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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tickled Pink No. 22

What does it mean to be Tickled Pink? 
504 Main
"The tickling pink concept is of enjoyment great enough to make the recipient glow with pleasure ." -The Phrase  Finder

I am Tickled Pink because...
well, honestly I am still a little crabby...I need more sleep,
"Happy Blogday to Me"
WOWIE! - On Tuesday my blog turns 1! Well, technically I had the blog for over a year before I wrote anything, but I am counting the date of my first post as my birthday.
I will have a COOL giveaway to celebrate!
I saw this store our our last road trip.
I did not get to go in {sniff, sniff},
but I may make a special trip just to shop there!
Besides it would not have been fun -
hubby was with me and he is trying to nix my junky ways.
Also, an apology to anyone who may not received a response from me...I accidentally emptied my SPAM box, which was also full of real emails! Email me again if you asked a question and didn't get an answer.
Tickled Pink No. 22!
Don't be shy!
Nominate a  product/person/idea/recipe/your own blog to be featured, simply email me!
It is cool  to nominate yourself! I am only one person and blogland is ginormous...I would love your input...I know there are amazing finds out there that I have not seen!
NOW...Link up...a craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short story...a poem...a fashion find...a  favorite product...your favorite post...whatever makes your blog  fabulous. 
You get the idea, right?
Guess what? You post does not have to be PINK!!
This day is about stuff we {heart}  from our own blogs or from others.
Click HERE for the "I've Been Tickled Pink" feature button.
You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry,
because Christmas is coming! Some crafty peeps, like Elizabeth at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas are ambitious in their ways are are going to craft their way to the holidays!
But do not fret if you are not crafty {or do not celebrate Christmas!},
there is a lot more GREAT stuff over there

I was first introduced to Elizabeth through her blog button feature {she asked to feature my button and I was honored!}. Since then, I have been blown away by her creativity. She has great tutorials to go with her crafts and her blog is genuinely a warm and comfy place to hang out...and she is on a journey...12 crafts till Christmas! LOVE this idea!
Her Pretend and Play Mail Carrier Kit is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! What a fun and creative way to get kids practicing writing and build their imagination.
And, check this out...she made GUM with her kids! That is brave. I would have never thought about it - what fun! I would have to buy in warehouse quantity sizes because my little one thinks gum is "out of this world."
Elizabeth's post about her messy family room or holy moment?
is one I relate too all too well. I catch myself doing the same thing {you have to go visit to see what that thing is} and a good reminder is always welcome {and sometimes necessary!}.
A little about why she blogs and a shout out to her mom is definitely something else I can relate to as well. It is moments like this in my own life that make me be a better mother and also allow me to truly appreciate my own mother.
Elizabeth's own words are poetic...
"In this blog, I have the opportunity to pass on memories to my girls - memories of what I made for them, how much I loved them and a glimpse of what gave me creative life as a young mom"
OK, I am not Tickled Pink about all this SEO nonsense.
Please excuse my ramble! I feel the need to vent!
I have been thinking about this a lot as I approach my 1 year blogday. Am I the only one who doesn't analyze this? How do I get better at it? Do I need to? I have so many blog related posts in draft {and a few in my head} I cannot wait to hear everyone's opinion! I'll post a little about this next week.

My Repurposed Life
Speaking of blog-related posts...
Gail at My Repurposed Life has a
B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T post on blogging tips
that will "change your bloggy life!"

I also really loved a couple of bloggy things Debbie has written recently.
Go check them out {HERE} and {HERE}.
It is time for the Gorilla Glue Party!
DIY Club
Head on over to my post about it {HERE} to see the rules...
#1 You obviously need to use Gorilla Glue on your project...
and there are a few others.
You can also link up past DIY Club entries that used Gorilla Glue!
DIY Club Party
New Look! Big Changes!
We are looking oh-so fabulous over at the DIY Club.
Go check it out.
DIY Club
Also, the September party is still happening through 9/16...
the parties will now go for 2 WEEKS!
More time to link up your fabulous projects!
AND, the winners will no longer be determined by voting,
the panel of DIY ladies and a Guest Judge will be
voting be based on various criteria, outline {HERE}
Thanks EVERYONE for linking up! You are all awesome and I appreciate you sharing your ideas and talents. I do my best to spread the love around. I would SPOTLIGHT you all every week, but that would be a L-O-N-G post! I try to visit every post - I do my best.
Chocolate dipped Nutter Butters from Sumo's Sweet Stuff.
I taste trouble - good trouble.
Anyone want to come over so I do not eat them all?
Buttermilk Pie from the Pumpkin Tart.
Every week she surprises me with a new idea!
made to her built-in's is inspiring. The colors and details are great.
A FABULOUS re-purpose  - clock to jewelry holder-
from My Shabby Chateau!
Peach Smoothie from the Lazy Budget Chef.
I think the rum won me over! It has been a long couple of months.
Kitchen makeover from The Inspired Nest!
I am still finishing up my kitchen - little details here and there - 
so I LOVE checking out other ideas.
Dreamy soap giveaway...at Moore Minutes - Hurry  it ends 9/13
Great piece of art from a cabinet door at The Answer is Chocolate.
She is busting her stash - I SO NEED to do that!
Brilliant Idea from Paisley Passions -  a Chalkboard Table.
Great repurpose with a great video and
pictorial tutorial to match from i.craft@BeeWise.
AND, because a girl needs 2 blogs,
from i.gourmet, an awesome bread recipe that I am dying to try!
Fantastic basket makeover from Room to Inspire.
What a great technique from Christine and Co.!
You have to check it out to really appreciate the effect.
Something Pretty made this chic book page topiary.
I have a book looking for its topiary!
I really think there is not much cuter than teeny boots (I cannot bear to get rid of my daughters ugg boots). Look at these adorable boots from The Train to Crazy!
Sweet birdie mobile at Life is a Party.
I struggle with closet doors...I destroy them {ask my mom}.
Here's a cute alternative from Just Sew Sassy.
Love this idea from Cheri at It's So Very Cheri!
You can always take a little of home with you!
It is vinyl people - how awesome!
It's pink. It has ruffles. It has a story.
LOVE this pillow from Sassy Style Interior Design.
Have you ever thought about teaching someone else?
Paint it Sew Thrifty has some great advice for you!
Check out the tutorial for scraptastic flowers too!
Happy Friday!
I know everyone is super busy right now!
Thanks for taking the time to link up!
No giveaway this week,
because I have one to celebrate next week!
Come back on Tuesday - 
and anytime before -
I have lots more DIY Club projects!}
for the Blogday Party!

