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Monday, May 23, 2011

Coffee Table Woes Solved

Being the romantic that I am, I once gave my husband a coffee table for Christmas. Not because he was begging for one, but because I thought the townhouse needed one. That was years ago, many years ago. We have since outgrown that townhouse and that little coffee table has tagged along, but it is time for a change.

As soon as this book is done, I have a laundry list of things to accomplish, but high on that list is my (already very delayed) family room makeover. I typically tend to mix and match different furniture but this room already serves so many functions, I am looking for a Coffee Table Set. I think the rooms need some consistency and a set will provide a nice cohesive element.

However, have I mentioned the trouble I have selecting furniture. Mainly because knowing my hubby, I will have it FOREVER...which if I make the right decision is fine.

I have been looking around and found a few different sets - all quite different that appeal to me.

This Three Piece Occasional set is quite lovely and traditional. I like the clean lines, but is it too traditional for me? Will I be upset the first time a hot wheels car gets dragged across it?

This beautiful Kathy Ireland Home set would be high on the list...It has storage and I always need more storage! I love the slightly distressed finish too - that would make those scratches that I know are coming fit right in for sure!
Tables with glass insets are another option. I love the idea of the freshness of the glass - in spite of the fact that I would be cleaning little fingerprints constantly. I love the feeling the glass offers.

I wonder what I can talk hubby into?

Anyone have any advice on what they like or
do not like in their coffee and end tables?


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  1. we found our coffee table at an antique store/flea market made from old wood.....i LOVE it with 2 kids....you can't mess it up! (and the $20 price tag was pretty sweet!)

  2. I have a coffee table with glass inserts. I had it way before I even imagined having a child. Now that I have a little one...who is almost 2, I want nothing more than to get rid of it. She loves to lean on the glass and bangs toys on it. I am constantly worried that it is going to bust one of these days. I really like your second choice though.

  3. You're probably going to regret asking for opinions because I can get long winded when it comes to interior design (I went to school to be an interior designer, I do it part time)! I'll try to constrain myself.

    I'd love to see the style of the rest of your room. Of the sets you have pictured, I like the Kathy Ireland set the best. Extra storage is always a good thing. I agree that the glass table has a nice look, but I worry about having a glass top with children around. Not just because of the fingerprints, but because it is so much more fragile than wood.

    Don't forget to consider the height of the upholstered pieces in your room when you choose end tables. In my living room, for example, the arms on the couch and loveseat are quite high, so I have a tall antique table between them (L-shaped arrangement). Otherwise, it would be awkward to reach a drink, a book, the remote, etc. over the arm.

  4. I've had traditional (Ethan Allen), I've had glass and now I have round, dark wood and iron. The Ethan Allen table was a beautiful rectangle. My daughter fell twice, 2 weeks apart, when she was 2 and hit the corner. The first time, she slice her eyebrow and had to have several stitches. A couple days after they removed the stitches...she fell again (actually, my son who was 4, pulled down the side of her playpen and out she came) and sliced an artery across the bridge of her nose. More stitches, lots of blood and I had my husband carry the table out before I took her back in the house. The glass top tables came after my kids were older, but all my friend's kids would beat on them and I was scared to death they would break the glass and hurt themselves...those tables just weren't a good thing to have around, out they went. My round one...distressed by the grands little cars, scratched and spilled on, but it seems to be as safe as possible for having small ones around. I can always get a new table when little people stop coming to my house!


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