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Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Make A Miniature Pom Pom

I have long had a fascination with pom poms.
I remember making them for my tennis shoes when I was younger and to wear in my hair. Recently I have been using them for packaging and crafts...and they are pure cuteness.
I especially am loving these miniature ones right now.
How to Make Miniature Pom Poms by 504 Main

I have a couple of projects coming up that use these miniature pom poms (about 1" in diameter) so I thought I would share a quick tutorial!

  • Yarn or Bakers Twine - 2 yards +/-
  • Scissors
  • Fork

Make a Pom Pom

These pom poms are miniature, maybe 1" to 1 1/4" in diameter.
  1. Cut one length of twine about 8" long.
  2. In the center slot of the fork, slide the length of twine that you just cut in.
  3. Hold the end of the (larger) twine against the fork and wrap the twine around the fork.
  4. I wrapped this about 25 times - you will have to experiment depending on how full you want the pom pom and the thickness of your twine.
  5. Once finished wrapping, take the 8" length, pull it up on either side of the pom pom and tie it off tightly - very tightly (staying in the center slot).
  6. Slip it off the fork.
  7. Pull the shorter string and KNOT it around the pom pom.
  8. Cut through the sides.
  9. Fluff, twist, and trim if necessary!
How to Make Miniature Pom Poms by 504 Main

Now, you have PURE cuteness!

How to Make Miniature Pom Poms by 504 Main
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  1. So cute and so easy to make. Thanks for the tutorial! Lynda

  2. These are super cute Holly!

  3. Anonymous6:39 AM


  4. I had no idea these were so easy to make! Thanks for sharing! Dee :)

  5. So cute. I love pom poms too ... a whole jar of mini poms poms would be adorable!

  6. Really cute and would make great cheerleading pom poms for our American Girl Doll collection!

  7. I love them! Two of my favorites come together -- Baker's Twine and Pompoms. Wonderful!

  8. So I have tried and tried and tried...and tried some more. I have never been able to make a good pom pom! Finally a technique that looks like it will work for me! And I love that you used bakers twine!


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