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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quickie Vase Project with Wallpaper for Windows

Hey there!
Today is the last day of the Wallpaper for Windows giveaway
(did you enter yet???)
but yesterday I had this idea…
and I tried it and I kind of love it…
and I love the possibilities of it…
so I had to share!
rosemary vase
I used the trim to size service for my projects with the Avalon design…
but in my package came a few strips of “extra” Wallpaper for Windows. I just could not leave it alone! I knew somehow I could incorporate Wallpaper for Windows into entertaining or event d├ęcor.
trio up close

Ultimately I ended up making two tall pedestal vases for my buffet…but I am imagining tall cylindrical vases covered in the beautiful patterns Wallpaper for Windows carries. Best part is, you can easily change it up if you want…I love it – changeable design!


  • Wallpaper for Windows
  • Vase – cylindrical vases that are not tapered will work best.
  • Soapy water in a spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • paper towels
  • X-ACTO knife, ruler, cutting mat

close up window

1. I purchased 2 vases from Pier 1- I tried Goodwill, but they had nothing to accommodate my needs (oh my!)…well, they had one open-ended cylindrical piece, and I bought it…but I wanted vases too!

2. Determine the width for the Wallpaper for Windows "stripes" and cut.

3. Dry fit the strips around the vase and determine placement. Trim length if necessary. Determine if you want the patterns to match up when you wrap them around vase (See #10).


4. Clean vases well. Then try to avoid touching with fingers as much as possible.

5. Spray vase with soapy water.

squirt water

6. Remove backing from Wallpaper for Windows, and place on vase, wrapping around until the ends meet.

place on wet surface
7. Repeat for the second (and third or fourth strips). I just did 2 per vases.

8. NOTE: I aligned my ends on all strips so there would be one side with all of the cuts – my patterns did not match up at the end cuts, but it did not bother me.

9. NOTE: I DID try to align my strips so that the patterns matched up around the vase. See how they “match up” like if I squished them together it would make a complete pattern.
rosemary vase

10. Spray with soapy water and smooth out. Because of the surface and nature of the project, I did not really use a squeegee to smooth the Wallpaper for Windows out. instead, I sort of wrapped paper towels around the vase and squeezed.

11. Carefully dry! The wallpaper for windows will move while it is wet.

three vases

So, what do you think? It is kind of funky and fun…

vase close up
and I can see this on votive holder, candle holder, covering vases…
so excited to try this for a wedding or event!
vase bottom view

Now…head over and enter the Wallpaper for Windows GIVEAWAY!

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Disclosure: Wallpaper for Windows was provided to me for review and giveaway.


  1. This is such a clever way to use wall paper for your windows.

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. Very cute! What a good idea! I have a large glass vase that I would love to try this on!


  3. Love them! I am so going to copy this one...they will look great as a centerpiece!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  4. Love this project! Very clever!


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