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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tickled Pink No. 28

Before we jump into TICKLED PINK...a reminder!
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504 Main
A craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short story...a  poem...
a  fashion find...a  favorite product...your favorite  post...
whatever makes  your blog  fabulous!
That is what Tickled Pink is all about!
{and it does not have to be PINK}
I am Tickled Pink because...
My dog ran away...and came back! WHEW!
I am so happy he has that loud annoying collar right now!
{You can read about Ranger HERE}
Hanging out with a buddy on a sunny day!
My baby girl singing to me all day long
and just being a joy!
My big boy growing up!
We had teacher/parent conferences this week.
The kids actually present their grades and
reasoning behind the grades to the parents!
It was a trip!
A very cool offer...just in time for the holidays! 
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VERY COOL Prizes...
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DIY Club
And now...Tickled Pink!
Click {HERE} for a featured button! 
I LOVE a girl who can cook, craft, and build things!
Kara from Mine for the Making is that girl!
I have also mentioned more than once about "nice" being a huge criteria for me. She is that too! Kara is wonderful and has interesting ideas and, well, is just simply "all that and a bag of chips!" {does anyone else say that or am I the only dork?}
She blew me away when I saw this toddler bed as part of the "big girl room reveal."
YES - they made that. I am impressed!
 Now this is a project I have not attempted yet! I do adore the way this looks, such a personal way to decorate - so personal, so fabulous, so stylish!
Need a little something for that Thanksgiving or Fall table?
Kara has the answer. Check out these napkin rings
Kara also cooks and posts Food-a-licious Friday with yummy recipes like Apple Turnovers {one of my favorites!}. I cannot wait to see what else she is cooking up!
Did I mention she has a etsy shop coming soon! Can't wait!
Go visit Mine for the Making and see what is cooking or crafting!
Kara's tutorials are fabulous too...so you'll just have to try something yourself!
Stuff and Nonsense made me smile when she reminded me of Underoos!
Flamingo Toes makes everything pretty...
including these fabulous embellished T-Shirts!
I want to be laying right there taking a nap! Thanks Modern Country Style...gorgeous!
Check out the full master bedroom reveal here!
I LOVE sweaters...that is all I used to wear (even in So. Cal!) Cristina's Adventures has a twist ont he sweater...it is art!
Gracie Green Home shows us how to "do" a polka dot.
Look at this fantastic Buttercup bag from Vibrant Design! I want to make one NOW!
A great use of cork from A Little Bit Of Everything.
Fun and Fab Christmas trees from Emerald Cove.
My Shabby Chateau is celebrating Christmas with a little French accent.
Homemade seed packets from Life is a Party!
BJ's Sweet Nothings has a little ode to Pottery Barn that includes some serious eye candy {including my crate!}.
Halloween is gone, but file this one from Katie's Nesting Spot away for next year!
I adore any craft that includes kid keepsakes - like handprints!
Flirty apron tutorial from Just Sew Sassy!
Tick Tock...you must check out Craftify It's clock.
Shoe flare {LOVE IT!} from from the Nato's
Where I live people LOVE their dogs...a lot - too much even...look at 31 diy Dollar Tree doggie costumes!
Pretty Fall project with some really cool crafting techniques from Christine and Co. 
I love any and all weddings {unless Bridezilla is there}. Restoring Tracey has some great ideas for a DIY wedding and an awesome idea for a wedding display.
A Fab and unique frame from A Diamond in the Stuff and a chic sofa table too!
Lolly Jane shares her super-cute double-duty holiday decor.
A new way with chicken...just add pretzels! Mommie Cooks does it again!

Happy Friday!
Want to be Tickled Pink? Don't be shy!
Nominate a  product/person/idea/recipe/your own blog to be featured, simply email me!
It  is cool  to nominate yourself! I am only one person and blogland is  ginormous...I would love your input...I know there are amazing finds out there that I have not seen!

