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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Get to Know Each Other

one project,
one cookie,
one pickle,
one remodel
at a time!

Holly Lefevre
Author * Designer * Creator

California girl, author, fashion designer, DIYer, crafter, wedding expert, mocha lover, and "Mama." I like to {make a mess and} let the creative juices flow...and with any luck it all works out. I grew up in a family with a “do-it-yourself” philosophy, so naturally I have made designing, crafting, and DIYing an integral part of my life. From glitter to plate joining biscuits to a jig saw – I love it all and embrace using materials in new and sometimes unusual ways to create a style that is clever, unique, and totally fun!

Here's a bit of what I do here.

I have...
built an ottoman.
installed a faucet.
made over my backyard.
moved 2 tons of stone.
cooked real food.
cooked good food.
(and a few icky things too)
made a mess.
not finished everything I have started.
watched too much reality TV.
stayed up too late.
drank too much coffee.

I promise to...
try to be original.
to put a new spin on the ordinary.
to create easy crafts.
to create complicated crafts.
to try new things
(bathroom remodel anyone?)
to not shy away from a challenge.
to be honest.
to have integrity.
to be ethical.
to be supportive of other bloggers.
to never make a cake pop.
to not use chevron.
to keep it fun.
to be REAL.
to throw in some sass.
to be polite.

So if you like it so far, here is the back story and more behind the craziness.
In a life a long, long time ago, I was a fashion designer. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles (long before Lauren Conrad was a "student" there). I did my time in the trenches and worked as everything from a Design Assistant to a Patternmaker to a Textile/Print Designer to Designer. I loved it...I hated it...I was harassed by bosses...made some great friends...and learned invaluable life lessons.

Then, all my girlfriends started getting married and the wedding bug totally bit me...so I went on to conquer the wedding biz! I planned over 150 weddings with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. Clients came to me for a fresh approach to wedding planning and my sense of style...and my practicality. I was the Co-Director of the Association of Bridal Consultants, Greater Los Angeles for 2 years.

My wedding planning "expertise" was featured in numerous glossy publication and newspapers, including Glamour Magazine, June 2011 and on Yahoo Shine (2/15/12) and GalTime

Oh yeah, I also hit the airwaves.
There was of course that brush with reality TV chaos,
but more enjoyable experiences were on
The Other Half, NBC
Lifetime, "My Best Friend's Wedding"

Oh and did I mention I write about weddings...
a lot!

One day someone asked if I could write a book...
I said "Sure,"
{more on that here}
and since then I have become an accidental author
of several wedding related books...and one fashion book.

My biggest job is to be a mom to two of the cutest, most precocious little turkeys around, and a wife to hubby {who is only mentioned by hubby and does not ever want to see a photo of him self here...how rude!}

Oh, You were wondering abut the name?
I am often asked "What...where...who...why the name 504 Main?"

Well, it is not my current address {do you think I am crazy}, but it once was.
I saved every last cent I had to move out on my own...no roommates, no nothing, just me and all the bills that came with it...but I LOVED it. It was such an amazing period of time. I learned a lot about myself and proved to myself that I can do anything I want to do. When I decided to start a blog I sent the name to a couple of good friends - not telling them anything but that it was a blog name. One of them responded back with exactly the answer I was hoping for..."it could be anything, your home, the coolest restaurant, a hip hotel, a swanky lounge, a cool artists loft, your favorite coffee shop."
There ya go...that's how I named it.

That's it...a peek into the crazy wonderful world here.
504 Main
If you have any questions, email me:

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