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Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY! "JOY"FUL Fabric Trees

I am also a little obsessed with trees this year. I had plans to get crazy with little vignettes of trees everywhere...well, it did not happen...yet (Every year I am crafting and creating until the last minute...well, I still have 6 days left...so technically not the last minute, right? I still have time.)

Anyway, I still LOVE my trio of trees from last year, but had to make more trees!! Now these trees are very different than last years trees...
It took me about 30 minutes to make them all!


  • 3 - Styrofoam Crafts 5 7/8" Cones
  • 1 Sheet Canvas Corp Chalk Stock
  • Gorilla Glue Super Glue
  • 1 box floral pins with pearl head (you may or may not use the entire box - I used about 20 per tree)
  • Cotton fabric - I used scraps around the house. You only need about 1/4 yard
  • 6 - Skewers (or 3 - skewers and 3 -  Toothpicks)
  • 3 - Pearls or beads Glue stick

If you can rip and pin/stick things in Styrofoam...
you can do this craft

1. Lay fabric flat and make 1/2″  cuts about every 1/2″ along the selvage of the fabric

2. Rip fabric using the small cuts as the starting points
(There will be lots of strings and frayed edges – and that is good!)

3. At the base of a cone use a floral pin to secure a strip of fabric. Begin wrapping that strip of fabric all around the cone, overlapping edges slightly.

4. When you reach the end of a strip, grab another strip and secure the first strip to the second strip with a fabric pin – just stick in the Styrofoam, being sure to secure the end and beginning of the strips.

5. Continue to wrap until you are finished (I used about 2 strips per cone for wrapping..if you use a larger cons, you will need more strips.) when you reach the top wrap around the top to cover the Styrofoam (you will be placing a toothpick in here so, try to keep a little space open in the center to poke this in). Secure the strip to the top with a pin.

6. You can be done if you want..or I used one more strip – secure to the top with a floral pin (you can secure it using the pin you just inserted to finish off the wrapping). Twist this strip of fabric and then wrap around the tree, like a garland – you are not wrapping to cover just to accent. Finish off the end with a floral pin.

7. Decorate the tree with floral pins – by using the pearl headed pins to secure the fabric, you are also decorating, so just keep doing it.

8. Place a skewer in the bottom center of the cone. You can then place the trees in anything you want. I kept my skewers long and used my milkglass vases to display them. You can grab some floral foam and tuck them into many different types of containers.


Add some FUN with Sweet Little Pennants of JOY!!
I made some pennant ornaments using Canvas Corp paper the other day and these tree  topper pennants were inspired by those.

Now, I made 3 trees and wrote JOY on the pennant,
but these are easily adaptable to any wording and so EASY to finish.

You need:
skewer or toothpick
chalkstock or heavier paper
pearl (with hole) or other embellishment
Gorilla Glue Super Glue
Glue Stick

Place small drops of Gorilla Glue Super Glue on the tip of the skewer and then place pearl/bead on the point (insert the point into the pole).

Cut 3 pennant triangles on the fold in chalkstock (I used my decorative edge scissors to cut the edges). My triangles are 2″ wide at the top/fold and 3″ long.


Place glue allover the inside of the pennant, place skewer in the fold; press both sides of chalkstock together.


Cut (or I just broke them) the skewers to the desired size, at least a few inches long.

When dry, insert into the top of the cone…I mean tree!

What are you lovin' this holiday season?
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  1. So simple yet elegant! Would love love love for you to share this at our party going on now http://space46.blogspot.com/2011/12/co-hosting-pinteresting-link-party-week.html. Happy holiday! My

  2. So shabby chic, Holly! They are so cute! And I love how easy to make they are. Definitely what I need right now!

  3. Love the trees and they are so cute sitting on the milk glass vases!

  4. Cute trees! I love the fabric. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays!


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