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Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Tickled Pink, 2nd Edition! And a Giveaway!

I’m Tickled Pink at 
504 Main
{what the heck is "I'm Tickled Pink" you ask, click HERE}
Have you just been dying to know who or what is next?
I know you have! Admit it! It's OK!
This week I'm Tickled Pink about
1 awesome blogger,
1 awesome project,
1 awesome green post!

The awesome blogger is Kelli from
Sustaining Creativity in a 
Busy Mom’s World
I have been hanging with Kelli for quite awhile and let me tell you, 
1. She writes inspired posts about love and family.
2. Shares her faith and love of God beautifully
and has taught her baby girl so well.
3. Is too sweet for words!
4. Creates to-die-for aprons {I own three!}
5. And guess what she bakes bread!
{I am sensing a theme here
- 2 weeks in a row -
brunettes, baby girls, and BREAD!}
Go visit Kelli and be inspired!
Oh and guess what...Kelli has something for you!
Yes, you too can get your cooker on and
be the proud owner of a
super cute Lima Bean Designs apron!
{See bottom of the post for details on how to win!}

The awesome project is
this Vintage Typewriter Keyboard Art from It's So Very Cheri.

I pretty much L-O-V-E everything about Cheri,
but this latest creation is absolutely awesome!
And guess what...you can buy one
or you can make one!
 photos from It's So Very Cheri

The awesome green post is from
Erin at The Mother Load
Erin is passionate about everything green!
She and Deb at Menopausal New Mom 
are joining forces to Go Green for Spring.
I seriously cannot even recap the fab tips in this post
{there's a giveaway too}. Just go there and read
Go Green for Spring for some great tips!

****I'm Tickled Pink to announce a WINNER**** 
Nikki at My Fantabulous Wonderful Life 
 won the Liberty of London for Target mini journals?
Nikki, please email me with your address so I can mail this off!

I'm Tickled Pink Giveaway #2
Entering is easy...three chances to enter per person
Entry One:
 all are required
*You need to be a follower of 504 Main
*You need to leave a relevant comment!!!!
"Nice journal", "Nice post," "Learn how to work from home,"
and the like - doesn't count!

Entry Two:
Go make give a comment at Kelli's place.
It's easy use the links above to find our fave posts!

Entry Three:
Tweet about I'm Tickled Pink with a link to this post!
Send me the URL of your tweet in the post.
Contest closes Thursday, 4/15/10 and
the winner will be announced on Friday 4/16/10.

Don't forget...you can also win A Ticket to Ride game..click HERE.
What more info on I'm Tickled Pink or how to nominate a product/person/idea/recipe to be featured, click HERE. Loving all of your ideas!!!!!!

Disclaimer - No one paid me or offered me anything. Kelly is donating the apron. 

My mom and dad are visiting {YEAH}...it is making visiting a little hard...but I am coming for your awesome commenters ASAP!

LINKING to Make New Friends Friday at Ain't She Crazy


  1. Hi Darling! I know how hard it is to blog and have family there. Have a great visit. I will have to check out these people you have introduced. I already know Erin. (Hi Erin)

    I will have to take some photos of my chickens that you sent to me. Now, I just don't want to get them dirty! :(

  2. Kelli and I should be friends! We have tons in common!! I LOVE the apron, and have actually been searching around for one that is more sassy.;)

    I love Cheri's blog (you were the first to introduce her to me.) I will definitely check out her project. Looks awesome!

    I recently started following the Mother Load, and adore her blog. I'm trying to slowly but surely go ALL GREEN!

    Great Tickled Pink Holly! Enter me in the giveaway... I'll do all of the things on the list right now. PS... I'm glad Nikki won the giveaway. She is a doll.

  3. Here's my tweet


  4. Oh, I was so excited to see Kelli featured - she's such a sweet person. And her aprons are beautiful!! {I have one, too} Thanks for these features, Holly!

