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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home is - Getting Your Cooker On!

I will admit that when I got married
I did not know how to really cook...
but I did register for an apron...
Maybe I thought that would inspire me...
not so much!
BUT, I bet if I would have had a super-cute apron
I would have been rockin'
the Stand Mixer and Food Processor a lot sooner
{they spent 7+ years in the box}!
Since that time, my-oh-my have things changed.
I cook and bake and L-O-V-E it...
And I wear an apron...or make that aprons, all the time.
In fact, I am slowly assembling a mini wardrobe of aprons. 
When I put on one of my super-cute, sassy aprons I feel like cooking all day.
I also kind of feel like wearing a dress and heels and having my hair coiffed - 
a picture perfect 50's housewife...
but then reality slaps me in the face and I am back in my jeans,
bare feet, and my strategically "messy" hair.

I love what aprons represent {at least to me}...
...a throwback to a simpler time.
...a hospitable welcome.
...a home ready for guests.
...Mom {or Dad} preparing a meal or baking goodies.
...a sense of joy that comes from creating a meal for the family.
...the promise that homemade deliciousness is coming.
...a sense of pride in your home and your homemade accomplishments.

I was talking with my Mom about my new found love of aprons,
she shared with me that she had aprons that
her mother and grandmother wore...how cool is that!
She shot a couple of photos for me...Thanks Mom!

The lavender apron was made and worn by my great grandmother Lastine.
The brown apron was worn daily by my Grandma Nelson.
The red and green apron belongs to my Mom's friend.
It was made by her mother for Christmas.

My aprons inspire me to continue on
the path to domestic bliss!
Do you wear an apron?
Is it for practicality or does it have special meaning?
Check out some of my FAVE aprons at Lima Bean Designs!
Home is...
  I have not forgotten about the
DIY Awesomeness I promised
...it is coming...TODAY!


  1. I wear an apron! its pink and green, and it has a HUGE sauce stain from when I was 6 and ran into my mom with a wooden spoon. (Did I mention it was her apron to begin with?) none the less I love it! It makes me feel like I'm just a great Italian chef like my mama was!

  2. I see more and more domestic mommas wearing aprons today. I do not wear one but I really think I might start wearing one. Now I need to find one that fits my personality.

  3. Holly, STOP with your pictures of aprons! I am already too addicted! I may have to to a post to show off my pinny collection.....which is increasing......

  4. I have an apron that I absolutely adore. I feel very cute and very domestic when I put it on.

    I meant to congratulate you on your SITS day...sorry I am late with these wishes. Hope it was grand for you!

  5. June, June Cleaver, you're breakin' my heart!

    (I originally read that domestic bliss line as "continue on in my pathetic domestic bliss.")

  6. Holly, This is a post after my own heart! I love aprons and wear an apron everyday.
    I like the kinds that cover the front of me and tie around my neck. I put it on to make breakfast and take it off after dinner.
    The aprons you make are fabulous! Beautiful colors and I am wild about your use of fabrics.

    Your family aprons are such a treasure. Don't you love to see the textiles from long ago?
    Holly, wonderul wonderful post- filled with creativity and family love!

  7. I love to wear my apron! My mom made it for me a couple of years ago, and it is in such bright, funky colors, it always makes my heart happy. And my hubby says I look cute in it, so that's an added bonus. ;)

  8. I don't wear aprons - but if they will inspire me to clean my house with a smile on my face - I might have to try one :)

  9. Aprons are the best!
    I do put mine on just to put me in the mood to make the mess and clean it up. Sometimes I will even go grab my pearls just add a little glamor to my yoga pants and flannel shirt :-)

    I have a handful of vintage aprons that I just love. I have made a bunch of aprons and gave them all away... love the vintage ones.

    Lima Bean Designs - awesome idea of sewing in the hand towel to the waist!

  10. Just bought my first Apron last month! I love it and I feel so June Cleaverish, but even cuter lol!!~

  11. I *do* wear aprons! I have one at the soap studio- it can get pretty messy in there. And I have a brand new one that just arrived from Lima Bean Designs- it is so cute!

    I like to cook, but it's the taking off of the apron that I really enjoy- the mini ritual of untying the sash in the back, sitting down with a nice glass of wine, good friends, or just my hubby, relaxing, and enjoying a good meal. Ahhh...

  12. I don't wear an apron...mainly because I don't have a cute one to wear. Plus most of my clothes are stained up from kiddos' greasy hands and snotty noses, so there really isn't much point in trying to protect my clothes:)

  13. I don't wear an apron, but you made me realize that I really need one fast! I've ruined so many clothes, never thought of buying an apron. Duh! I love that blue and tan floral one. It's now on my wish list!!

  14. Thanks for the plug Holly!! I love that you love (my) aprons!! Also, thanks for letting me know about the apron party over at RE!! I'm all linked up...with a NEW apron of mine as the feature!!
    Blessings friend,
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  15. I adore aprons. One of our daughters and a daughter-in-law are also into aprons now. And my Grands love them!

  16. Cute aprons! I have some of my great grandmother's aprons, but I'm afraid to wear them! Not only can I not cook as well as she did, but I'm afraid I might *gasp* get them dirty! lol!

  17. I have two both full coverage aprons that I had my Mom make - I love them...although I confess that I only wear them when I am wearing really nice clothes that I want to keep clean...

