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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Bloggy Olympics Torch Pass

Guess what?
The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming soon and we are so excited!
- My son was obsessed during the last Olympics
and since it is such a special event we extend
bed time hours so he can watch! -
To help get in the spirit of the Olympics and to add a bloggy spin
of our own we will be hosting a 6 week Bloggy Olympics!

Here's the Scoop!
There will be 18 different blogs participating over 6 weeks and 6 events from
June 9th- July 21st. Each week 3 blogs will share a simple tutorial that you can copy or will get you thinking about that event’s theme. At the end of the week they will host a 3 blog linky party for you to link up your finished event projects. And of course there will be features, giveaways, and fun Olympic stuff!

The Opening Ceremony begins Thursday, June 7th and runs until Friday, June 8th at midnight. Come link up your blog if you are planning on joining in an event for the “Bloggy Olympics”. Our Olympic event schedule is: decorating (Event 1), kitchen (Event 2), paint (Event 3), crafts (Event 4), fabric (Event 5), and outdoors (Event 6). Join 1 event or plan on joining all!

Doesn’t that sound like fun!? So, I am not going to tell you everything…you have to click through that Torch Passing Button down there to see what everyone is doing…

BUT I can tell you what event I am taking the challenge for….

Outdoor: Event 6
Weekof July 14th
Isn’t that just perfect!?
It will be summer, an we will all be dreaming of hanging out in the sunshine. OK, I must be honest I won’t be enjoying the sunshine…because it is NOT sunny here in the summer. Guess I will have to create my own sunshine with my project! I actually do love “playing outdoors” it is sometimes hard to believe it is summer here when you are drinking hot chocolate by the pool while wearing your fleece! I am so not kidding!

Well, that said, let’s see what I can come up with, eh?
Bloggy Olympics schedule
(more details coming)

Decorating-Event 1, week of June 9th
Kitchen-Event 2, week of June 16th 
Paint-Event 3, week of June 23rd
Craft- Event 4, week of June 30th
Fabric- Event 5, week of July 7th
Outdoor: Event 6, week of July 14th

Now What?
Friday, June 8th - "opening ceremony"
Thursday evening at 7pm CST we will open a BLOG linky party. 

There are some FAB bloggers participating, so I highly encourage you
to click on the "Next Torch Holder" button
and visit them all so you can learn a little about them and the event.
(more details to come here too)

When you get to Hating Martha there is a giveaway!
Look at these CUTE pillows from  Kijsa

Now, here is a bit about me and my craziness
holly final color side view_comp_BW_WM
I am a native So Cal girl currently residing along the foggy coast of the Monterey Peninsula. If I tell you all the careers I have had, then I must tell you my real age is 105 (I look good for 105, right?). I was a fashion designer…then wedding planner/wedding expert…currently an author (of real books that you can buy in a bookstore, the latest being “The Everything Vegan Wedding Book,” )…now I add blogger to the list.

I have ALWAYS been a DIYer, crafter, “why read the directions?” kind of gal. I grew up in a family with a “do-it-yourself” philosophy, so naturally I have made designing, crafting, and DIYing an integral part of my life.
From glitter to plate joining biscuits to a jig saw – I love it all!

I am perpetually disorganized and have a TON of bad habits.
I am working on these issues.
Hey, at least I know I have them!
I believe in saying “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me.”
Let’s bring back politeness and kindness!
(this is my current soap box topic)

What’s on the horizon?
How much time do you have? 
There is always something popping up!
A new (creative) book, a new master bathroom, and building some furniture!

So, that is me…what about you…Get involved
and give each challenge a go and let us know about you!
olympics button

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  1. so glad to be doing this with you! and i am so like you- why read directions? directions are for losers. ;)

  2. I found you via Hating Martha! I'm really excited to hear about this new challenge. Can't wait to find out more!

  3. I make up my own directions. And I think you're a FAB blogger! xo caroline @ c.w.frosting


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