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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Confess...

I have a deal with the hubby...no mention of his name, no photos of him, nothing too personal on the blog. So as much as I would L-O-V-E to share all  my wildest confessions {they are kind of itching to be told}, I just cannot. BUT I can share some of the lesser, non-embarrassing ones! So, here in no particular order....my confessions.
  1. I watch entirely too much TV. Everyone wants to be on my team for Trivial Pursuit. The know the real answers I know the crap.
  2. Reality TV is H-U-G-E in my house. I watch it purely for entertainment....I know it is not real. They would not need writers if it was real! BUT I am getting bored...I think they have went through anyone who had a slight possibility to be on reality TV, and now we are left with D list reality stars..so sad.
  3. I drink at least 8 cups of coffee a day {I tried cutting back...I keep trying}
  4. I am so vain. I like makeup, manicures, pedicures, and fabulous clothes {even if I do not always wear them}.
  5. If it was not for the above, #4 {and the kids}, I would spend my days watching lifetime movies, drinking coffee, and eating pizza and brownies. Without the vain, someone would have to cut a hole in my house to get me out.
  6. I yell when necessary...you could even just say I am loud.
  7. I will be your best friend. I am fiercely loyal...but do not cross me. I forgive, but do not forget - fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  8. I have clothes in my closet from my freshman year of high school.
  9. I have about 200 magazines {hoarder!}. I don't really know the amount, but it has to be close to that.
  10. I spend too much time on the computer. My hubby asked where I was the other day, and my son said "On the computer, where she always is." That stung. That sucked. I have to change that. This is the only one of the confessions I feel I really need to change. I cannot figure out this blog thing...it is a love/hate relationship. I LOVE it. This is my space, but I cannot fit it all in. I have become a bad blogger...I don't return comment as quickly as I once did. I do not get to read everyone I want to {even those I don't want to}. I need to figure out a schedule {that should be #11: I stink at schedules and routines}. I need to exercise. I need to finish my book proposals. No, I am not quitting...juts venting. I have a post or two about this and a few other bloggy items coming up!
Happy confessing!
Oh yeah, Tickled Pink may go up late on Friday
{see #10 above for an explanation}
Mama's Losin' It


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I too have been spending a lot of time on the computer! Im trying to come up with a better schedule. If you come up with one first, please share it with me! lol =)

  2. I confess to the same things. I love tv and computers too much.

    I can easily visit with my neighbours on Wisteria Lane than with my "real" neighbours who I don't even know what they look like.

  3. I love TV and reading on the internet too :P

  4. Holly, maybe it's time to get back to what you love about blogging. The pure joy of writing what you want. The memes take up a lot of time...oh, they are fun...but I know you take your hostess duties seriously...one of the cool things about you.

    What about scheduling posts? Like MWF?...writing in the can posts? Make your posting work for what you're trying to accomplish? As in, each Friday I'm going to share my preparations for the holidays...or whatever.

    I can 'hear' the burnout in your words.

    Just step away. Re-focus. Refind your voice.

    If people don't like it that's too bad.

    But you will find the core of people who have always enjoyed your blog for the fact that it is a representation of you will remain. You can't please everyone all the time...and you will eat yourself up alive just trying.

    Buy a timer.

    You probably know what you need to do. I used to do the 'sparkler brain' on my blog and it was wearing me out. I couldn't be everywhere and do everything. So I peeled back to what I love, which is writing and telling my stories. I rarely do crafts, recipes or other memes. It's not that I don't think they aren't cool...they just out are off my radar for realistic time management.


    Sorry to have written the short chapter of a novel here.

    But I really admire you. I don't want you to burn out. You have so much joy and beauty to offer the world, Holly.

    But the truth really is, no matter how much you try you will never, ever, ever please all the people all the time.

    Just please you!

    Hugs and Hope and Friendship,
    Jenny Matlock

  5. Finding the balance is what I've been trying to do lately... I suppose partly it's forced because I've had a bout of writers block and I'm busy offline right now. I don't want to lose my space, but I also don't want Finn to only remember me on the computer either.

    Anyway Miss Holly, you know I have mad love for you and 504 and I wanted you to know you're not alone.

  6. I also spend WAY too much time watching tv and being on the computer. I spent all day on the computer and then come home and spend another few hours on there WHILE I watch tv. The TV is literally on every minute that I am awake and in my house! : )

  7. Holly: You just got even more interesting! Are you sure you are not my wife?

  8. Anonymous8:55 AM

    we have a lot in common!

