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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DIY! Customizing My Kitchen

Well, I thought that I was going to catch up
on sleep, blogs, chores...not quite yet.
Slowly but surely, I am plugging along.
I really need my house to get back to normal
{or as normal as can be}!
One of my first task has absolutely GOT TO BE finishing the kitchen completely - it looks finished {check it out HERE} - but if you look close, their are windows to be cased, walls here and there to be painted, and window coverings to be...well, not quite sure yet {I am window covering challenged}
Kitchen Customization
Well, I always knew I wanted to customize my kitchen redo and have my old "new" cabinets look  like furniture. I am still on the fence about glazing them {for now the vote is to keep them as is}, so I have moved on to the next step...

I found a huge selection of furniture feet at Rockler - so many great styles! It took awhile to narrow it down, but I finally decided on my favorite style and ordered these beauties This is a super-simple project with a lot of IMPACT - I L-O-V-E it!
These are the full size feet - I am using a mixture of the full size and cut down feet -
see the disclaimer under DIY IT!
Rockler bun (furniture) feet
Dremel Multi-Max and sanding attachment/sand paper
Paint or stain (to match cabinets)

Disclaimer: Have you ever heard that old, wise advice "measure twice, cut once." Well, I needed to heed the "measure twice, order once" advice. It is not entirely my fault - we kept our original kitchen cabinet boxes (circa sometime around 1955), so all things were not equal, level, or precisely measured. This may not be the recommended way to achieve the look, but it worked for me and was easy and that's all I have to say!

1 - Measure height and if necessary, cut or (aggressively) sand feet to fit the clearance of the cabinet. I used a saw to make a few straight cuts on some of the feet.
2 - Sand cut edges using the Dremel Multi-Max.
3 - Glue the two halves of the feet together with Gorilla Glue. I also used Gorilla Tape to hold the pieces together while they dried. Sand again with the Multi-Max, if necessary.
4 - Paint or stain and let dry {I painted the feet to match my cabinets}.
5 - Put in place. NOTE: for some of the cabinets, the feet fit nice and snug and perfectly. For others some Gorilla Glue on top held them nicely to the cabinets. 

See - simple, inexpensive and it looks fab!
{if I do say so myself!}
Of course it looks lovely with my hand painted towels too!

DISCLOSURE: As part of the DIY Club, I have been supplied with vendor sponsored products to complete my projects. The opinions are projects are my own. See, my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't tell you how much I want to do this in my kitchen!!! It's perfect, and I love it.

  2. Another clever idea! Love it.

  3. I love the look! I was just telling my husband that I wanted to add a few "touches" to our kitchen. Thanks for before and after ~ it supported my case ;)


  4. This is a GENIUS idea!!!


  5. What a totally genius idea. Wow.

  6. love it! thinking about doing this for my kitchen mini-makeover.

  7. That is a great idea...wonder if I can do that with mine? Saving this one for hubby to read.

  8. That's a neat idea!

    Our kitchen cabinets are hideous for so many reasons...I wonder if this would help perk 'em up...

  9. This is fantastic!!!! I love the look of the feet. It makes it look so finished. Your cabinets looked great before but this is such a great way to finish them off.

  10. Thanks for posting the link for the furniture feet! I wanted to add this to my cabinets but couldn't find any that did not have a large screw in the middle. Your cabinets look great and the feet really make them look custom! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Holly, I love, love this. my whole kitchen, dining room and laundry room are all being redone or done for the first time. The texture was blown today and it is really a mess around here.

    I would love to add some touches like this! Lezlee

  12. Hi Holly! I am your newest follower! I love these! I am redoing my kitchen and have the feet purchased but haven't had the chance to put them on yet. I love your kitchen and the feet look so cool!!!

    You have such a great blog!

  13. Lady-- You and the Dremel and your trusty Gorilla Glue. Is there anything you can't do?

  14. omg! I thought that you really overhauled your kitchen to add the feet, but I was tricked! Great job!

  15. This is a fab idea! Can't wait to share this link!

  16. Hi Holly!
    I know this is an old post of yours but I just came across it because I need some snazz in my kitchen! I just wondered -- did you cut your buns in half? Or how come you glued them back together? Reason why I'm asking is I have the buns (retrieved off an old ottoman I have) but they are too chubby and was going to cut them in half to use that way. I just wondered how you cut them in half? Thank you!

    1. Hi Janice, I cannot seem to find an email for you...so I hope you see this! These particular bun feet came in half (ordered from Rockler). I am no expert on sawing (I know what I know) but my first inclination would be to try my compound miter saw. I feel like you need something on a base (like this saw) because the bun feet are not as long/big as a piece of wood (trying to balance a small object and a saw is not my idea of a good time). Maybe a local hardware store (or Home Depot or Lowes) offer a cutting service (depending on your skills). I think you really need to consider how thick your bun feet are and your experience with a saw before cutting them. Good luck (be careful)! I'd love to see photos!


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