504 Main by Holly Lefevre: A Day At The Vintage Market and a Lemonade Stand #TroopOneX
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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Day At The Vintage Market and a Lemonade Stand #TroopOneX

This weekend was one crazy busy hoo-ha!
My kids had last week off and it was relaxing...
but we ended it with a bang.
I participated in our city's artwalk on Friday.
This weekend was also the fourth Friday of the month...
and to me, that means it is my favorite weekend -
time for our vintage wholesale market Pickings!

Vintage Goods
Succulents and and iron grate

Last month I sold my banners there,
but this month I shopped and my kiddos hosted a lemonade stand
(see more about that a bit later in the post).

Vintage Goods
Vintage Juicer

I just wanted to share some of my eye candy from this weekend,
as captured on my HTC OneX phone.
This phone takes the most amazing photos - I am blown away.
These photos may have been cropped but not retouched/altered at all...
aren't they gorgeous!? ENJOY!

Vintage Goods: succulents in a typewriter
Miniature gardens in all sorts of magical vintage vessels. This is a creation of THE SILVER PLANTATION

Vintage Goods, bottles
Cool bottles of all sorts

Vintage Goods, suitcases
Vintage Suitcases
egg crates
Egg Crates

vintage hat box
Hat box with a top hat that belonged to Bing Crosby

vintage jacket
Gorgeous old jacket

jars of vintage buttons
Jars of amazing buttons!

carved door
Gorgoues carvings on doors

vintage upholstered chair and paintings
The chair, the painting, the doilies...LOVE!

mattress springs and greens
Springs and Greens

vintage pattern books
Let's bring back stoles!

john steinbeck books
Lots of Steinbeck books - I do live in Steinbeck Country!
sweet girl
My helper...Posing

My helper...pouting

My kids hosted a lemonade stand at Pickings and will be donating a portion of their proceeds to help save the Lovers Point Childrens Pool.
We have a great ocean front pool here.
I have spent many, many summers wrapped in a blanket with coffee
watching my son learn to swim (summer is not warm here).
My daughter never had a chance to take swimming lessons there.
pacific grove

It was definitely a gathering place for mom's and kids during the summer.
The pool needs help. In 2011 it opened for 2 weeks. In 2012 it did not open at all.
The area around it is being revitalized...
and there is a grassroots effort to raise enough money $250,000 -
to fix and reopen the pool. They are half way there and every bit helps.

So...we tried...we did not raise a lot...but every little bit helps.
It was about the experience and feeling like they were helping!
lemonade stand sign

That is a peek into my life!
Hope you had a great weekend!
disclosure: The HTC One X was supplied to me by HTC.
Opinions, images, and content is all original.  
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


  1. Gorgeous photos! It looks like a wonderful place to sell and buy! I'm so glad your kids worked a lemonade stand to help the pool! It's great when children want to help their community! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  2. you mention vintage and it got my attention, I LOVE vintage and looks like you all had fun - beautiful items and pics

  3. What fun...and such a great thing to do with your kids.
    I love the typewriter with the succulents.

  4. Vintage stuff and lemonade sound good to me! Love some of those finds!

  5. How fun that they did a lemonade stand! And hopefully the pool can reopen. What an amazing view you would have while swimming there.


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