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Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 Weddings, A Hockey Game and Random Sightings

I have participated in Writer's Workshop in an eternity!
I jumped on over there yesterday and saw the prompt
and figured I HAD to do it!
1.) Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.
{This list will be longer when I finally
spill the beans about my hockey groupie days!}

2 Weddings, A Hockey Game and Random Sightings
I am from Los Angeles - born and bred.
A brush with celebrity when living in L.A. is not uncommon,
especially since probably 50% of the residents consider themselves
to be some kind of celebrity...and with reality shows...
I would guess that number is even higher.
 I am also jaded...
celebrities for the most part don't really do a lot for me.
I am not swooning over Brad or Robert or
whoever I am supposed to be swooning over.
I keep my swooning for Howie Long - 
and yes, I have seen and met him in person.
{double swoon!}

OK, so, let's just be clear here...some names will be omitted to protect the innocent, none of these people are my friends - don't ask for a phone # or if I can get an autograph. I never worked in a bar or as a waitress, but my wedding planning and fashion days led to some interesting experiences. So, with no further adieu, here some celebrity encounters...
edited for the purpose of not boring you to death {I hope}.

*I planned a wedding for a very famous actor's son {who is also an actor}. Dad is involved in many current {popular} projects {stage, film, movies, books}, but let's just say his part in The Twilight Zone movie kept me off planes for years. By the way...super-nice family!

*A certain boy who couldn't buy love sat by me at the Kings {ice hockey} game before he went on to become a Dreamy doctor.

*Another certain boy who once stood by all his friends, also sat by me at the Kings Games before he started trekking around the universe.

*I was "this close" to going to prom with a professional ice hockey player...I {heart} goalies!

*I used to drive one professional baseball player who was A+ to baseball practice every now and then.

*I ate lunch next to a certain New Yorker who made a lot of money going on about nothing on TV. I shall say no more {not anything nice anyway}.

*Some dimwit {I actually do not even know which entertainment show she is one now} left her fancy shoes at my house while we were filming a Lifetime segment.

Can anyone guess who these peeps are {forget about the dimwit}?

Now for a few with names...
*I was on The Other Half {defunct NBC talk show} twice...and met Dick Clark, Mario Lopez, and Danny Bonaduce {and lived to tell about it}. Actually they were all cool...I must have caught Danny in a good moment.

*I planned a wedding that was like a throw back in time...Sid Caesar, Red Buttons, Buddy Hackett, Jayne Meadows {Steve Allen was invited but ill and died not long after} all sitting around a table. Very cool!

*A friend of ours was married in Brentwood at a home next door to Ally McBeal's house...there were caterers, florists, etc. in and out of the neighborhood..at one point the press thought Ally and Indiana might be tying the knot. 

*Did I mention I met Howie Long? Oh, I did...well, he deserves to be mentioned again...He's my fave!

Before I go, Hubby wanted to contribute {surprise! surprise!}...He has literally ran into Jennifer Garner {that is his Howie Long} and Kelly LeBrock {these two are for the guys!}. He also attended the AT&T golf tournament in Pebble Beach and saw some football player, Bill Murray, and the dude from Criminal Minds. The U.S. Open will be here very soon...let's see who we see then...

What about you...anyone have any celebrity sightings?
So, yes...another post and I have not caught up...I feel like I may never catch up on commenting and responding...I think I am officially one week behind...No, no...I am determined...I will catch up...I will visit you all. You cannot get rid of me that easy.

Don't forget...I'm Tickled Pink is Friday!


  1. Yep, as a former long term L.A. dweller celebrities were a daily occurrence. It's funny how we used to see them at the mall or at a party and act like we didn't know who they were. I wonder if they could see through that act? Whatever, we were young and it was fun to be around them, even though we acted like it wasn't!

  2. Love your post! The first part has me guessing and digging deep into my brain to figure out who was who. Still haven't gotten them all but I might see if Google can help me out a little.

    Pretty cool that you have had so many interesting encounters :) Gotta love living in SoCal :)

  3. We get almost no stories like this in Chicago. It's a big city - come visit celebs!!

    I've seen Scotty Pippen here but all my other celeb sightings have happened on vacation.

