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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Dream of a FAB Workspace

There are two areas of my house that are extremely neglected
(OK, I am not counting the garage!).
The first is my master bedroom (so sad!) and
the second is my office or creative space.
I actually have a hard time calling it a creative space....
there is no space...and it does not inspire creativity!

When I was a wedding planner one of my first purchases was a gorgeous
computer desk. It was big and lovely and there was plenty of room for me to write and plan and organize everyone's weddings.

We moved to a new home and I had a great office space - right in the middle of the house, fabulous skylight, easy access - I painted it and fancied it up just a bit. I was not crafting at this point, so a true creative "I-can-make-a-mess" space was not necessary. Then...I got pregnant and this needed to be the baby's room.

I moved the true office upstairs into the guest area of the house, but it was not as easily accessible as the other locale. Slowly but surely part of the office made it's way to the family room. I currently have my laptop, my organizer and some (too many) files, idea books, and magazines on a table in there. It is convenient, but I cannot turn off blog brain/computer brain/writer brain...I am always looking at it....and if I can see it, it haunts me...and it does not look that pretty either.

I am in the process of revamping the family room
and would love to include a gorgeous home organization center -
if I call it that I feel like I can justify how much we need this -
"See honey, it says HOME...not just HOLLY!"
(think hubby will go for it?)

I also really love this ebony computer armoire is gorgeous too.
I tend to be drawn to ebony right now.
(if all goes well, ebony will be the accent color in the new room)

I will have to say, and bear with me, because I am now going in a completely different direction that this drop lid workstation in worn white is also pretty darn gorgeous!

All so different eh?
Wonder why it takes me so long to pull everything together - oh my brain!

I would be over the moon with any of these computer armoires.
It would make my work space look so tidy and put together...
and I could pack it all up, shut the doors, and concentrate on the crafting and the creativity that often gets sidetracked by my love of the computer!

Anyone have any tips on creating a great workspace?
I am going full force with all of these plans as soon as
my book is finished and sent to the publisher.

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  1. I have a computer workstation from IKEA that is about ten years old. It is open and very very very messy most of the time, but I love being able to close it up when I need to. It's a natural wood that has darkened over time, but it works well in my space. I highly recommend one! The ones you like are fantastic ;)

  2. I took over the breakfast nook that was never used. It's perfect because it's between the laundry room (where I store extra supplies) and the kitchen. Mine's not matchy, matchy or neat and tidy but I love it. Someday it may even be clean enough to post pictures of!

  3. i have taken over the whole house! each room is beginning to look like a storage closet...it makes me sigh in disgust every time i think about it. we have talked about turning the dining room into a creative space...just off the kitchen it would double the size of my food related work space.
    i love the ebony cabinet you've chosen...so gorgeous. the white is pretty too...but i will say, i had a secretary like desk growing up and it never quite made it back to the "closed" position...i like the shut the door and hide it solution :)
    hope your book is coming along and you aren't too stressed

  4. Oh, Holly, if you only lived closer you could have my computer armoire! I love it, but it's just too large for my office. It looks a lot like the ebony armoire you have pictured, but it's unfinished (still haven't gotten around to choosing a stain or paint for it!).

    My office is long and narrow so I'm planning built-in bookcases (shelves on top, cabinet space on the bottom) on one wall and a slim desk and window seat on the other wall. I'm still torn between staining and distressing the wood for an antique feel, or painting it white for a fresher, brighter look. Decisions, decisions....

  5. I wish I had a fab workspace too! We moved into a smaller apartment a couple months ago and there is no space! My craft stuff is everywhere! I'm trying to work on creating a space in our dinning room since it's not used much anyways. I really like the white drop lid workstation the best! The white seems more relaxing for a workspace.

  6. I totally know what you mean! It's so much easier to spread out in one area, but the family room becomes a mess when you're constantly working in there. Those desks are great and it's nice that you can fold everything up and hide the mess. I'm so happy to have a craft room to work so I can keep my mess in one place and not disrupt the whole house : )

  7. These are beautiful Holly! I would love one as well, just looking at my computer when days that I don't have time to be on it just bothers me. I would also love a space where I can put all of out mail and homework and other papers that are all over the place!

  8. I don't have a computer workstation... but these are all lovely! xo

  9. I would love a fab work place. I don't have one and most of my supplies are stored in the basement or tucked in places all around the house. It makes for good exercise, though. I am always forgetting something and having to run up and down the stairs. Lol

    Good luck-hopefully you get just what you need.



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