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Monday, June 7, 2010

Raw, Green, and Feeling Fab: My Detox Story!

I did it. I took the plunge. I have been reading and perusing information on detoxing for awhile...a long while. I always resisted. Most seemed to require no eating or just drinking a funny concoction. As I mentioned on Tickled Pink on Friday, I saw Adrienne at The Skinny Fight doing a 7 day raw detox. I was hooked. On this detox you actually get to eat...real food!
detox, health

I headed on over to The Raw Divas to check out the 7 Day Raw Food Detox for Women. I signed up right away...I had the basics to get started asap. I was so ready!

The basic program is free and The Raw Divas begin you with a few days of preparing for the detox with emails and tips. I was anxiously anticipating the first day...or more accurately the prep for the first day...a 24 hour fast! I thought I cannot do this...I have kids...someone is going to get hurt if I cannot eat.

I started my fast around 9 pm {I am a night owl, ya know}. Had a nice meal...no last real meal...just more typical salad. I was hungry when I woke up...I drank water...I was still hungry, but not awful hungry...I actually was not too unpleasant either...and this coming from a women who drinks about 8+ cups of coffee a day. OK, I did break down..I had one coffee around 2 pm...and 2 chips from my daughter. BUT Ultimately I made it until 9pm the next night by drinking a lot of water. I won't lie...this is not easy with kids and having to prepare meals for them while you cannot have any...that is my biggest complaint and it is not the programs fault.

After the fast, you get to enjoy salads, soups, and green smoothies {my new love}. The main thing is that the food is raw and natural...good food that is good for you. I had little trouble adjusting to the food. I am guessing that is because I used to be almost a strict vegetarian and have been trying to get back on board in that department. You can read more about the programs specifics by visiting The Raw Divas web site.
So, What Was My Purpose?
I want to feel better. I want to look better...and I won't lie a little weight loss would be great too.  I am also an extremist...I cannot do programs where I can have one cookie for x amount of calories...I eat the whole bag and say "I'll make up for it tomorrow." I need to go for it and go big when I do something like this. Again, the food choices also appealed to me, so this was the right choice for me.

How'd I do?
I lost about 4 pounds...I did have at least one coffee a day, I heated up the tomato gazpacho one night - give me a break, it was 50 degrees here and I was cold. Toward the end of the detox we were invited to a party...I did my best to stick with the program...I volunteered to bring salad so I would have what I needed, but there was a slip.

All that said, I mean admitted, within one day people were commenting on how good my skin looked. I did not have a bloated feeling at all - my stomach flattened out {as much as it flattens}. My body really did feel energized and I had a lot of energy overall. I LOVED the food and the recipes...I eat salad at least once a day anyway, but had fallen into the boredom trap - I was not mixing things up enough - so I got some great ideas for new combos. I have a new found love as well...green smoothies. I cannot even begin to tell you how sold I am on green smoothies.

The Scoop on the Green Smoothies 
Two things I must clear up...I believe in the healing power of food. Secondly, I admit that I was probably not as adverse to green smoothies because my Mother in Law has been making "crazy" smoothies for the last year or so. She literally brings an ice chest of organic fresh veggies and her mega-horsepower blender {3.5 horsepower, I believe} when she comes to visit. I have drank her smoothies and loved them. I made numerous copies of the smoothie recipes in her book. They are really great...and cover health topics from autism to fighting cancer {based on the authors opinions}.

I had not attempted to make any smoothies yet, thinking my 13-year-old $40 blender could not do the job. Well, it may not be able to pulverize the avocado pit or the apple seeds {like the mega blender} but it does a fine job blending the ingredients. I am not complaining and neither are my kids...both of whom will now drink green smoothies.

So what is in a green smoothie, you may ask?...A sample combination includes: banana {1 or 2}, mango, 1/2 pint raspberries, 1 cup water, and 3 handfuls of greens {spinach, kale, lettuce, parsley, etc.}. There are many more recipes!

Biggest Lesson Learned
Most importantly, this detox taught me to think about my food. When I felt hungry, I considered if I really was or if it was habit, or a craving. And if I decided I was hungry I opted for a green smoothie or carrot sticks and drank some more water. This program made me be more conscious as an eater. It also got me back on my vegetarian track...I have continued on with this eating, but am planning on adding other items {beans, brown rice, whole wheat pasta on occasion} in as per my other favorite program, The McDougall Program. My cravings for sugar have also greatly decreased to almost nothing - Yeah!

