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Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrate! Frozen Yogurt Social #TCBYGrocery

Long before coffee shops were on every corner,
there were frozen yogurt shops!
Oh how I loved my frozen yogurt!
My friends and I spent so much time at the frozen yogurt shops.

I love the packaging..it is bright and cheerful...but I love what is inside even more!
Yeah TCBY Frozen Yogurt!

I am THRILLED frozen yogurt is making a comeback.
We have shops popping up all around my town...
You don't need to go out for frozen yogurt.
TCBY brings it to you...right in your home!
Simply perfect, TCBY Strawberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt in a waffle bowl with fresh fruit!

Recently TCBY launched their frozen yogurt in Walmart and I had the VERY EXCITING opportunity to shop for and indulge in their flavor offerings....
and then throw a party!
Now we are talking!
Place a cookie in a cupcake liner in a cupcake tray; Place one scoop of frozen yogurt on top; freezer; remove from freezer for about 5-10 minutes prior to serving!
I was super excited to head out with my little helper
to buy some TCBY frozen yogurt.
We arrived at our Walmart with a short list:
TCBY frozen yogurt
Some toppings...
and waffle cones!
My helper did not let me forget one thing!

I almost squealed when I saw the TCBY in the freezer!
Some of my favorite flavors were just waiting for me:
Mint Chocolate Chunk,
Supreme Cookies and Cream,
Strawberry Swirl,
Classic Vanilla Bean,
and the oh-so hard to resist,
English Toffee Crunch.
TCBY has some other amazing flavors available. 

The Walmart I shopped at did not have all of the TCBY flavors.
I look forward to trying more as they become available at this store.
I cannot wait to try the Orange and Vanilla Bars myself!
Some of my favorite all-time flavors!
Supreme Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chunk, and English Toffee Crunch
Pints and quart sizes to accommodate parties of all sizes! I got a few of each.

Then I spied them...the Chocolate Fudge Bars and the Strawberry Swirl Bars - a perfect low calorie treat for when the kids are asking (and they are always asking) or I need a little something sweet!
80 calories of sweetness and a sweet smile!
Look at my cart!
It is full of TCBY.
I was the envy of so many shoppers!
The cashier asked if she could come to my party.
We had fun shopping and you can read all about my shopping trip on Google+
Now that is a cart! I wish my cart looked like this all the time 

Of course once we arrived home,
we had to try the frozen yogurt.
It was necessary (of course!).
I was so impressed. 
What I really thought was fabulous was that the
TCBY frozen yogurt was CREAMY and DELICIOUS 
The creamy deliciousness combined with the 7 probiotics
and the fact that frozen yogurt has less fat and calories
than ice cream...oh my! My family is hooked!
A classic never goes out of style!
We all sampled the various flavors and then picked our faves!
Jules = Mint Chocolate Chunk
Joe =  English Toffee Crunch
I am a Classic Vanilla Bean gal!
(if you must know...we tried and loved all the flavors I bought)
The best way to experience the amazing flavor...served simply in a waffle cup!
I really wanted to share this unique opportunity and
with my daughter's blessing,  I decided to throw a
little surprise TCBY Frozen Yogurt Social for the kiddos
in her preschool class and the parents too.

And the sun even cooperated...
yes, it has been chilly here but the sun was shining on this party!
I though the bright colors went so well with the TCBY packaging.
It was "TCBY Frozen Yogurt Palooza" at the park that day!
I wanted to make sure the kids were happy and the adults were satisfied and that we all had the chance to try the flavors and varieties of frozen yogurt available. The kids were so patient as they watched me set up (and so were the parents).

The kids really enjoyed the TCBY bars
Strawberry Swirl and Chocolate Fudge! I cannot wait to try the Orange and Vanilla Bars.

Almost gone...YUM!

I was a popular Mom that day! I enjoyed being able to share this treat with the class.

