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Monday, September 14, 2009

I {heart} limericks...a new tradition????

My hubby and I attended a 50th b'day party awhile back. The birthday boy and his family have a tradition they shared with the guest that night - they toast each other with limericks...well, that got me all fired up. I needed my own limerick to explain my life...and here it is...  

There once was a girl from LA....
planning weddings was how she made her pay
and then one day…
her husband whisked her away
to a small little town on the Monterey Bay

where she worked as a mommy by day.

OK, no worries, I am not quitting my day job (as if I could!), but I have decided that I {heart} limericks! However this may be a tradition that only I will be participating in...everyone thinks I am nuts. Anyone have any traditions they are thinking about starting or have started despite familial resistance.

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