504 Main

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  1. Well Happy Early Birthday!! Woohoo! :) So excited for you. Can't wait till Tuesday.
    And I so agree with your feature today - Twelve Crafts is one of my favorite blogs. Elizabeth is the best!

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Love your posts! Im gonna check out that soap giveaway!

  3. You are the BEST, seriously. I'm happy you linked the soap giveaway. I really don't think I've met anyone in this www land as thoughtful and giving as YOU. I appreciate YOU. :)

    I always love Fridays here. There is SO much to see! That bird mobile is adorable. <3 And I'm starving so don't get me started on the featured treats here...ugh

  4. Hey Holly! Oh my, I have to make those Nutter Butter deals from Sumo's Sweet Stuff for my DH. He'd be obsessed. Hope you're getting ready for a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for featuring my Buttermilk Pie! You "tickled me pink"!


  6. Ok that store is just too stinkin cute! Next time you visit, you should take pictures of the INSIDE of the store too ;) and post them of course :)

    Love your party! Love your blog!

    Happy Friday Eve!
    Kara @ Mine for the Making

  7. EEK! Holly I just realized that I accidentally posted some of my projects on your gorilla glue/diy club post! Can you remove them for me, as I did not use gorilla glue in those projects. So sorry! I will pay better attention next time!!


  8. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Early Happy Blogiversary. Will do my best to be here Tuesday for the real thing.
    I keep saying that after LAbor Day I am decreasing treasure hunting and getting down to crafty business. You have given me great inspiration to do that.

  9. Congrats on your blogaversary!!

  10. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Wow Holly, it's my 1st Blogiversary this week too! Happy blogiversary to you sweet Holly!

    Thanks for letting me know about the Christmas ideas. I have posted some Christmas ideas too!

    Best wishes and thanks for having me,

  11. Thanks so much for hosting another great party!

  12. Thanks for featuring my nutter butters - hope you've enjoyed some!

    Sumo :)

  13. Happy Blogoversary, Holly! You are awesome!

    I am ignorant about SEO stuff, so I will look forward to what you're going to post about it next week. I am so dumb when it comes to all things techno.

    Thanks for letting me link up---and those Nutter Butter things? I'm all over it. The bird mobile is darling, too!


  14. Congratulations and happy early Blogiversary! Your blog's only a year old? Get out!

    Thank you SO much for featuring my cabinet door project! That is definitely my "tickled pink" for the week!

    Great feature on Elizabeth @ Twelve Crafts. She's great!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and stopping by and following me. I love finding new blogs.


  16. Hi Holly!

    thanks for hosting! And a big congrats on your blog anniversary!!

  17. You're so right the rum MAKES the peach smoothie. TGIF!

  18. Happy Early Blog Birthday!

  19. Hello!!! We are your newest followers! We hope you will come visit us at www.justmarriedwithcoupons.com, Have a great day =)

  20. Thanks for the heads up on the Buttermilk pie recipe at Pumpkin Tart! Buttermilk pie is my favorite... after coconut cream pie... and maybe apple pie... ooh and don't forget chocolate meringue pie... oh my!

  21. You had me at chocolate covered nutter butters! How yummy!

  22. Hey Holly! Happy Anniversary... can't imagine the blog world without your warmth and kindness.

  23. You should be tickled pink!~ 1 year already. Isn't amazing how time flys. Happy Early Birthday:)

  24. Congrats on turning 1 ~ how exciting~perfect reason to be tickled pink!

  25. You always overwhelm me with so many wonderful things with tinkled pink! I have so many great things to check out now. Thanks!

    Congrats on your impending Blog-day. I just celebrated mine by changing blogs -- LOL!

    (formerly 38Traci)

  26. I love antiquing and quirky little shops like that as well! Scott won't step foot in them though, so I don't get to visit them very often.

    Happy 1st year to your blog! You've really built yourself an amazing site. I love my visits here and it's plain to see why you're as loved as you are.

    And last but not least, I just finished at a blog conference this weekend where the woman running it basically said she was more successful when she just stopped thinking about SEO and spent her energy instead on writing great posts.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  27. Happy Blogoversary!

  28. Happy anniversary. What a milestone. I loved the nutter butter cookies and the kitchen makeover. I just posted my kitchen makeover too. For foodies, there is nothing like a new kitchen to work in. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary Tuesday and really celebrate.


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