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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tower of Treats! Serve Up Some Yumminess

I love sweets! I love making them and serving them. I am always looking for new ways to display and serve them. I received a Cupcake Tree from Canvas Corp. This is a fun and cute 3 tiered tower for serving cupcakes...but it is good for so many things...

I used it at my Bridesmaids party for candies and treats...
I also made another for the mini cupcakes at the SoCal Social...
And now I am using if for Christmas!

I think it is adorable for serving just about anything...but can you imagine how cute this would be for a cookie exchange...and guess what I have New years Eve Plans for it too! 

  • Cupcake Tree from Canvas Corp.
  • Decorative paper (without flocking or glitter - plain is best). I used scrap book paper (and I used Canvas Corp paper for the Cookies Tower)
  • Scissors and or X-ACTO knife
  • Adhesive: I used hot glue and a glue stick
  • Trim for all: I used - Canvas Corp corrugated paper - white - 12x12,  a distress ink pad, black grossgrain ribbon, lightweight craft paper.
A. For  the Bridesmaid party: a rosette of the craft paper and a vintage graphic.
Chocolates and candies at the Parisian Themed Bridesmaids party

 B. For the SoCal Social - canvas paper printed with the hibiscus "logo."
Mini Cupcakes at the SoCal Social
 C. For the Holiday Treat Tower - Canvas Corp paper, rosettes cut with my Lifestyle Crafts Epic 6, buttons.  
Cookies and boxes of surprise treats for the holidays!


The Tree comes already cut and ready to be put together - you get to decorate it to match your event. As much as I wanted to add glitter and sparkle, I did not. I used only accessories that would not interfere with the food or taint the food (no glitter or fuzzy trim). Here is how to make it!

Go read all about how to create a fun and fabulous Cupcake Tree (or Tower of Treats!) at The DIY Club!

DIY Club

What is Your Favorite cookie???
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  1. My favorite cookie is molasses ... or maybe thumbprints. I really love nearly all cookies - I am an equal opportunity cookie eater.

  2. How cool! It's super hard to pick a favorite cookie! I LOVE chocolate chips cookies right out of the oven and I love cream wafers (shortbread cookies with mint butter cream frosting sandwiched inside)!

  3. snowball cookies...pecans, sugar, butter are my favorite..i love them so much i only make them at christmas...because i can eat an entire tray! your stands are adorable..so fun how you change em' up for the different events.

  4. Cute, Holly! I love how versatile its been for you. Very fun!

  5. My family has the recipe for butterscotch brownies that is TO. DIE. FOR. Interestingly, there is no butterscotch in them. Just lots of butter, sugar, toasted coconut, vanilla and flour.


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