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Microcrafts....Tiny Crafts with BIG Appeal

I am a sucker for a book - any book,
but especially craft books
(OK, and fashion books, and vintage cookbooks,
and etiquette books, and wedding books...)

Anyway, I am a huge fan of
real - life - hardcover - glossy - pages - in - my - hands - books.

When asked if I would take a peek at the new book
Microcrafts: Tiny Treasure to Make and Share from Quirk Books
I jumped at the chance. And I was not disappointed.

This book is beautifully put together with teeny tiny crafts that anyone can recreate - even me and I am a big messy crafter! In fact a friend was here flipping through the book and she said "Even I can make some of these!" (she thinks she is not that crafty...but she is very creative!)

The quality of the book and the images is pretty enough to leave out as a coffee table book - HUGE PLUS! The crafts range from sweet little stuffed toys

to miniature books

to sweet pendants.

There truly is a little something for everyone.

The authors, Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar, Katie Hatz, and Friends have done a magnificent job compiling a unique, fun and very doable collection of tiny crafts you can treasure. I have my eye on completing quite a few.

This would be a really fun gift for a crafty (or semi-crafty) friend.
What do ya think? You ready to give Microcrafts a try?

Disclosure: One book was provided to me for review from Quirk Books. Please see my full "Disclosure" in the top navigation bar

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