  9. Oh Holly you are beautiful!! I have heard the computer thing as well and it does sting a bit. I wish I had the answer for you and me! :) I love tv and love watching movies too! My hubby says that I am full of useless knowledge! :) You are amazing and I am so glad to have met you! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. OMG! Seriously! You are my twin! I did not think anybody could describe me as well! LOL
    What a fabulous writer! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I feel your pain on #10. My kids aren't little anymore but its still hard to manage it all. But I only recently found you and 504 so don't go away yet! I think sometimes its about learning to say no to some things. That was hard for me to learn.

  12. I think the seams on the computer chair are permanently etched in my ample butt.

    I neglect things here at home, and waste way too much time online.

    I blame it on the economy, and on the fact that I've become a hermit...I rarely go out.

    I am leading a life of quiet desperation.

    Damn, that's pitiful.

  13. I'm sort of a television junky, myself. I don't sit down and watch it much during the day, but I do tend to leave it on and catch bits and pieces of shows or movies while I'm doing other things.

    Don't feel bad if you need a breather from blogging. I think we all feel a little stressed and burned out from time to time. I know I don't post nearly as often as I used to. I just couldn't keep up. Even now, I don't get around to commenting on every single blog every single day, but I do what I can and that has to be good enough. I haven't lost any followers, but I only get a fraction of the comments that I used to get, leading me to believe the number of people actually reading my blog has dropped. But that's okay, I was never in this for the numbers, anyway. I still love writing my blog and I still get excited over each and every comment. I still love reading everyone else's blogs, too. I balance it all as best I can.

  14. 8 cups of coffee???!! Good Lord, woman!!

  15. I wish I had a bit more vanity . . . then maybe I wouldn't be eating Milk Duds right now . . . and I literally mean RIGHT NOW as I type this. And trust me . . . I DON'T need to be eating Milk Duds. Vanity isn't always a bad thing . . . in fact, PLEASE pass some my way.

  16. Haha, I've given up my TV time for computer time. I now spend about 1 hour (maybe 1/2 hour) a day on TV and another 8 on the computer.

  17. ...hence my 5:30 AM wake up time to get it all done! ;)

    Well, okay, that and hubs is a stay at home dad so that definitely helps. I like to sit down for long stretches and write without interruption.

    8 cups of coffee? That's like me and tea when it gets cold outside. I've switched to decaf. Ha ha!

  18. Ooooh! I love blogger insights. It makes them seem much more human... especially when you think they might be superwoman in disguise! ;) I've gotten complaints lately of too much computer time. Its really hard to cut down!

  19. It's so hard to find that balance between living our amazing lives and blogging about them. It's quite the skill and I think most of us have yet to really achieve that skill.
    -stopping by from Mama Kat's Workshop

  20. As for me, I agree with #10.
    I am on the computer way too much.
    I cannot figure out this blog thing..
    I cannot fit everything in.
    When you find the secret please let me know :)

    Have a great rest of the week!!

  21. Stopping in from the linky at Mama Kat's...number 6,7 and 8...Yup that's me too!! Good luck with number 10, that is one I am working on too! I'm a new follower!! Thanks for the great read!!

  22. Holly, we all have confessions. And I've heard the comment too about being on the computer a lot. It sort of opens your eyes to what everyone around you is seeing.

  23. It's amazing how quickly the blog can become overwhelming. I remember not that long ago when I was twiddling my thumbs wondering what more I could do and now I'm lucky if I ever get it all done.

    My kids play pretend food blogger where they cook make believe food and shoot imaginary pictures of it. yep. I should probably heed #10 a bit better as well.

  24. Alright here ~ between the coffee (& chocolate), clothing, the fierce loyalty and even a couple of others...geez. What time can you make it with me to the support group? (And I would so love to compare our 9th grade clothing!!)

  25. This was SO fun to read!! You have such a full and vibrant personality. LOVE it. That's a TON of magazines girl! Now you're making your own magazines online. ;)

  26. Hmm...

    Left a comment about our mutual loudness and it has vanished!


    Darned Blogger and its "terminal errors."

    I think it was funny too.

    Ok, I'll put aside some funny for you for my next comment.

    I'll make it really count, too.

  27. I am reading your list saying..OMG! That's me...OMG, ME too...seriously...every single one of those things are true for me too!!!
    The ONLY difference is I don't drink coffee...I drink Diet Pepsi Max by the gallon. That's it/
    How crazy!!!
    I raise my brownie to you!
    Good day.

  28. I spend way way to much time on the computer and don't know what to do about it! My other projects are not getting done. When you figure out a schedule just let us all know!:)

  29. I am always behind on the blogging thing. When I first started and I had like 5 followers it was easy. Even 25 was doable. The more you get the harder it becomes. I am working on it too. And yeah, I am on my computer too much too. But...we still feed our families so that counts, right? The laundry doesn't HAVE to get done right? hahaha.
    I love your confessions. We are a lot a like. ;D


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