    Please tell the Seinfeld story :)

    (Over from Mama Kat's)

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Let's see who I picked up...

    Jerry Seinfeld, McDreamy ( shy can't I remember his name??), Stand By Me's... wow. Another name I cannot remember. The skinny kid who was not Corey Feldman.

    John Lithgow, A-Rod....

    Um... I think that's a lot!

    I wrote about this too... but my encounters were not as exciting!

  5. this was fun reading , I almost felt I was playing a game and I think I have figured some of your star encounters.
    William Shatner
    McDreamy from Grays Anatomy
    And your hubby is entitled to a star sighting. I hoping to meet Will and Jada

  6. I just want to say that I'm so glad that I now know at least one other girl who actually likes hockey! I love it. My hubs and I go to Nashville every year to see the Preds play and love it! You can do it (on the catching up!) :)
    Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

  7. I don't have any celebrity to speak of. In fact, my husband and I were talking about this the other day. I probably wouldn't know a celebrity if I tripped over one. I would be all "hmmm, that person looked familiar. Odd"

    Unless....if it was Angelina Jolie. That? Would make me do a double take. I'd also drool a little.

  8. I of course am so proud to say that I had some small hand in helping you with that first wedding! Even doing their brunch the next day!

    Having worked for the Tonight Show, I probably can't even remember all the celebrities I came in contact with, and really don't care either. The only ones that I would mention is Roark Critchlow (Dr. Mike Horton) from Days was always the nicest guy to me. One of the few celebrities that I feel if I saw today, probably would not remember my name, but would remember I was the intern there and make a point to stop and say hi to me. He always seemed so genuine. Growing up George Strait was a regular sighting in my hometown and was sooo nice. Love him!

    Right now I am trying to figure out how to get myself in the right place to run into Rafael Nadal!

    Charlie sees Howie all the time...if you hadn't already met him, I could probably arrange that!

  9. This is where my lack of movie watching and having a husband who is NOT a sports fan, put me at a disadvantage. I don't have good guesses on any, except I do watch Grey's, so I'm thinking Patrick Dempsey is who you were referring to.

    I met OJ Simpson, with his wife and kids, once. And I've gone to school with a bunch of reality show contestants. It's funny, because the local paper did an article probably 5 or 6 years ago, when there already had been 5 kids from my school who ended up on reality TV.

  10. Anonymous1:30 PM

    You used to drive A-Rod to baseball practice?!?!

    I can only figure out a few. I want answers! haha

  11. I stood in line at the airport next to Jerry Springer. Does that count? My celebrity siting list is a bit pitiful to say the least.

  12. Hmmmm ... Magic Johnson played basketball in our driveway when he was young and not famous ~ does that count because that's all I've got. To be honest, I'm really not into this form of entertainment ~ I know, I'm the odd one in the bunch.


  13. Living in LA is A LOT different from living in Virginia. Here, it is a big deal that Chris Richardson, an American Idol contestant who I'm not even sure made the top ten a few seasons ago, went to one of our local universities (which happens to be my alma mater). He's even on a Moes commercial.

    I don't have super celeb stories, unless you follow contemporary Christian music. I have interviewed a number of the bigger names from that realm--my favorite was the band Relient K. I got a cover story in a teen mag with tat interview.

    Fun reading--the only two of yours I'm pretty sure about are Seinfeld and McDreamy, although I must admit to being disappointed that your lunch with *maybe* Seinfeld wasn't good :(

  14. What a fun post. Ok, all that matters here is, you sat next to PatricK Dempsey. I really like hiim.

    However, I am NOT into being all star struck by people, 'cause I don't get that and it bugs me. I sort of love and worship George Clooney, but even still, if I met him, I'd be totally cool, not drooly.

    I have met a lot of celebrities, but mostly music theatre kind.

    I've hung out and chatted with Christina Applegate, she's very nice.

    Seen john Lithgow walking in front of us in NYC.

    Met Delta Burke, Harvey Firestein, Nathan Lane, Mario Cantone.

    My favorite EVER to meet and talk to was Kenneth Branagh...he is the nicest man ever.

    Ok, this is ridiculously long enough.

    Loved your post at Lamb today.

