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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dreaming of a Vacation #TroopOneX #HTCOne

If you asked most people I know, they would not say I am the traveling kind.
I have the wanderlust in me...but the plane rides do not excite me...
BUT the desire to see the world outweighs my fear. 
I will hop on one of those flying machines to get to amazing destinations...

My kids are on break from school next week and while we are not leaving on a jet plane...I wish we were, and so I am taking a moment to dream a bit about where I want to go.

How about Paris?
I have been before and really hope to go again with my kids.
But for now I will make do with my daughter's La-Dee-Da doll and a pink Eiffel Tower bank.

Or the Beach?
Then there is the thought of sitting on a warm beach in Maui. We were just there in June...but so much has happened in our lives since then, we all need another vacay! I will have sand between my toes, but chances are quite good it will be sand from the California Coast.

Italy is another dream.
I have been there too, but long to spend a summer in a Tuscan Villa. 

My son wants to go to China. Maybe his grandma will take him?

My hubby has been buying rice like nobody's business...
I though his vacation was going to be as a contestant on Survivor.
Hmmm...so much to explore...so much to do!
I will enjoy another mocha and dream.

Where do you want to go?
I have been having way too much fun with my new HTC OneX smartphone!
As a member of #TroopOneX, I am roaming my streets capturing what inspires me.

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  1. Holly, it is a grand dream of mine to travel not only to Paris, but to other parts of that romantic country. Hopefully, my dream will come true in the not too far future. I have wanted to go there since I studied French language in high school. Lately, my dream has evolved a little, in that I now think that cruising the rivers of France on a long-ship would be just perfect!


  2. It's a dream of mine for one day my wanderlust to outweigh my fear! haha But until then, I will happily sit back in the kombi and travel to the beaches in Aus. :)

  3. I love the Maya Riviera but maybe at the end of the year I'll be able to go......Paris for Spring Break is what I am planning!

  4. Half the fun is in the planning! Enjoy the having your kids home on break:)


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