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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are You a Maker? A Trip to the Maker Faire

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Maker Faire
in Northern California as part of the Delta Faucet Team.

After attending the Delta DIY Blogger event last year I have had a new found appreciation for all things faucet - the technology, the design, and that research and work that goes into making not just a faucet but an amazing line of products. It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces and work with some new faces.

As one of the sponsors of this year's Maker Faire,
Delta Faucet proves they are committed to the Maker movement and the community who lives to create and inspire and make our lives better, and more interesting!

Being a part of the Delta team at the Maker Faire was about more than faucets.
It was a pleasure to see people’s reaction to Delta's design, 
technology and innovations in their field. 
The Touch2O technology was especially popular.
Heck…I still am in awe of it!
I could play with water all day!

equation for capacitance

People LOVED testing their capacitance,
and taking a stab at the installation time trials –
with Delta’s EZ Anchor! So easy, even a ten year old (my boy!)
can install it in about 2 minutes
(more experienced DIYers did it in less than one minute!)
Oh, and since we are talking about Makers...
many wanted to know how they can use this same technology
in other adaptions and inventions.

I have attended the Maker Faire before so I knew what to expect...or so I thought. Attending the Faire as part of one of the Delta Faucet team put a whole next perspective on the Faire and what exactly being a Maker means. I honestly had never thought of myself as a “Maker.” Makers make amazing things...innovative things...things that use technology...things that are totally original and unique.

For two days we walked the Faire and were introduced to Makers
many, many Makers of all kinds - 
Makers  that make just about anything and everything
and personify this spirit of the being a Maker and an innovator.

Her are just a few samples of some amazing Makers.
(I will be highlighting some more of my favorite Makers in the next week too!)

The Electric Giraffe Project by Lindsay Lawler

Gorgeous soaps by Blushie
I have never seen handmade soaps this gorgeous!

The Viper…a motion controlled flight simulator built by high school students!

Living art! Terrariums from Living Ambiance

A Banana Piano from MaKey MaKey– oh yes they make music!

Mobile Muffins and Cupcake Cars from Acme Muffineering

Flameworking glass beads by Jenine Bressner

The simple magic of bubbles!

Unique treats!
Popsicles made with a wide variety of unusual ingredients
made this once typical treat gourmet heaven!
The perfect way to end a day!

The Makers at the Maker Faire are passionate and curious and creative and always looking for the next way to be innovative, to improve on something, or create something completely new.

This not only describes Delta Faucet to a "T" ( or a “D”)
but it also made me realize that Makers are all around us.
I attended this Maker Faire and was part of it with new eyes..
the eyes of a Maker!
...yes I do consider myself a Maker now!

Do you consider yourself a Maker????
I asked this question on facebook and it was great to hear so many say they did consider themselves to be Makers!
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disclosure: I was invited by Delta Faucets to attend the Maker Faire as their guest. All opinions are my own.


  1. That sounds really interesting Holly! What a great day with the kids too =)

  2. What a fabulous fair to go to! So many interesting and fun things to see and try! Looks like so much fun.


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