  15. Wow! You have had encounters/seen a lot of celebrities. I grew up in Illinois, so didn't run into too many there :)

  16. Wow! You've met everybody! You're like all 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon rolled into one!

  17. i have met quite a few but I am not star stuck easily LOL
    paul newman, VIn Diesel, Kevin Bacon, Kira sedewick and I babysat for Marewell hemingway's daughters about 15 years ago. ( i cant' spell her first name) like the post. YOU have met way more.

  18. oh and howie long I LOVE

  19. I know how it running into them all the time. Sometimes I think it is funny because I know who they are, but it really isn't a big deal. My husband works in the entertainment industry, I do enjoy hearing the inside scoop I get from him.

  20. I totally forgot...I saw Guy Fieri at The Bagel Bakery In Pacific Grove - right after he won Next Food Network Star.No one knew who he was and then he drove off in a bright yellow corvette.I have tons more....This could have been a very long post.

  21. Sounds like fun...I'd like a run in with Dr. McDreamy now...but back in the day, he wasn't quite so dreamy:)

  22. I am a total geek, but I totally guessed Wil Wheaton... And of course Patrick Dempsey.

  23. I've had quite a few of my own encounters. I once worked as an Office Manager in an orthopedists office and we had a professional golfer come in for some hand issues. Won't name names for patient confidentially, HIPAA and all that. But, he is on the leader board pretty often. And I am from Jacksonville. *wink*

  24. I live 45 minutes outside of LA, so I do not get to experience any "A" list celebrities. Only those few who venture out into the inland empire =) I have met the guy form Happy Gilmore "Shooter McGavin", and Trish "The Garage Sale Diva" from Clean House...BUt that's about it.

    You're a lucky lady! I get so star struck, I have no idea what I would do if I actually met someone "Famous" =)

  25. I live in L.A., so I've had a large amount of celebrity sightings. My favorite ones: sitting next to Brad Pitt on a flight, Mel Brooks almost breaking my toe while swing dancing (not with each other), having my hair done next to Arnold Swartzeneggar and Charlie Sheen (not at the same time), getting dissed by Jim Carey at a party (thrown by an equally famous person that I don't want to mention). Also, I went to the Oscars this year and saw a ton of people! George Cloony was "this" close to stepping on my foot! Darn!

  26. OMG - I forgot the best one of all...my old house met Jack LaLanne..when I was b=giving birth they filmed a juicer commercial outside of my house.

  27. I've only seen Hollywood celebrities while on vacations out of the U.S., and of course, I pretended I didn't see them, trying to place myself in their shoes, and letting them enjoy their time with their families.

  28. *sigh* McDreamy! *sigh* I met 3 guys who like to "monkey around" and I also met a guy who was a time traveler...except he never knew where he was going and when he looked in the mirror he saw someone else reflected. I had a brief encounter with a male housekeeper who fought to be the boss with his single female employer. Good times.

  29. I'm not going to even try to guess...out of fear that I will answer them wrong! But, I am curious to find out who the dreamy doctor was. I mean, I have my ideas, but again, I DO NOT want to embarrass myself! :)

  30. Good heavens lady! How interesting! I'd e passing out my soaps as business cards if I saw all those famous people, lol.

    I loved how you gave little hints as to who these people are. Stumped on the lady who left her shoe. lol. So she was filming a segment at YOUR house for lifetime?

    You are so interesting.

  31. Well no wonder you know all those "stars"! You are a star yourself Holly.

    I've met a few celeb's but I can't say who.

    Or I'd have to kill you.

    Or something like that.

    Happy May Day!

  32. Wow... I seriously can't say I've really ever met any stars. That makes me more than a little sad!

  33. Man, that's quite a few celebrity sightings - it'd certainly be impressive for the East Coast.

  34. I rode in an elevator with Chaka Khan and El Debarge. My husband was on Who Wants To Be A Millionare so we met Regis.

  35. Dear god girl...I love you! You're an LA girl??? And a hockey fan no less??? I just left LA, grew up there too, and clearly we gotta slap the puck around and talk goalies, I married one, and dated tons, they are crazy! We need to chat.

    I'm going to be returning comments from this SITS day for the next 100 years. I LOVE IT!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's for dinner


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