration seems to be on vacation
(and oh how I would love to be with it).
Thankfully, I have an opinionated 4 year old to help out!
"Mama, can you make me sparkly butterflies for my room."
She had been eyeing this gorgeous sparkly
Glamour Dust Glitter Paint since I received it.
Finally direction...from a 4 year old!

So this is a fun and easy project and depending on the age of the kiddo, they could most do it themselves! Of course you do not have to do butterflies...let your imagination soar!
See the pretty sparkles!


  • 9 x 12 canvas (I was going to use a larger canvas...and still think this would look better on a slightly larger canvas)
  • Gorilla Glue: regular glue and wood glue
  • DecoArt American Acrylic Paint: Turq Blue, Believe Pink (or a pink you like that corresponds to the Glamour Dust), Lemon Yellow (optional), white wash (optional)
  • DecoArt  Glamour Dust Glitter Paint: Turquoise Sparkle, Celebration Pink, Lemon Drop (optional). Ixce Crystals (optional)
  • Foam brushes
  • DecoArt Stencil, Jacobean Floral
  • DecoArt Thickening medium
  • Glitter, aquamarine color (or color of choice)
  • Distress Ink, tea dye
  • Plastic palette knife or old store/credit card 
  • 12+/- Wood butterfly cut outs from craft store (I used 11..a bigger canvas would call for more)

It is a pretty simple paint and glue project...but you can check out the compete tutorial at The DIY Club!

NOTE: The Glamour Dust does sparkle on its own, but for this project I have layered it with the corresponding acrylic paint - it gives the Glamour Dust a rich vibrant sparkle! 

The FLY is distressed on purpose -
I rubbed off some of the glitter and used the ink -
it was just too perfect fully glittered.

My little one is very happy with her new sparkly butterflies...mostly.
OK, I will fess up...while she was at school I changed up the project...
I like it better, but let's just say 4 year olds do not appreciate Distress Ink - 
she has an order in for a "plain butterfly."


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disclosure: some products have been supplied tome through The DIY Club


  1. I was wondering how it would turn out... and no need for the ketchup packets LOL!!

  2. Can I borrow her? My 15 year old son gives me about ZERO craft inspiration. LOL. I would love to play with pink & glitter. It's darling.

  3. Your little one knew what she wanted and it turned out beautiful. When your inspiration is missing...glitter something! Joyful creating...

  4. What a lovely DIY craft. :) such a joyful sight.


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