We also had a
DIY Frozen Yogurt Sundae Bar
I offered up the flavors of frozen yogurt that were available at my local Walmart...
I wanted a few enhancements but not a ton...
I skipped additional sauces - it just was not necessary,
the creaminess and flavor of the frozen yogurt
needed to be experienced -
the flavors should be the star, as they deserve to be!
A few simple toppings...the kids love toppings!
The kids could select the following:
Waffle cups
Sliced fresh strawberries
Mini cookies
Whipped cream
Some simple toppings: mini cookies and fresh fruit

I also decided to try to make some fun treats!
(how to's coming next week!)
Mint Chocolate Chunk and Supreme Cookies & Cream
frozen yogurt "cupcakes."

A Strawberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt Pie with graham cracker crust

The whole pie...topped with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

English Toffee Crunch Mini Tasters 

After trying all of the flavors and novelty bars,
the kids #1 choice was the bars - Strawberry Swirl was the hit.
And so was the Strawberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt.
Look at those swirls and ribbons of Strawberry. So pretty!

All the kids came back for a taste of the "cupcakes"

The parents enjoyed the TCBY frozen yogurt a lot too.
One friend kept asking,
"Are you sure this is frozen yogurt?"
It tasted so creamy and yummy no one believed it was frozen yogurt!
TCBY has gained some new fans and made some "old" fans happy!

I could not have a party with some decor, right?
Having the party at the park made everything a bit more of a challenge -
the wind, keeping the frozen yogurt cold, etc...but it was worth it!

I decorated in some bright and happy and very Springy colors.
It has been dreary here but we had a beautiful sunny day.
Frozen Yogurt + Sunshine = Happy!
The TCBY Frozen Yogurt Table!
Frozen Yogurt Cupcakes in Mint Chocolate Chunk and Supreme Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt Pie, and a big container of Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry Swirl Bars. 

Everyone was excited to try the #TCBYGrocery treats and learn about this new product. What a fun way to spend a day in the park with sweet kids and awesome parents!
Thanks TCBY!

Be sure to Follow TCBY on Twitter and  Facebook!
And go check out the selection at your Walmart...
You will not be sorry!

How do you like to eat your frozen yogurt?

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  1. What a fun and cute party!!! I love all the colors and your pennants!!! awesome job.. the kids look like they enjoyed it too! xoxo- Rachel @ bubblynaturecreations.com

  2. Oh my goodness, love all your fun creations! :) Those english toffee tasters look FABULOUS!!! Most people at our party made little "sampler dishes" and the english toffee was definitely popular! :)

  3. I love those little flags! What a great idea!

  4. Looks delicious and a lot of fun! Megan

  5. Anonymous8:07 AM

    When I was in junior high, TCBY was a very popular spot to hang out on Friday nights after hometown football games... this post brought back fond memories!

  6. What a great party! So bright and colorful!

  7. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Love all your decorations, it looks like the kids had a good time, I am going to have to go get me some TCBY

  8. Oh goodness, this could be dangerous!

  9. Your daughter is gorgeous and they look like they are having so much fun!

  10. OOh looks so yummy! I can't wait to go try some!

    *I have a give-away going on right now and would love for you to enter!

  11. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Shirley said:
    Memories are flowing through my head. We use to have a TCBY and the closest TCBY is over 30 miles away. I want to thank you for this post,can't wait to get my TBCY fix,

  12. Holly~
    Everything looks so incredibly yummy!!! I hope my local Walmart will carry these soon. Your ice cream social looks like an amazing time. Wish I could have been there.

  13. very adorable and that baby girl is precious! I love your banner with the circle cut outs...may try that little twist.

  14. ZOMG...now I wish that there was a TCBY or a Walmart near me! San Francisco is a great place but sometimes I wish they had space for big stores haha.

  15. you kind of just changed my life -m I had NO IDEA I could buy TCBY in a store!

    p.s. thanks for linking up with our FB follow friday - love your blog :).

  16. So much fun to see your bunting, I just finished 30 feet of bunting so I am all too aware how much work goes into it. And your FroYo pie...how fun is that? Thanks for sharing, Coryanne

  17. SO CUTE!!! I love all your party ideas and the decorations are fabulous!!

  18. Oh my gosh! I LOVE what you did with the English Toffee Crunch! Everything looks amazing!


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