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Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is one of those projects that may not get
me in the Crafting Hall of Fame
(is there even one of those...there must be!)
but it did get my in the
Mommy Hall of Fame...
and that is much more important!
My son recently celebrated his tenth birthday, and for the first time wanted very few decorations, etc. - I was reminded "I am going to be ten! I don't need that stuff anymore."
I was telling hm how important the tenth birthday was, and something must have clicked because, when I was brainstorming about what I was going to make with the
Styrofoam sheet and DecoArt's MagicKote and
he said "How about a big 10!"
Good thinking, my boy...so I did.

I have worked with Styrofoam balls and cones a lot but not a whole lot with sheets and cutting things out...so this project had a learning curve for me - not hard to do, just getting used to it.

I must add that I was also in a hurry...but you know what he loves this!
  • Styrofoam Sheet
  • DecoArt MagicKote
  • Paint brush (I used an old Purdy paint brush - my crafts deserve a great brush too...just like my walls)
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic paint, Bahama Blue
  • DecoArt Glamour Dust Fine Glitter Paint,
  • Styrofoam cutting tool
  • Rockler Bench cookies
  • Number template (printed off my computer...see DIY IT!)
  • I also found it useful to have a metal ruler or L-Square, straight pins, a cutting mat, , toothpicks/skewers and Styrofoam glue.

  • Photos
  • Cardstock
  • Krylon Spray Adhesive
  • Party Flag Insert dies fro Lifestyle Crafts (used with Epic 6 Machine)
  • Sticker (scrapbook) numbers
  • Die cuts, ribbon for decorating.

Go check out the full tutorial at The DIY Club
DIY Club

Cut around the numbers
      Apply MagicKote
        Paint all over. Let dry.
          • So you want to see the difference the MagicKote makes ( I totally stole this idea from The DIY Show Off).
          • On the left is without any MagicKote...on the right is with MagicKote. SO much easier to paint with MagicKote!

          To finish it off...
          • I printed out one photo of my sweet boy from each birthday.
          • I backed the photo with card stock and slipped a skewer in between the layers.
          • I used Krylon Spray Adhesive to attach this.
          • I also used the party flag insert dies that go with my Lifestyle Crafts Epic 6 Letterpress Machine, and cut out a variety of shapes and then added the birthday number to correspond to the photo.
          • I also added some trim and ribbon to dress it up!

            It seems complicated but it is really pretty simple...and even if it was complicated I would do it again and again...Joe loved his display and was so proud to show everyone.

            Have you crafted any special birthday surprises lately?


            1. I love it! I totally want to steal this idea for the next party I try to throw, although I don't think mine would look this good.

            2. haha love it, looks awesome. and glad he didn't make you drop the decorations all together ;)
              xo dana

            3. Super work Holly; now that is a special gift for your birthday boy.

            4. So special and terrific! Ten is huge--nice work...

            5. I love this display Holly!!! What a great way to celebrate 10! Nice and grown up - and still great for a party! :)

            6. So sweet! I know my babies' 10th birthdays are going to come faster than I want them to!

            7. Love this! What a great way to celebrate a big birthday- double digits here we come!

            8. I think it looks great :D And happy 10th birthday to your son!

            9. That is such a cute birthday craft!

            10. Holly, I really love the way this adorable display shows the progress and growth from year to year.

            11. This is such a cute idea, Holly! Beautiful boy. I love the blue and yellow together.


            Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation! I sure hope you come back for more!

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