  5. Just dropped by Kelli's and left her a comment! :)

  6. Holly,

    I am tickled PINK that you gave me and Deb a shout out for our green posts today. Thank you so much. I seriously don't know how you manage to do it all. And do it so well.
    p.s. I just bought a Liberty of London top and am in love with the line!

    Happy Friday

  7. p.s. going to check out these other peeps, the Etsy shop, etc. etc. shortly!


  8. Holly, thanks so much for having me on today!! You are so great! I'm loving the tickled pink features in general and I can't wait to read up about Cheri and Erin!!
    Thanks girl!!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  9. Great picks! I love this new feature on your blog. I've left you a little bit of sunshine on my blog today. Please stop by and visit! Have a great weekend!

  10. Holly, You featured some wonderful blogs! And that apron is just the cutest thing! I wear an apron around the house, my grandmother, mom and now me... all apron weareres. It keeps my clothes clean and tidy. As usual, I had a lovely visit!

  11. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Your post about this yesterday made me panic and think it was Friday and that I had somehow missed a day and missed my deadline, my hubs was in hysterics laughing at me!

  12. I love that apron, it's so pretty. I keep meaning to bake bread, and still haven't gotten around to it. Hang on, I'm just realising we haven't put an oven in our new house yet. Maybe that's something for me to think about. lol

  13. I'm soooo flippin pumped I won!! Thank you so much! I seriously don't think I've ever won anything!!
    I love the tips over at The Mother Load. I'm trying to start a healthier lifestyle for me and the fam and totally appreciate all the tips and tricks everyone has to offer!!

  14. I am a follower of your lovely blog! I think I need one of these pretty aprons! The one I use was free with a magazine subscription... it does the trick, but not nearly as beautifully as one of these would!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Hey Holly,

    Thanks for the post--you are so sweet. Do your gals realize how amazing you are?

    Of course I am a stalker--um I mean loyal follower of YOU.

    I can not wait to go check out the other sites as well. We really want to go all green. I would love to build a house that is totally green and super efficient--using the ION water heaters instead of burning gas all day to keep your water hot and have a huge basin for catching rain and storing it for re-use in our home etc etc.

    I love the train product below--it sounds like a great game. I will have to check it out. I will try to get back over to do it as well. My computer was down, most of the day yesterday, so I was behind, but I was already behind on our huge project from the new MckLinky thing all week--which I am going to post a FUN "enter any project you want" post with a give-a-way, here in a few minutes, so people can try the all New Improved MCKLINKY you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. With all the comments that came in this week he has improved it so it is AWESOME-you won't even recognize it.

    Have fun with your parents.

  16. Just an fyi--Holly
    I can't see the pictures of the apron or my board but I see the buttons for the blogs.

    Gotta love GOOGLE.


  17. Oh I love aprons .. use them everyday and hers are adorable. I have been a follower of this great blog for a while now!!

  18. Tweeted @lovethedecor
    Win a great apron from Lima Bean Designs http://504main.blogspot.com/2010/04/im-tickled-pink-2nd-edition-and.html

  19. Holly, you're an awesome friend to have! Besides being fabulous yourself, you are so giving and loving to all your readers, sharing everything you come across.
    Have fun with your parents! Love and hugs to you.

  20. What great links I will have to check out!! Have a fabulous weekend :)

  21. oooo, i love the aprons! and the dish towel on them is genious!

  22. I left Kelly a fun comment!

  23. Im also a follower and wish I had a twitter account!

  24. Oh, I love aprons. I have a bunch of patterns and fabric but never got around to making one for myself.

  25. Holly,
    Couldn't wait spent my lunch hour at 504 Main, so glad I did. I didn't want to comment on the older posts, I know but there is so much I want to share with you. The recipes, two thumbs up. Blogging etiquette, I can not tell you how much I needed that post, I want to be so correct in this as The Swing grows, but you helped me tremendously, also all your comments on these posts from such a wonderful group of people. So glad to be here, your'e a jewel, there are a few in this little corner, and you are one.
    PS, the window screen wreaths, do you know how many window screens were destroyed in Katrina, I could have really went to town. I am still pulling them out of the brush here and there with cleanup volunteering. Yes we are still cleaning up.

