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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christmas in May Thanks to The Scoop!

You all know I LOVE my coffee, right?
Well, here is a little tale of finding coffee happiness.

Back in December, my hubby was watching the Today show
and he saw something that he knew I would like.
We had been "discussing" the pros and cons of single serve coffee makers for awhile.
I really, really wanted one...but I could not wrap my head around the idea of those pods/cups/whatever you want to call them. It just seemed wasteful.

So, back to the Today show...
on that particular day, they were demonstrating a single serve coffee maker
Hubby heard the magic words...
"You can brew your own coffee!"
Hubby paid attention...
this is just what we were looking for!
And it was a SUPER-good price.

Hubby did not buy it.
He waited to ask me if I wanted it.
Crazy man - it was half-price!
It sold out...
pretty much everywhere.
Still no single serve coffeemaker for Holly.
I torture hubby about this decision, er procrastination, daily.

Now it is April and I am Heading off to New York from Sandra Lee's Summer Carnival...still without my single serve coffeemaker.
As part of the trip we headed to a Sears and Hamilton Beach
was doing demonstrations with their
The Scoop, and their newest flash of brilliance,
(brew a pot of single cup of coffee in one machine....LOVE!)

I got all dreamy-eyed and, of course, told everyone my story,
including Hamilton Beach.
Hubby may never live this down.

Fast forward a few weeks...and what do I get...
The Scoop delivered to my door. 
That is my Christmas in May!

Can I tell you how much I LOVE The Scoop.
I use it multiple times a day.
See I LOVE coffee and I like my coffee fresh and hot...
this is like heaven!

It is simple as can be to use (and no extra waste!)

Grab your favorite ground coffee - yes your own favorite real ground coffee!
Scoop it up and place it in the machine.
Fill with water.
Place you cup in the right spot.
Select Regular or Bold brew,
and wait a few minutes for an amazing cup of coffee!

That's what I'm talking about!

So I am absolutely enjoying The Scoop and my coffee and so are my friends...
I love serving them a fresh cup every time they come over.

My favorite mug, The Scoop...and of course there is whip cream!
I like my coffee with a little mocha powder and whipped cream.
How do you like yours?

A BIG thank you to Hamilton Beach for making my Christmas complete!

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Disclosure: Hamilton Beach provided The Scoop to me under no obligation to blog/promote it. I LOVE this single serve coffee maker and feel the need to tell ya! The blog post, opinions, and story are my own.


  1. Wow, that's awesome!! I loved the demos, especially the oven with the cookies. :)

  2. OH MY! I think I just fell in love(Sorry Honey!)! I have been thinking over getting a single serve coffee maker myself here lately. However I have held back for two reasons. 1. My coffee maker still works perfectly fine and 2. I didn't like that I would have to buy those little individual cups to make the coffee. I love getting my coffee beans from Starbucks and then grinding them at home and having fresh brew every morning! But now you are telling me that I can have my Coffee beans and drink them too! Oh this is a dream come true! I believe I am going to start hinting at having this as an anniversary present as our anniversary is coming up in a few months! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This machine sounds perfect for you! You are a perfect example about being patient about a purchase. The reward can be more wonderful than your original desire. Drink away Holly....you deserve it : )

  4. Okay, that's so awesome, Holly! I love that they sent that to you. It does make me wish I'd talked a little more about how much I want the soda stream. ;)

  5. That is such a cool story! I'm jazzed for you, how super fun!! I have to say, I'm eyeing that two-way brewer, I want a single serving but dh doesn't. Hmmmmm. :)


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