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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Perfect Summer Cardigan from Fresh Produce

I have a background in the fashion industry
and I L-O-V-E clothes (and all pretty things).
I am also very picky (very picky) because of this.
When I find a brand that has great quality and style at a great price,
like Fresh Produce, I do a "happy dance!"

I am no longer interested in "just anything."  I refuse to spend money on junk anymore. I really look for quality clothing and if I can find something made in the U.S.A - wooo-whooo - there's a winner!  I want style and to look current, but I also like those pieces to be versatile. Pieces that I can accessorize differently and really make a part of my wardrobe. Fresh Produce delivers on my wants, needs and expectations.

Last year I was able to review some pieces from Fresh Produce and LOVED them. I then had the chance to stop in at their store in Old Orange during the SoCal Social. I could just hang out in the store all day long! So, you can imagine I was thrilled when presented with the opportunity to review another great piece from their collection.

Fresh Produce is quickly becoming my go-to resource an for casual clothes. The colors and styles are just fun, fabulous, and perfect for my life. You can read the super fun story of how the company began here! 

The clothing also has a great fit. I am no model and I am not a model size (and no one in my family can take a photo - so the shot below is the best I could do!), and the clothing fit true to the size guide and was comfortable.

I quickly took a peek at the women's cardigans and selected the Standing Ovation Cardigan in South Beach Blue. I always select black, so this deep gorgeous blue was a great compliment to a summer wardrobe. It is a versatile piece that will compliment everything from my jeans to my dresses.

I wear this cardigan all the time with my favorite jeans and ruffly tops...but thought I would try something a little different. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE a flowing long cardigan, but on a whim I tied this up and it looked so cute with my striped dress - the perfect match! My hubby even said he liked it...and he usually keeps his opinions to himself on these matters.

I look forward to adding some more Fresh Produce pieces to my wardrobe throughout the year. One thing I know I will be looking at is the beach cover-ups for women....
I really needed a super cute cover up for my Hawaii trip!

Fresh produce carries a vast array of styles, colors, and prints. And...now, Fresh Produce ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles too!

Be sure to check out Fresh Produce when shopping and keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter

What is your favorite summer clothing?


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disclosure: I was provided with a garment for this review. I love it and my opinions are 100% honest!


  1. Thanks for the tip-off, I'd never heard of them :-)

  2. very chic, love fresh produce!

  3. This is an adorable cardi and I love Fresh Produce. The idea of a summer cardi makes me giggle, though. Here in the desert there I days I feel everyone's lucky I'm even putting on a sundress, its so hot! ;) But I'm eyeing that cute cardi for our "fall."


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