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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's READ! The Magic Warble and a GIVEAWAY! CLOSED

My son is an avid reader. I thank my hubby for instilling that in him. I used to read a lot (and not just blogs), but now between juggling all of my various components of life, reading for pleasure has taken a back seat to life.

That said, I do remember the sense of adventure, wonder, and amazement I experienced through the pages of a book and am so happy my son (and daughter) have that same zest for reading.

I was thrilled when author Victoria Simcox asked if I would like to read her book, The Magic Warble. I thought it would be a great way to snuggle up with my boy (before he gets to told to want to snuggle) and read a great book about adventure and friendship. My son is very fond of this genre of books, so I figured this is right up his alley.

He jumped into the book as soon as it arrived - he thought it "looked interesting." He is not a boy of many words, so that's a lot from him. Being visual, I was enticed by the illustration on the cover...it grabbed me.

The book is an adventurous jaunt through an enchanting land with "Dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals, and an evil queen." It has an evil queen...sign me up! It also touches on friendship and the special qualities people have within them.
As we read together, we were both enchanted with the story.

We tried to read the book together every night...some nights he would read and I would catch up the next day. Joe enjoyed reading through this wonderful journey and embracing its magical message. And, again any reason to cuddle with the kiddo is good!

I will not give away too much about this magical book...
but I will tell you that even thought the main character is a girl, but my son did not seem to mind at all (that has been a deterrent before). He enjoyed the story and the journey Kristina and her fairy friends, Clover and Looper, were going on.

And now you have a chance to win a copy of The Magic Warble
to share with your own little explorer.

Giveaway ends 9 PST on Thursday 8/19/11
Winner will be announced on Tickled Pink on Friday

It is super-simple to ENTER:
--PICK ONE of the options below--
---DO IT--
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disclosure: I was provided with one copy of the book for review.
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