As I said, I have continued to eat like this, and one way I have made it easier is by planning ahead. The night before I get my blender out, and set the banana by it...as well as what ever other fruits that I will need. In the frig or freezer I also pull together the right quantities for the smoothie. I have tried to use fresh whenever possible, but have also found frozen pineapple, mango, and spinach have come in quite useful. I will also do the same prep for my salads.

I found this experience to be amazing and eye opening. Thanks to Adrienne at The Skinny Fight {click HERE to see Adrienne's wrap up...she goes into much more day be day detail} for introducing me to this program and to The Raw Divas for their emails and program.

So, what do you think...
sound crazy, gross...
what's you opinion?
Have you ever tried a detox before?
What about a green smoothie?

DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE: These are my opinions and views. I was not compensated in anyway to write this post. I am not a medical professional or nutritionist either...this post is based on my own experience and results. Always consult a doctor before embarking on any new diet or exercise program.


  1. This sounds like just what I have been looking for ~ I'm so glad you posted. I need to head over and get all the "skinny" details. I'm out of school in a few days {7 but who's counting :)} and I'd love to start the summer off healthy.


  2. Hi Holly...this is really interesting reading. I did a juice detox a few years back and just like you it did completely alter the way I thought about food. That stayed with me for quite a while until I did just fall off the wagon and go back to my old ways. And those old ways were still pretty healthy..mainly organic, lot of fruit/veg, low carbs etc. The bit that makes the difference is the juicing - which did completely rock my world. BUT - the actual detail of doing it got me down in the end, the washing up, the pulp mess, the requirement to have a million apples all the time! You have inspired me though, I must get back into it! Louise x

  3. I can't say I have ever done a detox, but I do love a green smoothie! Good for you on making a positive change!

  4. I am a big green smoothie fan... possibly addict. Growing our own greens was the incentive for us to begin our home garden this year.

    I have thought about the raw food detox myself. I'm more committed to healthier foods every day.

    My BIGGEST problem? My green smoothie addiction is child's play compared to my coffee addiction. It isn't the caffeine for me because it can be decaf. I just have to have my coffee. I have been able to limit it to 4 cups ( 2 decaf) a day, but so far that's as good as it gets.

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my tickled pink post and the follow. I am thrilled to have found this great blog.

  5. Anonymous6:05 AM


    I'm not a big detox fan due to eating pretty well and drinking lots of mineral water and v8 juice.

    My skin is clear, nails long, hair grows wild and needs another trim. I tell ya, it's never been this way, but the past 6 months wow..

    I try to avoid processed foods.. which is just about everything in the market.. so no I hit veggie isle.. organic foods, flax and other grains that are good for me. I love flax!

    But I'm with Debbie here.. my coffee addiction is wild still. 2-3 cups a morning. I need to stop that madness!

    with love from the east coast,

  6. HOlly I looooooove smoothies, but cannot have these weird concoctions...they makje me gaga! :)

    I love banana, apple and papaya together or even avocado and banana. In Brazil avocados are also eaten as a sweet :)

    Oh, would love it if you sent me your bowling pin cake ;)

  7. I meant gag... :)

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting my Monkey blog. I have other blogs and one is a recipe blog. The recipe blog has some of Mcdougal's recipes and links to vegetarian and vegan sites. I do have chicken and fish at times so I have recipes with those also. Some of my older recipes have everything bad ;-). I had to switch to gluten free a few years ago. I also was trying Mcdougal's diet but I have not been able to stick fully to it. I love my coffee and tea and wine. I do use a squirt of oil. Sometimes I use eggs (I haven't found a gluten free bread recipe that is really very good without eggs). But you may want to check my recipe blog out since it does have some good vegan recipes and some good links to other sites. We have not tried the green smoothies, but I am game. Our favorite smoothy is a cup of orange juice, a cup of water, 1/2 bannana, some frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, and fresh strawberries---having the frozen stuff makes it oh so good and cold for the hot weather....but I am sure your Mom has made something like this before. So will you start posting some of your favorite recipes? I am always looking for good healthy ones! Let me know!

