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Thursday, May 5, 2011

DIY! Sunburst Table with Biscuits!

I made this FAB table (or medallion  - see photo at end of post) for The DIY Club last summer, but it is still one of my favorite projects. It makes me happy!
(and hopefully you too!)
It has been sunny here, and I am enjoying every minute that I can...
as soon, my kids will be out of school, summer will be here,
and the fog will roll in. We may not have a lot of summer sunshine,
but I am creating my own! I am celebrating Summer...
and it's bright happy days (except here on the tip of the Monterey Peninsula),
full of sunshine and laughter {and the occasional "Mom, I'm bored"}.
I have already professed my love of the hardware store 
and how it inspires craft projects...
and occasionally the home improvement project beyond my skill level.
My pal Iris of ArcoIris and Til Death Do Us Art created these AMAZING earrings.
There were totally my inspiration! Thanks Iris!
So, back to my ramblings...
One of my favorite hardware store doodads is the biscuit. I simply adore the shape and versatility of this little goodie. And, finally I have discovered a fat-free biscuit!

So what do you get when you have a cheapo decorator table laying in your garage, a container of plate joining biscuits, and some super fabulous bright summery Patio Paints from DecoArt? Well, I am going to give you a party cocktail table turned hanging medallion.
1. 20” Decorator table (from craft store, etc.  – The kind with the screw in legs) OR any round table you can find hanging around or at a thrift store. The craft table provides the option of hanging this project on the wall as a medallion.

2.Patio Paints from DecoArt
* Blue Bahama (8oz.)
* Citrus Green (2 oz)
* Azalea (2 oz.)
* Marigold (2 oz.) 
* Petunia Purple (2 oz.)
3. Plate joining biscuits, Rockler (or from hardware store). I used #20 size
4. Gorilla Glue Wood Glue
5. Wide foam brush (2”), Rockler
6. Smaller paint brushes
7. Sealer
8. OPTIONAL, but RECOMMENDED: glass topper for table.*****

1. Layout out the biscuits in a circular pattern on the tabletop. Be sure the point of the biscuit is flush with the edge of the tabletop.

2. My design required 4 rings of biscuits. 1st ring, 54 biscuits, Deco Art Patio Paint in Azalea;  2nd ring, 37 biscuits, DecoArt Patio Paint in Petunia Purple; 3rd ring, 24 biscuits, DecoArt Patio Paint in Citrus Green; 4th ring, 9 biscuits, DecoArt Patio Paint in Marigold.

3. Remove biscuits from the table top, keeping each circle together (so that you know how many you need to paint in each color).

4. OPTIONAL: My table is a low table, if you want your table to be a lower cocktail table, cut table legs off evenly now.

5. Paint the top (and bottom if you choose) and legs of the decorator table with DecoArt Bahama Blue. Let dry completely. COLOR NOTE: This is how I placed my colors_of course you can use any colors and any combo you prefer.

6. Layout the separated biscuits on a protected surface and begin painting, one color at a time. HINT: throw in a few extra biscuits in each color. The biscuits are not perfect in shape and you may find one or two not to your liking. Let each color dry completely.

7. Once dry, lay the biscuits back out on the painted and dry tabletop.

8. Begin gluing the biscuits down in your pattern using the Gorilla Glue Wood Glue. I flipped 5-6 over at a time applied the glue and then flipped them back over.

9. Once all biscuits are glued in place, let dry.

10. Ta-da! You are done. Screw in the table legs and you have a super cute table for a summer party. I highly recommend using a glass table topper, as there are crevices are grooves, which could make this hard to clean up spills.

Guess what?
You can take the legs off and hang it on the fence for a little bit of cheer!
Check out the Trio of Summer Medallions 
I also created for the DIY Club
Come on now...can't you just picture hanging out with
a margarita or sparkling lemonade and some salsa!
What is your favorite beverage to keep you cool in the summer?

Get Your Craft On at Today's Creative Blog!

DIY Club

DISCLOSURE: As part of the DIY Club, I have been supplied with vendor sponsored products to complete my projects (DecoArt, Gorilla Glue, and DISChangers).


  1. Really pretty! Very unique idea!

  2. Wow! Super cool idea and insanely creative girl! :)

  3. Nice! And here I am just using them to join pieces of wood together! HA!

  4. This is a very neat and unique table! I absolutely love the bright colors! Sooo cute :)

  5. Super cute table. It would brighten up any space. I would love one on our deck.


  6. I remember this table. It's one of my favorite crafts I have seen on your blog or anyone elses! SO COOL!

  7. definitely a summer bumper...how could you be sad with this fab table by your side. i love the colors and the pattern!

  8. oooh I luv it, great idea for a child room.

  9. I LOVE this, Holly! You are so creative! So fun and gorgeous!

  10. Hello deary! I hope that you have been doing well. I love your table, it is very cheery and bright.
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day!!

  11. Ooooo....sooo colorful & pretty! It makes me want a margarita to sip on! :>

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you, Holly. Goodness knows, you've earned it. You've been so busy! Maybe a margarita should be waiting for you....have you tried the Skinnygirl Margaritas yet? Yum! I like both what's made in the bottle and making them at home following Bethenny's recipe on her site.:>

    Happy early Mother's Day!! :>

  12. Oh my! This is a stunning table top, so wonderfully summery!

    I've seen those biscuits and never had any idea what they are actually for, now I know, making pretty table tops! Thanks for sharing such a fab idea.

  13. What beautiful colors! I love this :)
    It's funny that you're running your blog hop late today - I'm running mine early! Not "Baaad" Sundays is up already, in an attempt to help out my confused fellow campers from Camp Blogaway.

  14. Just found your blog...LOVE your style...following now! Visiting from secondchancesbysusan.blogspot.com

  15. Bright and brilliant and so creative! Thanks for linking this up to "BFF"!

  16. Came to your blog hopping along from Thrifty Groove and am I glad I made the click! Love the project and had to follow you.

  17. I stumbled this days ago, but it was still on my mind, so I had to come BACK to say how lovely, bright, and happy this table is--perfect for summer!

  18. What an amazing idea for a summer table! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!


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