  26. Erin is so passionate about going green. I get lazy and think about throwing something in the trash instead of taking it down to be recycled and I think "oh, Erin would be mad!" LOL

  27. I just love Etsy store recommendations, that is how I find the best stuff!! I would love to have that apron. Once I get back to my own house, I'm going to sleep, craft and cook my little heart out!

    I'm off to check out her store and her blog and I will leave a comment there.

  28. I've been eyeing these cute aprons for a while! I especially love the built in cup towel- so cute and useful!

  29. That apron is soo cute!!!

    Have a great time with your parents! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they are there (I'm hoping good!?!?!) but I'm sendin' ya love!!!

  30. I am so addicted to aprons! I love them! My husbad thinks I am silly but I like feeling pretty while in the kitchen. This apron is awesome and I would love to add it to my collection.
    I am a follower

  31. I left a comment on Kelli's Writing Nooks post

  32. I love being introduced to new blogs! You have given us some very talented ladies to go and check out! Thanks for your sweet comments, I can't wait to hear about you not so lovely TV time :)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  33. I feel like I always leave a relevant comment unless instructed to do so. Then, I have a little brain freeze and wonder what a comment is really supposed to say. Nice, huh? And I bake bread and am brunette (well, the bottle is brunette anyway). No more baby girls for me though:( But I am a follower.

  34. I love that apron. It wouldn't take much difference in the pattern for that to be a lovely summer dress, actually! (or is that just me...?)

  35. love the apron! Wow!!!! She is so talented!!!!

  36. I am in much need of new apron. And that one is tooo cute!! I am on way to visit Kelli. I follow soverycheri! She found me from you I think. haha.

  37. I really like how you have featured others on your blog today.. I love that apron and want to stop by those sites when I can. I hope you are having an awesome weekend..

  38. The best blogs are the ones my blog friends recommend! Going to go now to see!

  39. Hi Holly, I finally had a chance today to check in to my favorite blogs...great features today! How cute is that apron - seriously? I really need to learn to sew properly. Hope you enjoy your time with your parents. I don't know how you have time to visit other blogs (thank you so much!) I love visiting 504!!

  40. Go to Lucky Star Lane for some sunshiney love :)

    Thanks Holly!

  41. I'm always looking for some creative inspiration..and this post reminds me that I need a new apron! :) Will check out Kelli's blog soon.

    Enjoy the visit from your parents!

  42. kelli sounds stunning! any mama that bakes her own bread deserves a gold medal in my book. her aprons are to die for. i want to win! i'm a follower.

  43. Thanks for introducing me to those fabulous finds! I am definitely going to check them out!

    Have a great week!

  44. Can't wait to visit all the hot spots. Thanks for sharing. The apron is adorable

  45. I love aprons and these are fab! I'm a follower! Love, love your blog! :)

  46. Wow, Holly, you must be getting some interesting comments to have to make a rule like that. yeesh! Anyhoo... I have a particular love for aprons, so I am excited about this giveaway! I will be checking her out for sure! Thanks for linking up with me and of course, it is NO problem. The more the merrier, I say!

    Have a great week.

  47. Hi Holly.

    Nice post. I like your blog. Your apron is cool.

    Ummm.... pick me!


    OK, I've been following your blog for a longtime now and I started with your wedding blog which makes no sense cuz I've been married ten years BUT I do love that blog, too.

    Nice blog.

    Nice post.


    So now that I made a relevant post I will also say that I wear aprons every single day and this would like nice in my apron wardrobe!

    Happy Tuesday.

  48. LOVE this idea Holly!!!

    LOVE the Apron!! Definitley need to win that! ;) I cook too much not to have me one of those! :) So, Tweeted it, but unfortuntaley Im a bit Twitarded, and dont know how to send you the URL for it, so Im just sending you ME on Twitter, http://Twitter.com/ArcoIris_hc. Hope that will be sufficent! OK, off to do my last thing for a third entry!!


    Iris :)


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