  9. I am ready to take the plunge too...I will be back later to print this recipe....I think I could choke it down.

  10. Interesting! I'm game to try a green smoothie! LOL Especially if it can make my tummy flat! LMAO It is really hard to change your eating habits when you have kids (and a hubby that believes in full, complete meals). I will have to give this a shot!

  11. This stuff always fascinates me. I actually know someone who can attest to the healing power of food. By eating only raw foods and some legumes and nuts he was able to rid his body of cancer. He had a doctor go over this plan with him and it worked. So I agree, there IS healing power in food. And I believe all that processed stuff CAN make us sick in more ways than one.

    I needed a swift kick today in this department, so thank you :) I am going to check out the other blogs you mentioned, too.

    Hope you have a great day!!


  12. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I would love to try this, but I LOVE cooking and eating what I cook, but I also love raw fruits and vegetables and make lots of smoothies. HMMMM, can I do it? Only seven days?

  13. I'll admit, I don't think I can do the full detox but I can certainly incorporate the green smoothie into my diet. I'm definitely going to try that. Great job and kudos to you for being able to do the whole detox and fast!

  14. I am going to try it! I have been reading more and more about the green smoothie and have a college friend who is tiny now and she claims it is all from the raw eating. I will be linking back to your post as my inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. never done a detox, but the smoothies don't sound that bad, i may have to try this.

  16. while i haven't done any official detox, we have cut out processed foods and fake sugars. and once it gets out of your system, and you pick up crap food cuz you are in a rush one day, your body lets you know it doesn't like the crap! :)

  17. This was very interesting an I will be back to read again and check out the sites you mentioned. Not sure I'm ready for the detox but for sure ready to make some changes in my diet! This was very informative!

  18. i am so interested in this I will go over and read about this... but I was hoping to make your strawberry bread recipe... But i have searched you blog and can't find it????

  19. This is very interesting!! I've been reading about a lot of raw foods diets, lately on blogland!! mmmm....might be a sign...

  20. I forgot to mention that my nails...which I have had a hard time growing ever since I had those silly acrylics taken off...grew quickly!

  21. I feel fab, my skin is great and I have tons of energy. Why? Because I eat well. I ean NO sugar, white flour, pasta, rice or potatoes. My weight never varies, and I feel wonderful. Good luck.

  22. I am going to stop by and check it out. We have been home from Mexico for a week and my stomach still is not right. I really need to clean out my system. This will probably work!

  23. I am just not a spinach eatin' kind of gal. Now a smoothie with fruits and water...that I would totally do. I admire you for making the 24 hours. I couldn't. I get ugly when I don't eat.

  24. This sounds perfect! I was looking into Jillian Michael's detox, but didn't want to take a lot of pills. I will be checking out the links listed and try to get myself psyched up for detox! lol! Thanks for sharing, so glad it is working for you!

  25. Really? really?????? I don't know if I could do it. I've thought about it. I do have to do something. I like gazpacho. Hmmm. Really?????

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  26. Good for you! I actually started a Nutritional Cleanse a month ago & lost 20 pounds!!! I am in awe of what detoxifying your body can do for you. I feel great & so much more energy! Great job.

  27. Interesting post, Holly! Last summer I did an elimination diet to determine any food allergies. It allowed me to eat abut 7 foods for the first 2 weeks. I now know I was/went back to being a sugar addict (just not as bad now). I thought I would go out of my mind! I wanted junk I hadn't eaten for 20 years! But I held strong, and for about 5 weeks, I did feel better ~ no more bloating, sugar cravings disappeared.

    What kind of blender do you use/like for all that whippy drinks?

  28. Holly this life choice in eating raw is wise advise.
    I have just recovered from chemo treatments and I am really into eating as much raw as I can..the smoothies sound just the added kick I'm looking for. I do up a lot of protein shakes with raw ingredients and soy milk but your water and raw & greens sounds yummy.I have a fride full of parsley I've been wondering how I can use it up. I like the idea of the spinach!!Good thing you got off all that coffee!!Cheers to raw foods!!

    BTW:re my peony post..
    I am very surprised that you cannot find peonies for sale anywhere in your neck of the woods?
    Is there a Whole Foods...they always have the BEST flowers!A florist would also sell peonies by the stem. nice meeting you!

  29. You sound just like me, eat the whole bag and start again tomorrow. I too need to be extreme. I've never heard of a green smoothies, funny as I was reading your post I was drinking one I had just made.