  1. Link  up...a craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short story...a  poem...a  fashion find...a  favorite product...your favorite  post...whatever makes  your blog  fabulous. 
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Just pay shipping and handling!


    1. Holly, I am so glad to hear that your dog came back! That would have been terrible to find him gone!

      Thanks so much for having me again today and for also highlighting those great projects from last week. I always seem to find a couple that I missed seeing!

      Best wishes and happy Friday,

    2. Holly thanks so much for the feature!! :) What a great list. I wish I had more time to spend going through all the links because I missed some amazing projects!! I'm off to check them out now!
      OH - and so glad your little dog came back. Whew. That would have been awful.

    3. So scary about your doggy!! Glad he is home safe now! Same thing happened with my little pups...thank goodness i walked to neighborhood yelling their names for as long as i did...and thankfully someone found the other at the park and called us (dog tag). Scary!!

      Thanks so much for featuring my blog :) You are so awesome!!

    4. Holly, I HAD those Underoos! Those were the days, eh?

      Mmmm...that pretzel chicken looks mighty tempting. Have you tried it yet?

    5. Those were my favorite UnderRoos EVER!!!

      As for that corkboard? I love it and I think I'm going to try it (if I have enough corks!)

    6. Anonymous3:11 AM

      First, I am happy about your doggy! Second, thank you so much for featuring our dotted room. xo

    7. Holly,

      Thank you so much for featuring Modern Country Style.

      I always have to do a double take when I see one of my photos on someone else's blog!!

      Hope you're having a lovely day,


    8. I am visiting from Mine for the Making.... I agree, she is just the sweetest thing! I love her blog and now she has brought me to yours..Love it!

    9. Thanks for hosting the linky party! And Kara is one of my favorite bloggers... lovely choice! :]

    10. Hey girlie! I miss you. How've you been? So happy to hear your dog came home AND would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to watch the kids explain their grades. Too cute.

      Miss you, hope you hear from you soon.

      Lots of yummy love,
      Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

    11. Oh I am so glad that you dog came back! That is one of the worst feelings! I love all your tickled pink features! Thanks for sharing my tree!!!

    12. Thank you for featuring the Wine Cork Board !

    13. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Love your Pink posts! That apron is so cute!

    14. I always make sure I run over here on Friday to see what you have found! Your pink posts always tickle me too!

    15. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Thank you so much for featuring my DIY Wedding and for the nice comments! With as excited as I got when I saw my ladder on your blog page, you would have thought I was on t.v.!!! I would like to put your "I was featured" button on my page, but I can't seem to make it work! I tried to select the code, copy, and paste, but it won't let me? Help!

      My four year old lets my dog out every other day...I have a small heart-attack watching him pee on all the neighbors trees and then he comes back. I can't chase after him because he only runs away. I'm glad your dog came back :)

    16. Another great Tickled Pink my friend! Thanks for linking up my chicken!

      I'm loving that apron! I've been getting an itch lately to sew some aprons. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to actually doing it.

      Yay for finding your dog! I can only imagine the relief. Have a wonderful weekend!

    17. All this stuff looks so good! Thanks for the tip off about the free canvas!
      ANd I"M SOOOO glad your dog came back!!!! I am always so nervous my dog might get away some day.

    18. I always enjoy Tickled Pink, so many great blogs to check out!

      Glad your dog came back!

    19. Thank God your puppy came back. My daughter's cat escaped the house last week, and she was a wreck for the 5 hours Bella was gone.

    20. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Those Christmas trees are so cute! I am off to check them out. Be sure to check out a couple of giveaways I have at the Shoebox! :)

    21. Sounds like an interesting teacher/parent conference.

      Kara does everything. WOW!!
      Awesome napkin rings and Apple Turnovers, yum.

      Mommie Cooks with chicken and pretzels.
      Sounds interesting.

      As always, Have a wonderful weekend!

      We are headed out to a Sunday School get-together.


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