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Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY! Painting and Designing T's!

I have not painted a T-shirt since high school...
at least not one that I would wear.
I did paint some puffy ghosts and pumpkins
with my son about 5 years ago...
but seriously I will not be blogging about that!
That is about the stiffest article of clothing
(and I use that term loosely)
I have ever seen.

BUT my daughter gave me the perfect opportunity to try it again...the right way! And with the help of DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint, I think we had SUCCESS!

This is surely not the fabric paint I remembered from my youth. So Soft has a really nice  "So Soft" hand when it is dry. It is easy to paint with - and I used a variety of different brushes/items to do just that...and when it dries it feels comfortable and relaxed (yeah no stiff T-shirts!)...and I had fun being creative and coming up with designs.

These designs are my own and I will figure out how to load them here,
so you can print them if you want.
I think my T's turned out awesome!...
And, I may be partial, but I do think my model is awesome too! 

  • T-shirt or garment of choice
  • Variety of brushes (see below for each T)
  • DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint. Colors for T's follow
  • Cardboard or something to place between the layers of the shirt to protect back/side/etc.
  • Image/Design
  • E-xacto Knife
  • Freezer Paper
  • Iron/Ironing Board

Ballerina Shirt: 
So Soft Fabric Paint: Fuschia, Baby Pink
So Soft Fine Glitter Paint in Celebration Pink
Brushes: Medium pouncer, small/tapered regular brush

Surfer Shirt 
So Soft Fabric Paint: Bright Coral, Bright Avocado
So Soft Glitter Paint, Lemon Drop
Brushes: Medium Pouncer
Old Toothbrush

So Soft Fabric Paint: Fuschia, Baby Pink
So Soft Fine Glitter Paint in Celebration Pink
Brushes: Medium pouncer, small/tapered regular brush

It is super easy and fun to create custom garments!
Go check out the full tutorial at The DIY Club
The new Project Party starts October 1!
What will you enter?????

DIY Club
Pick a garment!

Design It
I wanted to do something fashion-y but thought my daughter would give me "the stink eye" if it was not pink and fluffy...so I drew a (slightly) fashion looking drawing of a ballerina. I decided to paint this in all pinks other than the hair. Just because - it is a design thing.

The surfer was from a previous project as was the flower. The surfer called for bold colors and I wanted to try something light, soft, and blended for the flower.

Place it!
Determine the placement.

Paint it!



        So, what do ya think?

        Ready to try your hand at fabric painting!?
        I am making some towel and placemats too!


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        1. wao..its so amazing, easy & awesome!
          & the little girl is so very cute :)
          Lovely !!

        2. Awesome! I wanted to try freezer paper for a while now. And how darling is the little model!

        3. Anonymous6:20 AM

          I love those - I would never think to go "back" to painting tees, but now I just might have to try!

        4. OOOhhhh! I'm going to have to try these! I remember the stiff paint too. In summary; Marti Gras, Krewe of Elvis, Fat Tuesday, Marching in the French Quarter, Stiffest Elvi cape ON EARTH!
          Not cool.

          Looks like I'm finally going to have "girl" chef attire for the kitchen.

        5. Wow - those are so cute Holly!! My favorite is that little ballerina - it's just darling!! (And so is your model too!) :)

        6. That's pretty amazing! Love the flowered shirt! I toyed with the idea this summer of creating a line of custom shirts--add that to the list of things good intentions :) Just thought I'd stop in and say hi. I gave up blogging for awhile but I missed it and came back. Glad to see all is well here :)

        7. LOVE those shirts - and look at her little sassy faces...she is such a cutie!


        8. These are so awesome!!! The ballerina is my favorite and I want my Luci to have it SO BADLY!! You are amazing when it comes to free hand design. Geeze. So talented Holly! And you are right...your model is a dolly!!

        9. Absolutely beautiful, Holly! My favorite is the ballerina (of course). Even though I'm more like an Old Mother Goose than a Sugarplum fairy these days, I'm still a little ballerina at heart!

          Cutest little model ever, BTW!

        10. These are so nice! I had no idea you could paint like that on fabric! I really want to try!


        Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation! I sure hope you come back for more!

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