    Cherries, strawberries, blueberries and a bit of banana, yogurt, a little orange juice and ice cubes. Was awesome and my 4 year old drank hers and came after mine :)

    I know it wasn't green but it was delicious!

  30. I wonder if this would work for my husband. He's such a bread addict, this might make him like veggies...maybe. Hopefully.

  31. Wow! Good for you. I've never detoxed

  32. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I desperately need a food intervention and this sounds right up my alley! I'm a little intimidated, but need a good detox to start the summer out right! Thanks for the post and let us know how your progress goes!

  33. that is very interesting way to lose that weight..

  34. I've never done a detox but I might now! Everytime they do Vita-Mix demos at Costco I want one so I can make yummy shakes everyday. I always throw spinach or carrots into my kids fruit smoothies anyway!

  35. Way to go Holly! I am going to go half-a#* on it this week. My hubby's birthday is tomorrow and we are celebrating mine on Saturday. That being said, I am going for it every other day until next Tuesday! I looked at the detox e book. It sounds great except all those bananas!! Too much for me, so I am just going to add something else instead. I'll let you know how it goes!

  36. 4lbs? Heck yeah!! This is the first detox that I've done.

    All the other ones were liquid only. Who can do that?

    FYI if the color of food bothers you try buying a colored bottle. I have one with polka dots, a red and a blue one.

    I felt better and I could tell a difference in my skin too. I still drink the smoothies and eat salads but I have started eating a non raw dinner.

  37. Holly,

    This tickles me pink!
    I went vegetarian on Earth Day in April when I watched Food, Inc for the first time. Now I am reading "EAting Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer and it's so enlightening.

    I do fruit smoothies every morning for b'fast, but have never thought about adding greens to them. I am not big on the bitter ones, but I do love spinach. Do you taste it? or does it taste more fruity?

    I'm also not sure I could handle the 24 hour fast beforehand....hmmm.

    Great post, great ideas, and I am all for this....wish I could do it, but I am taking baby steps, esp. since I've only been vegetarian for 2 months or so....

  38. Wish I could do this!! I just did a colon prep and fasting was just to hard!

  39. I'm glad it was good for you, but I couldn't do it. I'm one of those people who has to have 3 meals and snacks. It isn't that I'm hungry exactly, but my blood sugar dips and I get the shakes and a headache. I eat healthy snacks...a banana with a little peanut butter, a fiber bar, but I have to have something.

  40. Hi Holly!

    What a great blog you have! I am glad to find you!

    Now following!!

    I have to go read some more of your posts!!

  41. Mmm, this is something to maybe think about ;)

  42. This sounds like something I would love to attempt but don't know that I have the confidence in myself to succeed or really follow through!! I know..I know...I just totally try it!!
    Good for you for getting through it...way more will power than I have!

  43. I do believe in the healing power of foods and have done some detox before. I haven't done anything in many years though. Congratulations on embarking on this new healthy journey.

  44. I'll admit, I love smoothies, I love greens, but greens in a smoothie??? that sounds nasty but if you say it's good Holly, I will truly give this a try. I could certainly detox from carbs and sweets. Thanks so much for the "tutorial" on how you did, and your honesty! You're so funny!

  45. That is awesome. How long were you in it before you lost 4 lbs.

    I got back into my mega work out routine this week. I used to be die hard.


  46. Hi! Stopping by from Tuesday Tag-Along. I am now following you with Google Friend Connect. Come visit us at www.couponsaregreat.net!

  47. Oh wow, you are spoiled! I would love to live near Monterey! Thanks for stopping by!

  48. I signed up! I'm not going to be able to do it for about 2 weeks...but i signed up.

  49. Darling, I bought my ticket to sf too! I am so excited!

    I have also sighned up for win lose or blog, and wrote a post.

    I would love for u to join the meme. I joined your tickle pink too.

    I can't wait to see u in sf, I will be the biggest loser for W l B!

  50. I think it sounds great! You're my hero! Thanks for really spelling it out for me, I'm so long overdue to try this- I've been wanting to do this for awhile and I think I need to bite the bullet. I love smoothies though always, so that part wouldnt be hard! The fasting would... I'm such an eater. Great tips Holly, thank you!

