504 Main by Holly Lefevre: DIY and Giveaway! Projects from the Silhouette Product Giveaway Bundle!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DIY and Giveaway! Projects from the Silhouette Product Giveaway Bundle!

I was like a kiddo at Christmas when my package arrived
with my Silhouette products!
My mind was racing {it still is} with what I could do,
what I wanted to do, what I had time to do!
{Giveaway link is at the bottom of the post}
The first product I decided to dive into was the Heat Transfer Material. Honestly at first I was intimidated...I have never used anything like this before, and was not sure I could master it. BUT I started using it and the ideas blossomed and I L-O-V-E it! This is such a unique effect for custom apparel and fabrics...I want all the colors!
Here are a few of the projects I have completed - 
NO MACHINE NECESSARY to use these cool products!
These projects all use the same technique for cutting and transfer,
so I am incorporating them into one fantastic post!
{I have a few more...I have used all of my Heat Transfer Material...even the scraps!}
These are the basic supplies for all projects in this post
White Heat Transfer Material, smooth
Yellow Heat Transfer Material, smooth
Scissors or Exacto knife
Iron {and cloth}
When I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl, I immediately started decorating her room...in my mind...then my hubby piped in, and my dream of pink frilly ruffles and ribbons crashed. Hubby often finds his inner designer as the most unfortunate times!

I finally found a design, a theme, an element, a color we could agree on!
So I painted these flowers all over her walls...
like a giant garden with bees
{to match the Wendy Bellissimo bedding}.
We are getting rid of toddler beds and such and making her room a big girl room...the flowers still work. It is a work in progress {I'll reveal that later!} but I wanted some "big girl" pillows for her new daybed. So, I traced off a flower from the wall to transfer onto pillows!

Download Jules's flower image HERE
1.  I made a template {you can download the one above!}.
2.  I numbered the petals so I would get them in the right order and then cut them out of the paper
3.  Place petals on the transfer paper and cut them out. 
4.  Lay the pieces out on the {pre-washed} pillow case to get your placement right.
5.  Peel the plastic backing off of the transfer material {there is a sturdy plastic backing on the transfer material and you need to separate it from the transfer material. The transfer material is very "tough." I was worried I would rip it or mar it when I took the plastic backing off...no chance this stuff is fabulous!}
6.  Position the pieces on the pillowcase.
7.  Heat the iron to prepare for the transfer {heat iron to no more than 300 degrees, typical cotton setting}
8.  Place a cloth over the design and press the heated iron firmly on the design for 45-60 seconds.
9.  Let cool and lift the cloth. If the entire design is not pressed down, repeat the process.
I was feeling inspired by my recent trip home to Southern California
and my days of hanging out on the beach...and wearing OP shorts...for this project!
I used the same supplies and process as above, but purchased a blank long sleeve T-shirt from Target and a pre-made denim tote bag from the craft store
{I was going to make one, but a girl only has so much time!}
{don't tell, this was my first try and I made one little mistake...
I forgot to trim my stripes that line up to the sun...oops!}
 {I had very reluctant models}

I used an old photo of my Dad surfing and traced
around it and then added a circle for the sun and some waves.
Download the surfer image HERE

Candles and DOTS T-shirts!
I really wanted to do a chandelier...but couldn't quite get it "right."
I found a cute stamp at a craft store and then saw
some decorations on Halloween and then added
my own twists to create my Candelabra.
I cut out the candelabra with scissors and then
used my scrapbooking circle cutter and a hole punch for the dots.
 {another reluctant model}
{I'll add a template for the dots tomorrow} 
I used the same supplies and process as above,
but purchased a blank long sleeve T-shirts from Target {wash them first}.

Download the candelabra image HERE
Had enough? There will be more!
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Crafty Cierra at Wild Party Wednesday

I was supplied with a product bundle to review and try out for this giveaway. Read my disclosure HERE.


  1. Great projects, Holly! I don't think I've ever used Silhouette brand, but I adore using heat transfer paper. A few years ago, my daughter went crazy for the Power Puff Girls, but this was past the height of their popularity so merchandise was impossible to find. I bought a bunch of shirts and made Power Puff Girls transfers for them. I gave them to my daughter for Christmas and she loved them.

  2. These are fabulous projects! I love my Silhouette so I am sure I would love the heat transfer material! Awesome!

  3. Cute pillow! I am not familiar with Silhouette products. I'm going to check out their site! :)

  4. Someone was JUST telling me about this transfer paper on Saturday! I've never heard of it before!

  5. O, you are gonna have so much fun with this. Since I don't have a single solitary crafting bone in my entire body, these beautiful things won't work for me. I'll just enjoy seeing YOU make pretties....
    xo bj

  6. These are all so great!! I love them - so creative and unique. The surfer and candelabra are my favorite - wow. Really fantastic Holly!

  7. You amaze me with what you do! These are all awesome....my favorite is the surfer shirt. :D


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