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Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY! Tattooed Pumpkins

Some of you may remember this post...
{Yes,this is a repost...because I LOVE them!}
It happens to be one of my ALL TIME favorite projects...
and I have a little something similar but different being created here tomorrow...
so I thought I would post my tattooed pumpkins again.
(I am so getting every penny out of this post!)
I do wish my photos were better...but just wait until the new project!
(fingers crossed!)
Last year I did a giveaway where I received some product...and some of that was tattoo paper/kit. I really wanted to do something different. At the time neither of my kiddos were into stickers or (temporary) tattoos...so I wanted to stretch myself.
(since then Jules has taken to temporary tattoos)

PUMPKINS were my answer!

Here is a link to the Fall tablescape (from last year) with the tattooed fruit. 

Tattooed Pumpkin Tutorial
Here's what you need:
  • You just need Tattoo Paper/Kit - you can find these online or at Michaels. I think they only come 1-2 sheets per pack (about $10.00)...use a coupon! (The version I am working on uses a new technique)
  • Pumpkin or gourd.
  • My images are from The Graphics Fairy - See below for direct links:
NOTE: Now, I discovered that the bumpier the object {like all those ridges on a pumpkin} the trickier it is to get it to stick evenly...but it is just a learning curve...after a try or two...I got it!
Fruit works too...pears worked like a charm...and apples would be fab!

  • Seriously, I just followed the package directions.
  • Decide on a design.
  • Print it out using your computer and printer.
  • Apply the adhesive.
  • Cut out - with your scissors.
  • Position and rub.
  • Apply a moist cloth to dampen and loosen the top paper...
  • ...and you are DONE!

What a great idea for a wedding!
Or any special Holiday table or occasion!

OK, now off to get some sleep
and finish up the new version!


  1. I love these Holly. I'm hoping this comment takes. I've been having some success this morning leaving comments so fingers crossed!

    I like the idea of this so that the pumpkins would last longer in our heat, too!

    Hope you're doing well.

    Let me know if you need any additional help on that thing we talkeda bout a month or so ago!

  2. Wow these are so awesome. Thanks for re posting, I missed these last year.

  3. Still one of my favorite projects EVER, Holly! Going to try it out myself on one of my faux pumpkins soon. Thanks again for the inspiration!! :)


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