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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glitter Your Holidays (Martha Stewart Crafts Giveaway)

I am keeping my holiday decorating pretty simple this year.
We have our "kid approved" tree and crate,
some nutcrackers, lights, a holiday card display,
 and some sweet paper trees I made.
(tutorial happening tomorrow - that photo is a teaser!)

 But no matter how low key the decor is...
I must have glitter.
A little sparkle.
A touch of whimsy and light.
An unexpected twinkle on the tree, table, or just because.
A few glittering delights make the other decor shine.

There is still time to add a little glittery goodness to your holidays as well! 

I have long been a fan of #marthastewartcrafts glitter,
and when I received the Rich Essentials Glitter Set -
24 dazzling colors for all of your glittering needs.
I was almost overwhelmed at the colors and possibilities.

In fact, I think I had too many projects and not enough time...so I am saving a few of them for a later date. (the giveaway for your own set of a Rich Essentials Glitter Set is at the end of this post)

My basic supplies for these projects were simple:
Martha Stewart Crafts Rich Essentials Glitter Set
Plate Joining Biscuits (size 20)
Mod Podge and a brush
Covering for your table/workspace
I also used some ribbon and beads I had on hand
Hot glue

Wreath Ornament
I used a caning jar lid as my base and stamped joy onto a fabric circle. Mod Podge was applied to the biscuits and then glitter (heliodor) to the tops and edges.

Twinkling Teardrop Garland
I drilled a hole in each biscuit, covered it in Mod Podge and then glittered (white gold) it all over (let it dry completely) and finished it by stringing them on a red ribbon. 

Dressed Up Candles
I decided to add some simple holiday glow to the ordinary too.
How about covering some old bakeware (I think these are jello molds) in Mod Podge and dousing them in glitter (graphite) - that is all I did here!

I like to roll the metal portion of votive candles in glue (Mod Podge) and glitter (heliodor)  so that when I set it in a clear votive holder there is some extra shimmer and shine.
(burn candles carefully - use a glass votive holder)

Add sparkle to your holidays!
Use Your Imagination
The Martha Stewart Crafts “Decorative Boxes,” in designs like stars, poinsettia and pine cones, can be covered in glitter and used as ornaments, decorations or unique gift boxes. One fabulously simple d├ęcor idea: glitter a group of them and then cluster together as a table centerpiece.

Worried about the a Glittery mess?

Martha Stewart Crafts has the solution! Keep crafting surfaces clean by using the “Glitter Tray and Rack,” which features an opening in one corner to easily brush excess glitter back into its container. And, if something does spill, the “Glitter Cleanup Roller” makes removing it a cinch. Plus, the roller remains sticky even after washing!

I am adding this to my Christmas List - you should see me and my house!
Remember I am a messy crafter! 

So go ahead and add a sparkly sprinkle to your holiday cards, decorations, party invitations, place cards or gift tags!

For project ideas and glitter guidance
– and to find the items mentioned above –
visit MarthaStewartCrafts.com 
And save 20% when you enter BLOG20 at checkout through 12/31/12

Enter the
Martha Stewart Crafts "Bag Your Holiday Bills"
Contest for your
chance to win $2,500!
Contest entry & details:
or for mobile, here: http://bit.ly/SzSiIE

Open from 12/19/2012 to 12/26/2012 (times are EST)
U.S. mailing addresses

You may use an email address or your facebook account
to access the rafflecopter widget 
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: I was provided with a Rich Essential Glitter set for myself and for the giveaway.


  1. I use MS glitter all the time. It truly has the best sparkle!

  2. The question is, what don't I like to glitter? Love your votive idea. So stealing it !

  3. EVERYTHING!!! lol I love glitter!! I think the first thing though would be something for my nieces birthday since I will be helping to decorate for it!

    Thanks for the chance!

  4. I like to glitter ornaments.

  5. I never tried this Glitter.
    I would Love to Glitter some Ornaments!

  6. I've been making glitter ornaments. Love it.

  7. I love glittering cards.

  8. Everything!! Ornaments, jewelry, jars, vases, packaging...you name it, we glitter it around here!

  9. So many beautiful glittering ideas, but my favorite is the holly sprig made from biscuits!

  10. I love to glitter ornaments and candles. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I love glitter. I just used some to make a few ornaments. I love the jello molds you glittered.

  13. Those glittered molds are SO cute ... and if it sits still, I'll throw some glitter on it! Great giveaway!!

  14. I have some little deer I would like to glitter!.. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

  15. Thanks for offering this giveaway, Holly. I'd love to make something for St. Patrick's Day for my mom because it's her favorite holiday. :)

  16. Yay for anything that sparkles!

  17. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I like glitter because it is all glittery



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