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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY! (Not So) Extreme Playhouse Makeover

I was under the mistaken impression that I would
get some serious projects done this summer....
but I forgot two things:
1 - The kids are out of school
2 - The weather is LAME...foggy and dreary.
It is nearly impossible to find the motivation to get outside
in the yard and work hen it is 55 degrees.
(I know whine, whine, whine!)
I did want to makeover my playhouse...It needs it. The playhouse (or shed) has been here since we moved and was a major selling point for my then 4 year old son...but he has moved well beyond the playhouse (he's so tall I am not sure he can even stand up straight in it) and now it has become my daughters...time for a girly makeover and to add a bit of sunshine to out foggy summer. (I think Mommy may want a girly little place too! Just sayin')

This will be a multiple step process - I am painting the outside, trim, door, all interior walls and floor.

But to begin with...the outside.

I have never painted an exterior before and up here it is hard...you clean and prep and then the next day it rains so you have to start over with the cleaning.

Here is what I used:

Go check out more details at The DIY Club!

DIY Club
Here's what I did: 
Wait for a sunny day.

    I have to finish painting (waiting for more sun...and time!),
    but look at the difference...
    Dutch Boy's Midday Sun is a gorgeous, cheery color!
     Halfway done (that thing on the door is going too!)

    This color is going to be GORGEOUS in the yard! I will get to wake up and see my own little sunshine bursting through the fog!
    How's summer treating you?
    How's the weather?
    Any tips on exterior painting?
    Disclosure: All or some products have been received as part of my affiliation with the DIY Club. All opinions are my own.


    1. Oh, I wish we were getting all that rain! It's so hot that the paint dries before you can dip it back in the bucket!

      Can't wait to see it finished! It's going to look great!


    2. What a cute playhouse and the sunny color will be just perfect. They say where I live in Utah we get So Cal weather. I am supposed to be living in a desert, but it feels like the tropics...raining almost every day. Joni

    3. I love the new color, Holly! So bright and fun!

    4. It's going to be super cute!! I do not have any tips for you for exterior painting and as far as the weather goes...IT IS TOO HOT and HUMID!!! Okay...sorry I just had to get the off my chest. Other than that the summer is going great!!

    5. I love love love the idea of sunshine every morning via your garden shed :) can't wait to see the finished product!

    6. Holly, the playhouse looks beautiful!

    7. So pretty! I love the yellow! I just recently added yellow to our back patio and it made the area so bright and cheery!

    8. Foggy, dreary and 55 sounds like a beautiful day right now! It's been so hot here! My cellphone wouldn't charge in my husband's car yesterday because it said the battery was too hot! :P Actual temps have been 108-111 this week, plus heat index.

      The playhouse is super cute!!!!!!!

    9. Wow - I can't even wrap my brain around the idea of 55 in Aug! Tx is reaching extreme levels of brain-melt heat. Even our lows (88) are record breaking high temps. I think I'm going to cry if we ever see rain again!

    10. this is too fun. i bet your little mini-me has so much fun in there!

    11. I also like the idea of using the color yellow as the main color in painting this mini house. The paint made the house cheery, lighter and compelling. I also love the color combination.

      Grand Rapids historic homes


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