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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Playing with Decals! Daisy Decals - Giveaway CLOSED

***Giveaway CLOSED***
I just love cool things
(who doesn't right?)
and when they have a fun retro vibe..
even better for me!

Well, recently I was sent some Daisy Decals.
I totally fell in love with their retro flair and style.
I was so excited to get some of my own.
My daughter did try to "borrow" them...but I won!

I created a jewelry organizer using this 
 Vintage Girl decal that my daughter loved!
She makes jewelry all day...
now she has a special place to hang her latest creations.
CUTE! I want one too now.

These decals are fun and easy to apply and
a great way to dress up your computer...
Did I mention I love my new computer!?
New computer + retro phone decal + mochas = happy!

Why the phone on the computer you may ask?
Because email has virtually replaced all the time I spend on the phone!

Although I am kind of thinking I need the Typewriter.
I think that would be some good inspiration!
photo source daisy decals

My old school and very sad looking address book
is in desperate need of a makeover...
so it will be getting one with this
Retro Phone in turquoise!

Next up..my parents must have the VW Bus!
photo source daisy decals

So, what do you think...which one is your favorite?

Here is your chance to win one!
Open to US residents from 3/27/12 through 4/2/12 at midnight PST

***Giveaway CLOSED***
ONE Mandatory ENTRY:
Just visit Daisy Decals and come back and
tell me what your favorite decal is
(one entry, leave one comment)

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  1. My favorite item has to be the Retro Typewriter Decal. I'm a writer, so this would be just perfect.

  2. I like the retro polaroid camera ones and also the glasses one!

  3. I love the vintage girl decal!

  4. Great shop! I'm in love with the Retro Typewriter. It's just perfect.

  5. I'm between the typewriter and vintage camera, but since I write I think the typewriter wins!

  6. I like the Vintage girl bearrabbitbear@hotmail.com

  7. Can't decide if I like the camper or the bike cruiser best. Such cute stuff!

  8. I drive a VW bug so I would have to have the van....my hubby's dream is to have a refurbished one!

  9. oh my goodness how stinkin darling! I'm smitten with the beach cruiser and the trailer (ahhhh) but I think i'm in LOVE with that hello typewriter too! YUM!

    pick me, pick me!


  10. very retro i like your style and the design.

  11. I love the yellow submarine! Being a Beatles fan, it jumped right out at me!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  12. I love the view master one! Brings back a lot of memories.

  13. I am loving that typewriter but they're all pretty darned cool!

  14. These lil decals are so fun, love the retro style! I especially like the vw bus and cruiser!

  15. Super cute, Holly! Its hard to narrow it down, but I think I would choose the typewriter. :)

  16. So adorable! I love the typewriter!

  17. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Shirley said:
    Thanks for the post. I too like the typewriter.

  18. I love the Fashion Girl decal. Thanks for the giveaway :)


  19. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I love the cruiser bike decal....totally reminds me of summer! thanks for the post!

  20. the retro Polaroid camera is DARLING -- -her shop is adorable!!!

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