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Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY! Accessorizing with Stencils and Chalk!

I have commitment issues...
so for my backyard fence,
I found the perfect solution.
I love to entertain and there may be a party or two in the future,
so I really wanted something fun and interesting for this barren back fence.

I figured since I am dressing up the playhouse, and then eventually will get started on the gardening...my fence needed some accessorizing...it was looking lonely. My son and I attempted to create some visual interest by creating a "tee pee" based on one we saw at Earthbound Farms...but ours never took off (the dog may have had something to do with that...it just may have been his favorite place to, um, relieve himself).

Anyway, every morning when I open the blinds in our bedroom I look outside and see a blank fence...so I had a BRILLIANT (if I do say so myself) idea.

And it is so simple!
Go checkout all the details at The DIY Club!
DIY Club


I used an allover random pattern for this larger stencil.

Step 1. Determine layout
Step 2. Tape stencil to fence (I simply used masking tape)

Step 3. Apply chalk. Now for this step, I sometimes used the side of the chalk and rubbed and sometimes had to use the tip to fill in.

Step 4. Repeat as often as necessary.
NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE. Based on the roughness of the fence (and your own desire for "perfection) your results may vary. I LOVE the way this looks on my back fence - rustic sunshine!

I live in a pretty foggy wet coastal area, and the one stencil has lasted for almost a week (EDIT - it lasted until there was big rain - months and months!),
so for a party, you could easily do this a day or two before.

Next up...I am trying a chalk/stencil rug!
Now of course I could have painted the stencil on...but I thought by using chalk, I could be playful and fun...imagine the fossils stencils on the fence for a boy's party, the chrysanthemums for a summer BBQ or an allover design to liven up the fence. Best part...when you want a change, just whip out the hose.
I live in a pretty foggy wet coastal area, and the one stencil has lasted for almost a week, so for a party, you could easily do this a day or two before.

Next up...I am trying a chalk/stencil rug!

Do you LOVE chalk!?
Have any crazy ideas for chalk at your house?

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  1. LOVE IT! This is one of those projects I say "why didnt i think of that??" Totally something kiddos can help with too :) Way cool Holly!

  2. Such a great idea! I've used chalk and stencils to decorate walkways, but I would never have thought to try it on a fence. You're so clever, Holly!

  3. The stencil goes beautifully with the rusty sign. I have a reed fence - i wonder if it would come up as well? I am tempted to try it. Great idea! Lynda

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I love this idea! It is such a great way to decorate a fence!

  5. Genius, Holly!! I love this idea for temporary decor.

  6. what a fun idea for summer time artsyness...my daughter will love doing this all over our driveway...thanks for linking it up to fridays unfolded!


  7. This is a neat idea. Love anything chalk.

  8. I love this idea, my yard is completely fenced so we could really have fun with it.

  9. love the stencil on the fence! i think that is a fabulous idea!!!

  10. Girl, you are brilliant! It would also be a great way to try out an idea for a wall or something that you aren't quite sure about. I really love this. Two thumbs up!

  11. Thanks so much Holly! I absolutely LOVE this idea! Definitely doing it at some point! :D I love it!

  12. This is such a fun idea for a party!! I love it - and it would totally work on block fences too! You are so super creative!

  13. Hi! I’m on a blog hop and saw your blog and fell in love! I’m your newest follower. I would love you to check out my blog at http://thenummylittleblog.blogspot.com/ and follow me!
    Thanks! -Jilly-

  14. I love it! It looks so pretty. I am staring out my window now looking at my boring fence...hmmmm. Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. That is really cute - and using chalk is super smart...then you could change the design depending on the theme of the party!


  16. I love chalk! I think this is an amazing idea! I definitely have commitment issues, this could work for me! Seriously!

  17. We have girls leave chalk-written notes on our sidewalk for the boys that live in our house but I don't use it. That's gonna change. These are adorable!

  18. That is beautiful. I wouldn't have thought of stenciling with chalk.
    Saved By Love Creations

  19. Hey there sweetie! These are great, I love this idea and the rug idea is perfect for my ever-changing mind. :)
    I hope you had a great summer!!

  20. What an awesome idea Holly! A totally original way to use both stencils and chalk for a non-permanent bit of chic decor!

  21. Wow! What an awesome idea! We built a privacy fence this week and I get to decorate it tomorrow. Love your idea for being able to change the design so easy.

  22. Anonymous11:14 PM

    I linked you in my blog today, because I'm am completely SMITTEN with this idea! I'm currently afflicted with boring white unpaintable apartment walls. This project has me dreaming of sort of temporary stencil application for them. Perhaps with washable crayons???

  23. Ok, that IS brilliant! HOW FUN! I'm totally digging this project for my next party!!

  24. I wish I had a fence to try this on- So cute!!

  25. This is just perfect! Even if you wanted something permanent - what a way to "test" out your design! This is such a cool project and I actually have a little wooden gate in my garden area. It has been needing "something". This would be great to try out different designs on. Thanks for this fabulous idea!


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