  51. I don't think I could do it. I just like meat too much. But I am intrigued by the green smoothies.

  52. What a great idea! I've heard of the Raw Divas and should go check them out. I think I could do this...hmmm....

  53. I REALLY want to try this. Like REALLY. The only thing I'm nervous about is giving up the coffee. I am going to check it out for sure though! I feel like I need some sort of a cleanse, but not one that has me passing out! This one sounds realistic. Plus I trust your judgement!

  54. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I would love to be able to actually do this. I love fresh veggies and fruits but I also love to cook and the desire to eat said cooking is extreme!

  55. Before I had kids, I used to detox regularly with a fast. But since kids...yeah. Not as easy. Thanks for posting this. I might have to give it a try.

  56. Good for you :)
    I wish I had more will power1 I go thru little kicks! Eating raw fruits and vegtables is the best, why is it so hard? This makes me want to try again, thank you!

  57. Holly, what a popular post!

    I go to a pretty serious naturopath that helps me manage all my auto-immune problems.

    Once I year she puts me on something called a yeast fast. It is a tough diet. For a week. But it does amazing things.

    I live on a natural diet...no gluten, no sugar, limited dairy. When I had any of those things back into my diet all the problems flare up again!

    I'm glad you're doing this.

    Hooray for you.

  58. YAY Holly!! You are amazing!! I really should do this detox! I grew up eating pretty raw/low meat. My mom and sister eat mostly raw and vegan. Speaking of that.... If you want to check out an amazing blog for easy and delicious vegan recipes go to littlehouseofveggies.blogspot.com (my sister's blog) I'm pretty much obsessed with it.

    Anyway, we are so much alike Holly! I'm an extremeist too. I can't help it. It's all or nothing for me. What's moderation?? LOL. I do believe in the healing power of food. In fact, my mom drinks green juice (barley) on an empty stomach every morning. It made her grey hairs go away! Weird huh? She's been drinking it for YEARS.

    So... is it bad that I had an entire Toblerone and Red Bull for breakfast??

  59. I've never done a detox but thought about it many times, one was an all fruit detox, still havent done it tho. Im a carb - navore love my pasta and breads! Ive always wanted to do it for the benefits of my skin though. Id love glowing nice looking skin w/out make up :)

    Loved reading about your experience tho!

  60. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Hello! I just wanted to say how much I loved your blog! Beautifully designed too! I am so pleased to give you this 'Beautiful Blogger Award!'

    Get it here: http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a259/shatterflii/blogger/?action=view&current=beautifulbloggeraward4.jpg

    My post about it here: http://synnicity.blogspot.com/2010/03/beautiful-blogger-award.html

    Take care & Godbless

  61. I will have to check out that site! I have been (off and on again) a big believer in detoxing my body. It really helps me to do this, even if just once a week. I really feel better when I do.

  62. Anonymous2:39 PM

    After the nasty GI emergency room visit, I am having to give my diet some serious look.

    Have been thinking seriously about a much higher fruit/veggie diet - despite my love of butter and all things french fries and chocolate.

    Also, with the training needing to pick up, I'll do lots better the less junk in my diet.

    You are highly inspiration here, woman!

    Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

  63. Not quite sure if I'm ready to give it a complete go--that 24 hour fast seems overwhelming--BUT I'm really into the local food concept right now and am consuming large amounts of fresh produce, so I'm hanging out in your neighborhood! (For once, glad that isn't literal--50 degrees!--really??)

  64. Anonymous5:27 PM

    You're getting a great response to your detox. Today was my day one. I didn't even wait for the diva emails (was that my first mistake?) Anyway, so far so good. My fruit of choice today for the evening "meal" was watermellon. I've also started an exercise program, which is wonderful. OK -- I'm all into health now -- I hope my mindset remains this way!

  65. I have always wanted to do a detox but this I-talian girl just can't stop eating that pasta!

  66. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Just stopping by from Lady Bloggers Society! Super wonderful blog!! :)

    { Officially following! }

    - Meg

    [Life of Meg]

  67. I don't know about the smoothies. I have a texture thing. It's weird I know, but thick drinks bother me. Adding greens is interesting though. My kids love smoothies, and I might try adding some greens. Will they taste them?

  68. I really need to do something different. In the last 2 years Ive gained 25 lbs. My biggest struggle is with the hubby. He wont eat fruits or vegetables! Who dosent eat fruits and Vegetable? I know crazy right. Making two dinners or two lunches is just overwhelming. This post has inspired me to get back on the wagon.

