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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Serious About the Sofa

When hubby and I got married,
he had a brown sectional from his college days (ewww!)
and I had a floral slip-covered hand-me-down number.
We each despised the others sofa.
Bye-Bye they both went.
That was the easy part.

Finding a new sofa set was the hard part.
I was looking for slip-covered Shabby Chic easy elegance...
he was looking for slick "Moda Italia" bachelor black leather.
Neither of us got what we wanted...
first we purchased an inexpensive set and lived with that for awhile,
then another set...a compromise that led to an "OK" set,
with the ugliest fabric that was reminiscent of the 80's (it was 2002).

I eventually has this set cut up, transformed and reupholstered...I loved it...but they did an awful job and 2 years into the new look, it began to fall apart (we moved they went out of business...no recourse). It still lives with us - holes, tears and all -
and I am ready to be DONE with it.
Oh no, not sofa shopping with hubby again!

I think we could both skip the leather now...it is too cold here for leather. We need something comfy, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing - I am not as willing to "give in" this time. I have a much more defined plan (plans) than in the past. I am also steering away from a set (way back when I thought you had to buy sets...not anymore!)

I found this upholstered sofa. I like it very much...not fussy, simple lines, and it looks comfy...oh and the light color would brighten up my room!

I will have to say, I do love the idea of a sleeper sofa...just in case.
The darker color could hide a lot of little fingerprints!

Or then I get a little crazy and I think no sofa at all, just 3 of these chair and 1/2's placed in a circle around the fire place with a great coffee table in the center.
(This is my personal favorite idea and hubby thinks I am looney!)
Opinions? New ideas?
What do you love about your sofa?


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  1. Holly, You have such great taste and style. I love all three.
    Sofas are like the seasons of your life, they have to be right for where you are! My "sofa history" reflects my needs and taste at that time. I have owned 6 sofas in my family room in 30 years- each very different. Right now I have a light colored sofa because I have no little ones running, jumping and putting sticky hands on it everyday.That is a sad thought to me. I would gladly trade in the sofa of my dreams for one a little more practical if I had little ones around! When my kids were small I had a plaid ( I know... but it was the style) sofa that hid many ills! If I had little ones now I would get one with a great washable slip cover. But I can imagine that the whole washing thing would be an undertaking!
    I'm sure you will find the perfect sofa! And when you do I hope you will show it off!
    xo Yvonne

  2. i have seen alot more of the no sofa look and comfy chairs sitting around a for socializing.....if this room is not for watching tv i think i would go with the chairs....i really love the look i have seen.

  3. There's a TV redesign show made exactly for this. Style something...with a blonde girl whose name I cannot remember who won Design Star a year or so ago. She talks to the guy, talks to the girl...does the room one way and then adds in touches to please the other.

    You need to get on that show.

    For serious.

    So, yeah.

    I guess I really wasn't too much help here, but happy Sunday anyway.


  4. I love the first sofa but the color is light which can lead to stains when you have kids. The idea of the three chairs is great too. We have a dark sofa. We have a brown sofa because we are always in this room and I know light colors would be stained.
    Good luck choosing.

  5. LOL...one of the few things I like about being divorced...no compromise. ;)

    Personally, I love the lines of the first one, but the light color with kids (and pets) would be an absolute NO for me.

    The dark sofa definitely would hide dirt stains. If you have pets though, it would look like a FUR sofa! Anything dark in my house is COVERED with hair. Well, actually everything is covered in hair in my house, LOL...it just shows up on dark furniture. So, something to consider.

    I love my sectional because my daughter and I can both stretch out and watch TV. But if this is a no TV room, and is mostly for adults, then the chairs would definitely be nice! I think I would be extremely comfortable having my own seat while sitting around talking to other adults!

    I LOVE my pullout! I have a small house...so our pullout in our sectional is wonderful for sleepovers! And I sleep on it when I have adult guests so they can have the master bedroom.

    These are just some of the things I love (and hate) about my sofa. :)

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. I like that big chairs, if your room is large enough to handle them, that's what I would do. We have 1 big sofa and 2 smaller sofas facing each other. I really like this and would love to have those big old chairs to cuddle up in and not bother anyone who happens to be napping, like my hubby. I always wake him up when I get up.

  7. I like all three options- my mind works the way yours does, pointing out the pros and cons of each. Personally- the fabric choice in the last picture (a chenille type fabric, if Im not mistaken) does NOT seem to hold up well for me. We don't abuse our furniture (although our 3 year old is starting a new trend...) but the fabric gets pulls, loses its shape and looks worn after about 6 months. Just throwing that out there! If I could buy a new couch right here and now, it would have to be covered in a solid fabric, like micro suede or it would have to be slipcovered!

  8. I don't like anything about my couch. It was my Dad's and had been used for two years before I moved out and then I got it and I have had it for another five years. This is the type of couch that is super comfy but the back is a bunch of seperate pillows. I do not reccommend them at all. They are all out of shape and the stuffing is going crazy in them haha. Oh and the wood is breaking inside of it and the liner that goes over the springs is all ripped up. We are in desperate need of a new one.

  9. Holly, when it comes to sofas and any other item of seating, there is only one feature that matters to me. Comfort.

    Sure, the look is important. You need to like how it looks, and it should fit into your overall decor ideas, but, think about it. What is the purpose of a sofa or piece that you sit on? Yes, for you to sit on it. So first and foremost, it needs to be comfy.

    So, when I try out seating at a store, I sit on them. If I don't like how it feels, then it doesn't matter how great it looks. I move on and try others. Plain and simple.

  10. tough call... good news is that they are all great choices and frankly-- you can't go wrong!!!!

  11. I love the lighter sofa. Mine is the same color, I love that is lightens up the room and you can add pillows to change up the look from time to time.


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