  18. I have had an apron for years that i never wore.. but then I won a beautiful custom made really cute on a blog and I love it! It does make me feel like a real cook when I wear it..
    and well now I wear it out of necessity as my big belly likes to bump into things and collect spills while cooking.

  19. I don't wear an apron, but my husband, sister, and all of my stained shirts say I should. Maybe I would if I had one of your wonderful creations! Have you considered selling them, or perhaps featuring them in a giveaway?

  20. Oh my goodness!! Reading through the comments I see I somehow missed your SITS day?? I feel horrible! Was it while I was away? I know it must have been a smashing success--I am so proud of you!

  21. You know, I don't wear an apron and I have to say I honestly hadn't thought much about it, but now that you refreshed the thought of it for me, I'm wondering why I don't! I may need to try my hand at sewing a few up in the near future. :)

  22. Oh, so very cool. Love what you wrote ... what aprons mean to you. Great pix, post, and thanks for linking up at RE today!

    It's been fun. IF you get a chance visit the other sites!

  23. I LIKE the idea of an apron wardrobe! I'm really digging these suggestions and SO MANY CUTE aprons! It's just another way to wear accessries, right? (My husband is squirming somewhere and he doesn't even know why.)

    I wish I had my mother's aprons. What a blessing it would be to wrap myself up in those! Like having her arms around me again. Sigh!

    Lovely post! Thanks for sharing!

    Adelle @ www.readyGOgetset.com

  24. Love, love this post!! I have been "thinking" about making some aprons, but have not gotten around to it. I really wanted to use one for my "I Love Lucy" china, because I to love what they represent. Love all your aprons. Lovely when something belonged to a dear relative because it means so much:-)

  25. I love to bake and love love love aprons! a friend of mine made me a gorgeus apron for my birthday last year - with a donut-like pattern. It's gorgeus (will have to post a picture sometime) - but I think it's TOO adorable to get it dirty, so I never wear it! als, it's so precious to me because she made it especially for me (I love donuts and cupcakes)

  26. I recently got a super cute half apron from my aunt. She found it at an estate sale, it's blue and white gingham with pockets, I love it!! I think they making cooking so fun, love this post! I get your updates via email thanks to the nice ladies over at SITS introducing me. :)

  27. I'm taking my first ever sewing class in a few weeks. Maybe once I get a bit of confidence with it, I'll make my own apron as a project.

  28. I have a few aprons... my girls have made me, and one tattered very worn apron my grandmother used to mipe my tears after a skinned knee oh so long ago. Thanks for the reminder to some great memories.

  29. I wear my apron all the time! It is black and white toile print and hangs in my kitchen as decoration when I am not using it. It was one of the first things I bought when I moved out of my parents home and I love it!

  30. I love aprons and have quite a collection, too. Some I made, some are bought new and some vintage.

    They are such fun.


  31. I do not have an apron. I've been looking at some of the cute frilly ones on Etsy though. I keep holding back because I'm not sure I would use one but then I've ruined a few of my clothes by getting food stains on them (bacon grease!!) and I'm thinking an apron might be a good investment.

  32. I love your post! I am thinking I seriously need to get some cute and sassy aprons!!

  33. I don't wear an apron - despite doing plenty of cooking/baking. If I had a cute one, I would wear it... probably something to put on the list to sew for myself this summer!

  34. Oh, I never had an apron...I always mess up my own clothes while I'm cooking LOL. I would love to have a sexy apron :-)

    Cheers: Evi

  35. I so enjoyed this post! I think we all enjoy cooking a bit more than when we first got married! Your apron collection is wonderful!

  36. I actually don't wear an apron... but I don't really have a cute one either! I bet if I had a cute one I would wear it, and then I'd feel like the perfect housewife, too :)

  37. 20 year old me would scoff at the very idea of wearing an apron! Are you kidding me??? I am woman hear me ROAR! Now, fast foward mmmmmffff years later and I will tell you, I don't wear aprons but I should. I am a messy cook. I have three. One is pretty soiled and the once vibrant southwestern colors are now smeared with chocolate, grease and labors of love. The other is a cow pattern. It's messy, but not as messy. ANd lastly there is a pin stripe one with a bear on it. It's cute. I have only worn it once or twice. But I must say, the aprons pictures are so feminine. I really like them. I am woman. Hear me ROAR!

  38. I love love aprons! I have like 5 or so, but none of them are sassy. I'm actually on the look out for one right now. Anthropologie has some dang adorable aprons!

    I wear them for practicality, but also for the fun of it. It really does make me want to bake longer! I feel if I dress the part, I might fool myself into thinking I rock in the kitchen!

  39. I love a good apron and have quite a few. An apron reminds me of my loved and dearly missed Gran. She always had one on and she always had something delicious baking. What wonderful memories.

  40. I adore aprons and wear one every time I cook. You're right. The home does feel more welcoming to my guests when they come and I wear an apron getting meals ready. They exclaim how much it reminds them of their childhood and the comforts of that home.

    Someday I might do a post on my collection. I have some cool hand embroidered ones made by my great grandmother.

  41. Happy SITS Day! (Just a few days late! Sorry been working on a BIG project at work!)

    Love all your aprons! My grandmother's aprons are in the local muesum. If you visit my site and see my tag name, you can guess what is on my apron!

    Love your site!


  42. I don't have a cooking apron...yet...but I just bought my first apron for crafting! it is so cute! I'm not a huge fan of cooking, but maybe when my kids get older, I'll be able to do more.
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog!


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