  69. I've always been curious about de-toxing myself. I do know I need to kick the diet Coke habit to the curb! Good job on getting yourself back on track, tho, that's always a good feeling!

  70. Did the smoothies taste alright? I'm tempted to try this, especially since Sexy Nerd is going on a business trip for a week and won't be here to sabotage my healthy living kick, but you kinda lost me at KALE inside the smoothie. I love kale...but in a smoothie?? Can't I just drizzle it with olive oil and bake it?

  71. I tried something like this called a GM Diet which has seven days of eating specific foods.even though it's called a GM diet there's been no proof that it has actually been created by them and i read up on the review and the opinion is divided.Some think it's a quick way to lose weight and some think it's totally unhealthy.I still did it because I wanted to get my routine in order and give my body a break. I did not follow it to a T and customized it because I got headaches because of my carbohydrate craving but in all, it did make me feel good making a conscious effort to look after myself.Love that you have shared what you do too.

  72. oh nice work! i've been wanting to give something like this a try for awhile now. why not??

  73. I really like your blog! I'm a new author and have enjoyed this new experience. I find that it's the most difficult and most rewarding. I'm also a graphic designer and love having that creative outlet as well.
    Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

    Melissa Nielsen

  74. Just signed up for this ! Thank you so much for the post. Please keep us updated.

  75. I've never tried it, but it sounds interesting. Any steps you take to become healthier is great! Just listen to your body, because it gives us signals when something is good or bad for us. Now, you go girl! Inspire us. I did post about the feature! Thank You, again! Lezlee

  76. I've had a few friends who have done what I view as a "bad" detox... which includes starvation, weird hormone drops and more starvation. BLECH. This sounds more do-able.
    I may sign up! :)

  77. I love Raw personally. In January I ate raw-only for one week and felt great! I did get a littled bogged down with prep work and I didn't go hard-core and get a food dehydrator, but my sugar craving decreased too. A friend did a raw diet for a month and her skin went from blotch to fabulous and glowing! Food really does heal.

    I believe the reason why so many people have a variety of health challenges is due to poor eating habits. Many say they eat healthy but in reality it's a lot of pre-packaged, boxed and frozen foods with a LOT of preservatives and ingredients that they haven't investigated like Yellow and Red Dye as well as artifical flavoring etc.

    You inspired me to get back on this track. I've been eliminating sugars for the past few days and feel pretty good, I love green smoothies anyway so I look forward to reading about the plan. :)


  78. Wow, I am impressed muchly. It sounds almost do-able :)

  79. Thanks Holly! I just ordered it too!

  80. This really sounds like a wonderful plan Holly! I'm so happy you tried it and liked all of the foods and smooties. Check out my weight loss update and post tomorrow. *Smiles*

  81. That is fun that you recognized Annie in the mag! It was pretty cool :) We are still excited that it happened!

    The Detox! You are brave! I could stand to lose a good 50 but a detox would scare the wits out of me! Yeah for you though! That is awesome you even tried!

    P.S. I am a coffee lover too :)

  82. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Wow! I cant believe you did it! Congrats. I love food waaaaay too much to give it up. lol

  83. I think I could hop on board with the green smoothies! You know me well, though, with all of my butter-laden fare - I don't know how long I would last!! Good for you, though! I am so happy you saw such great results.

  84. I have a food addiction. So congratulations for being so dedicated. I'm a little jealous. :-D

  85. I would love to feel better, look better, and lose a few lbs. I have thought about detox before, and never got farther than taking a cleanse, and drinking water for less than day. This makes me want to check out some of the sites you mentioned for more info! Thanks for sharing. Very informative!

  86. Awesome job! I did a 30 day one last summer... it was crazy but so good for me. :) I enjoyed reading your post and experience!

  87. Good for you, Holly! I need to do something like a detox as well. Green smoothies sound yummy, and the fact that your kids like them, has me convinced that they are.

  88. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I am so impressed by you. I have always heard about this type of detox, but never done it. The most detox I did was when I lost 43 lbs with Weight Watchers.

  89. Good for you on being so dang healthy! I have never detoxed or juiced before but I love the idea! I will have to try this after baby girl is born! Thanks for all of the information!

  90. holly! i haven't tried a detox before but maybe i should... does that mean i need to give twizzlers a break? (-:


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